How to Unblock Facebook at School

It’s bad enough that we have to drag ourselves to school, sit through mind-throbbing classes, and now we have to suffer a Facebook ban at school? Now, that’s where we draw the line! As impossible as it may sound, this article will show you how you can unblock Facebook at school. Yup, you read it here first.

How to Unblock Facebook at School

How to Unblock Facebook at School

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Why is Facebook Banned at School?

Basically, schools ban Facebook along with other social media networks simply because they’re a distraction. Do you really need any other reason? Students are expected to be using their phone for researching school, instead, they’re on Facebook liking posts and sharing videos. Schools administrations take the initiative to ban Facebook as students are wasting their time on it during lesson time. It’s already hard enough to maintain the attention of a very fickle audience, let alone with Facebook involved.

Studies have shown that students are spending a lot of time on Facebook during class time, which is why the school considered blacklisting it in the first place. By blocking Facebook, students would be forced to concertation as there aren’t any distractions at their disposal. The use of social networking sites and services has reached epidemic proportions, which is why there must be some sort of control, at least at school. While students might find this ban annoying, parents applaud the school for this approach. After all, students are here to learn and not spend time scrolling through Facebook’s endless pages.

How to Unblock Facebook at School Using a VPN

School has argued that using Facebook during school hours is neither advantageous or necessary. If anything using Facebook at school only contributes to lack of productivity. But what about recess time? Aren’t the students allowed to check their Facebook Feed with the little time they have outside class? Many students argue in that favor. If they can’t access Facebook in class why can’t they use it during recess? Many raise concerns as to whether or not Facebook should be allowed in the whole school premises. Students are getting enough of Facebook at home and already show up tired to school for spending nights social networking. However, responsible students would know how to use Facebook in moderation whether at school or at home. So, if any student feels like he/she can manage his/her time on Facebook, a VPN can help him/her unblock it at school.

A VPN, the virtual private network connects your device (your smartphone or your laptops to one of its many servers spread across the world. It’s crucial that the server you choose to connect to is located in a place where Facebook is allowed. Then, the VPN creates a digital tunnel through which your device accesses the Internet and reroutes your connection through that designated server you chose. By doing so, you’ll gain the IP address of that server, which is located in the country you wanted to be a part of. Not only does the VPN provide you with a level of security and privacy but also an anonymous identity, which you cannot gain with any other provider. Now, with that IP address that you’ve been provided with, you get to access all the content located in the country where the server you connected to is based.

Unblock Facebook at School – The Steps

Follow the steps below in order to successfully unblock Facebook at school using a VPN service provider.

  1. Research the best VPNs for Facebook and sign up with the one you like.
  2. Next, you have to download and install the VPN app on the device you are using.
  3. Then, connect to a server of a different country where Facebook is allowed. The USA would be the best fit.
  4. Now, you’ll obtain the IP address of that country where Facebook is allowed. This means you get to surf the web as a local.
  5. Access and enjoy using Facebook like it was never banned at school with the help of a VPN service provider.

In order to guarantee the bypassing of geo-restrictions imposed on major sites and services like Facebook, you need ExpressVPN. For a big target like Facebook, you need a well-established, premium VPN to get the bypassing done. ExpressVPN serves as a strong and reliable provider that is capable of unblocking content from all around the world at consistent speeds. This hugely prominent is incredibly easy to set up, can safeguard your private data, and seamlessly unblock all sorts of content. For other service providers, check out the table below.

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Why You Should Facebook be Used at Schools?

Schools want to make sure students are 100% focused in class, which is why they enforce the Facebook ban.  Facebook gets blocked to prevent students from getting distracted. But, there are some ways that this social networking giant can be used for educational and useful purposes. Here are some examples

Resourceful Platform

Many people seek Facebook to stay updated on current news. By accessing their newsfeeds, students can get in on the latest news and current events in a fun way.

Students Stay Connected

It’s important to show students that there are students all over the world that have different cultures and lifestyles. Facebook allows them to explore that outside world and expands their social awareness. The platform still serves as an opportunity for students to reach people from all over the world.

Interactive Method

We all know how intimidating speaking up in front of a class would be. Many students fear to express themselves or answer a question while others are listening. Such students might be more comfortable with written form instead of a spoken form. Posting comments on Facebook or writing posts on someone’s wall might be a less stressful form for students to share their thoughts and reactions.

How to Unblock Facebook at School – Final Words

Go ahead and make use of the best VPN for Facebook, so that you can unblock it at school whenever it’s needed. As we’ve explained above, you can either resort to Facebook when you need to engage with the outside world, learn something new, express yourself, or the simplest of all just have fun. As long as it doesn’t affect your school performance and class concentration, this guide would surely help you unblock Facebook at school. Share with us your experiences in the comment section below.

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