Best VPNs for Honor Mobiles

Honor is a sub-brand of Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei. It is the number one and a top-three mobile player in Finland and Russia, respectively. The phone is also a major player in China and several other countries as well. The company recently announced a goal to be a top-three global mobile brand in five years. A very ambitious goal, but it proves just how much the brand has grown over the past few years. Therefore, we decided to help you maximize your Honor experience by installing a VPN. And not just any service, but the best VPNs for Honor mobiles.

Honor Smartphones Best VPNs

Best VPNs for Honor Smartphones

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What’s a VPN? Why Do I Need It on My Honor Device?

VPN is short for virtual private network, a tool that redirects your internet traffic to another server of your choice. Furthermore, it hides your original IP address and replaces it with another one from any region that you select. This process allows you to bypass all sorts of geo-restrictions, giving you access to any website you want.

But that’s not even half of it. VPNs can also:

  • Protect your privacy: They encrypt all your data and traffic so that no one can monitor your online activity. This encryption will even keep you safe from internet service providers, hackers, and government surveillance.
  • Enhance your cybersecurity: VPNs protect you from various malware and cyber threats, which really comes in handy if you constantly connect to public WiFi networks.
  • Avoid censorship: In several countries like China and North Korea, internet freedom is limited. But with a VPN, you can reroute your traffic to make it appear as if you were in another country and unblock popular apps like Facebook and YouTube.
  • Save money: You can save money while shopping if you appear to be using an IP address of a country where your items are located.

Best VPNs for Honor Mobiles

If you wish to install a VPN service on your Honor mobile device, then you should definitely aim for the top brands. Free or unknown VPNs could do you more harm than good because they don’t offer the same level of online security and freedom as their paid peers.

Therefore, we rounded up the best VPN providers to help you narrow down your options:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. BulletVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. Surfshark

Installing a VPN on Your Honor Device

Now that we know how valuable VPNs really are, installing them on your Honor smartphone is a must. And one of their best features is that they are quite easy to download and install. All you need to do is:

  1. Select a reputable service and sign up. I personally recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Head to Google Play Store and download and install the app.
  3. Sign in and connect to any server you want. Top brands like the ones we mentioned have thousands of servers spread across a large number of countries.
  4. Enjoy free and secure online activity.

Best VPNs for Honor Mobiles – Features

As I mentioned earlier, you should also subscribe to elite VPNs because you don’t want to compromise on your phone protection. That is why we ranked the best VPNs for Honor Mobiles.

RankVPN ProviderLink
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Apps For All Your Devices
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ExpressVPN sits top of our list because it checks every box you could think of.

First of all, the company has over 3,000 servers in 160 different locations, including 94 countries. It also provides unlimited server and IP switching, which allows you to access any website you want no matter where you are.

Second, it uses strong security and privacy features like AES 256-bit encryption. This military-grade protocol guarantees total online privacy as no one will be able to see your online activity. Also, ExpressVPN offers split tunneling, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch to ensure your online safety, even in case of a VPN malfunction. 

Furthermore, the company implements a no-logging policy, clearly saying on its website that: “We never keep traffic logs, and we also don’t keep any logs that might enable someone to match an IP and timestamp back to a user. We work entirely on the basis of shared IPs, meaning that a single IP does not track back to an individual user.”

Third, the service has one of the fastest rates in the business, despite using a strong encryption protocol. This means that you can stream live programs in full HD without buffering issues. And if that’s not enough, it offers MediaStreamer, a free Smart DNS proxy service.

And last but not least, you can install the app on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS. It is also compatible with smart TVs, gaming consoles, and routers. 


BulletVPN ranks second on our list of the best VPNs. As its name suggests, the company offers high levels of speed. It says on the website: “We make sure our servers are not overloaded and use premium grade carrier lines to provide the highest speeds possible.”

Furthermore, BulletVPN provides strong security features for its users as well, including AES-256 bit encryption and a no-logging policy. These specs are pretty among elite brands. also, it allows you to make three simultaneous connections using a single account, which is a great way to protect all your devices.

However, its only downside is that it has a relatively small network of 47 servers in 21 countries. Other competitors offer thousands of servers in more locations.

If you want to see more features, check out our BulletVPN review.


NordVPN comes in third in the table. The company has a huge network of over 5,000 servers in 61 countries.

And when it comes to security, it adds a little something to the AES-256 bit encryption: Onion over VPN. This provides you with double data protection, as it sends your encrypted traffic through the Tor network. Also, it double encrypts your data.

NordVPN is based in Panama, where there are no data retention laws. But you shouldn’t even worry about anyone asking for your data because the company implements a strict no-logging policy.

Furthermore, NordVPN allows you to connect up to six devices simultaneously using the same account.

For the full list of features, check out our NordVPN review.

Top Honor Smartphones

Here’s a list of the best Huawei smartphones that money can buy:

  • Honor View 20
  • Honor 10
  • Honor 9 Lite
  • Honor Play
  • Honor 8X
  • Honor View 10
  • Honor Note 10
  • Honor Magic 2
  • Honor 9
  • Honor 7X
Install Best VPNs for Honor Smartphones

Best VPNs to Install for Honor Smartphones

Best VPNs for Honor Mobiles – Final Thoughts

Here’s how British newspaper The Guardian described the Honor View 20: “It is the first phone out of the gate with a hole-punch notch. The View20 has one of the best cameras available at any price point.” Honor’s flagship device is one of the best smartphones on the market, therefore, it would be wise to equip it with an extra layer of security. That’s why we advise you to get a VPN for your Honor mobile.

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