Best VPN for Malaysia

Found in the Southern Part of Asia, Malaysia has been known to employ a lot of strict guidelines to what you can and cannot access online. This continues to be an issue that not many people are too thrilled about, especially anyone coming in from a country where Internet freedom and privacy are non-debatable issues. The Malaysian government has often taken swift action against any news outlets that don’t quite agree with their views, and this has unfortunately happened more than once in the recent past. In recent years, Malaysia has also become a top tourist destination. What many of the American, British, Canadian, and Australian expats who travel there don’t realize though is that their favorite sites and channels from back home might be blocked in Malaysia. To access region-restricted websites and apps, you need to use a VPN.

Best VPN for Malaysia

Best VPN for Malaysia

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Best VPN for Malaysia Summed Up

There are many VPN service providers you can turn to while in Malaysia, but some are better than others. Here are our top picks when it comes to best VPNs for Malaysia:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. BulletVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. IPVanish
  5. CyberGhost

Internet Censorship in Malaysia

Back in 2015, it had the news website Sarawak Reports blocked, after a number of its posts linked Prime Minister Najib Razak to a massive corruption scandal that had been going on within the country. Sarawak has not been the only news site that has gotten blocked; other sites such as The Malaysia Insider, Asia Sentinel, Malaysian Chronicle and Tabung Insider have also suffered the same fate. Many of these sites have gone on to move their addresses to the UK, and this has helped them avoid the many forms of censorship issued by the Malaysian government.

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Politically opinionated sites are not the only ones that have had the misfortune of being shut down. Other websites that have also been put down include gambling sites, torrent index sites, adult hookup sites, as well as a number of blogging sites. The government has gone on to ban these sites mainly because they’re not in support of the information that’s being posted there. However, if you happen to be based in another country, you should easily be able to access any of the sites you can’t log on to while in Malaysia. If you’re already in the country, and you’d want to access sites without having to worry about government restrictions, then there is one solution you could apply to remain in the clear.

Using A VPN in Malaysia

Signing up to a credible VPN should allow you to access all the restricted sites that you would want to when based in Malaysia, in spite of the government restrictions that might have been applied on the site. How does this happen? Well, once you sign up and connect to a reliable VPN service provider, you get to have all your traffic pass through their encrypted servers. These servers make it difficult for third parties such as ISPs to know what you’re doing online, and as such, your browsing history becomes your own well kept secret.

As a result of the encryption, details such as your actual location and identity get scraped out, and it then becomes much more difficult for anyone to trace you back to wherever you’re browsing from. This means, if you happen to be based in Malaysia and you’re using a VPN, you’ll be able to access even the sites that the government has banned, because a VPN service will mask your connection in such a way that your ISP would ‘t be able to know that you’re in Malaysia.

Getting a VPN also makes it possible to evade your ISP eavesdropping on your online activities. With your traffic flowing through a VPN tunnel, you’ll be able to prevent them from seeing what you’re up to, as well as avoid any form of speed throttling that they could apply.

Best VPN for Malaysia

Choosing the Best VPN to unblock sites in Malaysia can be a daunting task especially if you’re just getting involved with VPN for the very first time. There are so many providers that exist within the market, and choosing the very best one means knowing what to look for in a provider. We’ve rounded up a number of providers that we’re sure we’ll be able to grant access to unrestricted sites, and also offer a reliable security service to all who sign up. Here’s what we’ve found:

1. ExpressVPN

This capable provider needs no introduction. ExpressVPN has won several awards that place it on top of all its other competitors and continues to maintain a strong reputation as one of the best VPN providers in the world. Known for its exceptional customer service, ExpressVPN ensures that none of its users ever encounter a problem when reaching out to the customer help desk by allowing for users to contact them through phone, email or ticketing service. The provider’s server network includes about 3000 servers, all scattered across more than 90 countries across the world. Within this large network, there are also Stealth Servers, which allow anyone in heavily restricted regions (such as Malaysia) to use a VPN service without the possibility of being tracked. The service allows for up to 3 simultaneous connections under one account and offers 256-bit AES encryption for top-of-the-range security. The service also has a VPN app that works well with most platforms, meaning it is easily compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac OS or Android-based devices. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee that’s on offer from this provider, ad this will help keep you aware of what to expect once you sign up.

2. NordVPN

To begin with, NordVPN is based in Panama, which is a country that isn’t really affected by the many data retention policies that providers in “Five Eyes” countries have to struggle with. Their service is quite vast, with a network of around 4000 servers well dispersed around the world. Such a wide network allows for a great selection of features that you wouldn’t normally be able to access with other providers. NordVPN allows customers to use two servers instead of one, thereby increasing the level of encryption and protection that you’ll get accustomed to. The service also allows customers to connect up to 6 devices under the same account, and they all don’t even have to be based on the same platform. The service offers NordVPN apps that can run on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS and iOS, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. NordVPN also protects against DNS leaks and comes with an automatic kill switch which shuts down the Internet connection whenever the VPN service gets compromised. This provider offers a 3 day free trial period, for anyone willing to test them out.

3. IPVanish

Winding up our list we have one of the few providers that wholly owns all the servers within their network. IPVanish is based in Florida, US, and has one of the fastest server networks in the world. Their collection of servers isn’t as large at 700, but its super fast browser speeds ensure that nobody on their service experiences any form of lag whatsoever. This is the provider to use if you’re planning to spend a lot of your time playing online games, or even streaming in HD. The service offers up to 40,000 IPS up for grabs, and with this wide range, they also get to enjoy features such as unlimited bandwidth, as well as unlimited server switching. IPVanish VPN is known to be among the best services to integrate with Kodi, and this is because users experience no compatibility issues with the service. The same can be said for its green-themed VPN app, which is capable of running smoothly on any Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux or Android-based app. IPVanish is also able to support 10 devices connected all at once, and under one subscription. It is also among the few services that openly support P2P file sharing or torrenting. Their money back guarantees period lasts 7 days and should be more than enough to see how well the service works for yourself.

Sum Up On The Best VPN for Malaysia

Express VPN, NordVPN or IPVanish. These are the three top-tier services we’d recommend for anyone looking to secure their online browsing. In case of any questions or concerns about this review, kindly leave your comments in the section below and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

Best VPN for Malaysia
Best VPN for Malaysia

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