Best VPN for Poland

The Polish people must be a very frustrated lot. A controversial mandatory data retention policy was signed into law back in 2009 without any form of public debate, thereby permitting the authorities to use retained user data as a source of evidence for their crime prevention and criminal investigation activities. This means that most of the elements involved in providing Internet to the Polish people will have to submit their user’s browsing records, and in doing so, reserve no regards for their right to privacy online. This authorization doesn’t even require a court order to be applied; all that any investigative agency has to do is to write to the Polish intelligence agency on anti-corruption, and permission will be granted. To add salt to injury, the law enforcement agencies aren’t even obliged to let citizens know that their privacy has been breached.

Best VPN for Poland

Best VPN for Poland

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These are the harsh realities that most Internet users based in Poland live under, and for first-time visitors, it might make for a very underwhelming stay. Anyone planning to spend time in Poland should take a moment to think about how they’re going to avoid having their privacy breached as they surf online. They also need to contemplate about whether or not they’re going to need to access any media content that’s based in places like the UK, US, Europe or the Middle East, seeing that the board of Polish censors will be expected to harshly regulate the content you want to view. With a government that demands fees for American channels such as ABC and HBO to air within their boundaries, it’s just way easier for them to block out viewers from Poland, and that just ends up hurting fans like you who happen to be traveling to the country.

Using A VPN in Poland

Unfortunately, most people are unaware that this is a problem that they can solve simply by signing up with a VPN provider. Short for a Virtual Private Network, the service grants users access back to their favorite shows by making it impossible for the Polish government to figure out that the user accessing blocked content is from within their country. This is done through the change of their IP address, such that once a connection to the VPN server is launched, the user now adopts a virtual address and replaces his original Polish one with it. In doing so, the user will now appear as though he is based wherever the server he’s connected to is found, and then gain access to any site or channel that might have been restricted by the Polish authorities.

Additionally, Polish users also get to benefit from the security that’s provided by a VPN service. This is actually the main function of a VPN; to provide online security for all the users who log on to the service through it. A VPN does this by encrypting your connection and making it difficult for malicious individuals to gain access to your device. Doing this allows anyone whose focussed on keeping their online activities private to continue on with their work without any cause for alarm.

The VPN industry currently has over 800 services that all advertise how they’re sure to keep users protected, and someone who doesn’t have any experience in dealing with these services may end up getting very agitated.

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The Best VPNs for Poland

To save you from all that frustration, we figured it’d be better to draw up a list of a few reliable providers that you could then go check out on your own, after getting a brief idea of what to expect through our review:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is hands down one of the most advanced service providers within the industry. The service is known for its ever available customer care service, as well as its formidable online security protocol. The provider is by far customer oriented, and being based in the British Virgin Islands, it is far away from any jurisdiction that may force compliance of their data retention policy. This makes the provider’s zero-logging policy completely reliable. ExpressVPN has a modest collection of slightly over 1500 servers, which all offer speeds that are fast enough for HD streaming and torrenting. For customers based in heavily restrictive regions such as China, ExpressVPN offers their Stealth Servers, which will work around most forms of content blocks and geo-restrictions in such an area. It’ll also be difficult for users to be seen to be using VPN for protection within such a region, which is really great. Nothing is compromised in terms of security, thanks to their 256-bit military grade encryption. If you’re thinking about subscribing, it’d be better if you try out their 30 day money back guarantee trial period, then decide.

2. NordVPN

This all rounded, Panama based online security service is sure to ensure that your Internet access remains unrestricted, regardless of wherever from Poland you might be surfing from. Their expansive network of more than 4000 servers should provide users with adequate peace of mind, and their strict no-logging policy will ensure that none of their browsing history gets recorded. With the capacity to handle up to 6 simultaneous connections, NordVPN assures all of its customers that all their devices will stay under protection. The app that’s offered with the service is also compatible with a wide variety of platforms, with some of them including iOS, Android, Linux and Windows to mention a few. NordVPN is also known for its array of unique features, such as CyberSec which prevents ads and malware from interrupting your browsing, and its DoubleVPN feature that transmits data through two servers instead of one so as to add to the level of security. The service is also famous for its specialized group of servers that subscribers are able to choose to connect to, in line with the kind of work they wish to complete online. To get a taste of these and other extensive features, take up their 3 day free trial offer.

3. IPVanish

Third in place is IPVanish; one of the more straightforward, customer-friendly solutions that offer one of the best VPN packages in the market. Theirs is a bare-bones approach, where emphasis is placed on both the subscriber’s online safety and his ability to access geo-restricted sites. Gamers will definitely enjoy their subscription to this service, since their servers are able to cater to the high speeds that they need to continue gaming without any form of lag. As a service that owns all of its servers, it won’t be difficult for their customer care team to get to the bottom of any problem that subscribers may have. The team is also available for contact 24/7, and is there to ensure that all its customers are well catered for. IPVanish is one of the few providers that blatantly encourages P2P file sharing, so you have nothing to worry about concerning such downloads. Users also get the opportunity to add up to 5 more simultaneous connections under one account, which will all be exposed to features such as their automatic Kill Switch, full DNS leak protection and a very strong OpenVPN encryption. Any prospective customer ought to try out their 7 day money back guaranteed trial period, so as to make an informed decision.

Summary on The Best VPN for Poland

Whenever you’re traveling abroad, you’re sure to be introduced to new ways of doing things, courtesy of being in a new country. This, however, doesn’t need to apply to the way you use the Internet. Once you subscribe to any of the three services we’ve reviewed above, you’ll be sure to continue surfing the web just like you’re used to, regardless of wherever you may be.

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