How to Configure DNS Settings on Belkin Routers

Today everyone seeks high-speed internet, that’s why they invest in credible routers such as Belkin. But when the internet suddenly gets disconnected or slowed down, you start searching for answers immediately. Well, search no more, the problem is mostly in your ISP’s DNS servers. Let me guess, your page isn’t loading as it used to? Don’t worry, I’ll help you out. Check out this guide and learn how to change your Belkin’s router DNS settings.

How to Change DNS Settings on Belkin Routers

How to Change DNS Settings on Belkin Routers

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But First – A DNS Intro

Have you ever wondered how the computer functions? Or how does a webpage load? I’m here to tell you. Thanks to DNS servers, the computer is able to comprehend what you want it to do. You see, Domain Name Server is a network of directories that help resolve URLs into IP addresses so that a browser can understand what you want.

A computer doesn’t understand the language we use, it communicates with other PCs through IP address. Imagine yourself having to memorize every IP address to every site you visit? That can ruin your internet experience for sure. So, the URLs you enter get sent to the DNS server, get translated into IPs, and sent back so that the page could load. That’s it.

There are several DNS servers that work for free. Below I’ve mentioned two of the top free ones. You can try them out:

  • Google
  • OpenDNS:

Step 1: Get Your Router’s IP Address

Accessing your router requires a couple of things to do first. To begin with, you’ll need the router’s IP address, if you don’t already have that or know how to get it, here’s how.

Get Your Router’s IP on MacOS

Getting your router’s IP on Mac is pretty easy. It doesn’t require any technical skills – just a few clicks here and there and you’re there:

  1. Turn on your Mac.
  2. Select the Apple sign. You’ll find it on the top left side of your screen.
  3. Pick System Preferences.Preferences Mac
  4. Now, click on Network.Select Network
  5. On the bottom right, tap on Advanced.Advanced Options
  6. Choose TCP/IP. There’s your IP address. Router's IP

Obtain Router’s IP on Windows PC

Obtaining the IP address on your Windows laptop can be a bit harder, but now impossible. I’m here to help you out. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. On your Windows PC, head over to “Command Prompt”.Command Prompt
  2. Enter what’s between the quotations: “ipconfig”.
  3. All your network information will be displayed.
  4. You can find your Belkin Router’s IP next to Default Gateway.Router's IP Windows

How to Change DNS on Belkin Router

Now that you have your router’s IP address, you can access your Belkin’s configuration page. Changing DNS settings is quite easy so don’t worry about. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be fine:

  1. First, insert the IP address you got in the browsers URL bar.
  2. Click on DNS under Internet WAN.Belkin Start
  3. You won’t be able to change anything unless you log in. Do so and let’s continue.Belkin Log In
  4. Now that you’re in, change the DNS settings.Change DNS Belkin
  5. Hit apply.
  6. You’ve successfully changed your DNS servers on Belkin Routers

Why Change DNS on Belkin Router?

Have you ever witnessed a sudden drop in your internet connection while playing or watching a video? This is quite common in countries where ISPs are that available. In other words, the lack of ISP variety can overload a DNS server especially if the whole region is using it up. Check out the benefits of manually entering the DNS settings on your Belkin Router.

Better Internet Speed

If your ISP’s servers are good and they keep on investing resources on them, you’ll have whatever you want when it comes to the internet. However, if the provider doesn’t enhance the servers, you’ll probably face buffering issues, unable to load, or game lags.

When you change your DNS, you may end up using a server where ping time is not present. That way, you’ll experience better internet speeds that’ll help you binge watch your favorite series and play online without facing any internet issue.

Access Geo-restricted Content

Streaming services have taken the world by storm. From Netflix, HBO, to Hulu, everyone who likes their fair share of shows knows about these. But not all of you know that these channels are restricted to their own country. This means that anyone living abroad can’t get access to the services at all. Well, that’s unless they make use of a Smart DNS service.

If you operate with a Smart DNS service, you get to spoof your online location and appear anywhere across the globe. It changes the parts in the URL that shed light on your whereabouts. When changed, you’ll appear wherever the server you’re connected to is based. If it’s in the UK, then you’ll have access to the likes of BBC iPlayer. Let’s talk about the best Smart DNS Services below:


ExpressVPN is a VPN that offers an outstanding Smart DNS service. They call it MediaStreamer, an exclusive zero-knowledge Smart DNS proxy that protects your identity even if you’re not using a VPN. Whether it’s Smart DNS or VPN, this provider cares about your safety and security all the time. Don’t hesitate to try it out, they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


BulletVPN offers excellent servers around the world. Not much to go on when it comes to the number of servers, but the locations are quite strategic. It scatters its servers around 30 countries and its network includes around 50+ servers in total.

Offering Smart DNS, streamers have given amazing reviews about this VPN’s services. You’ll be able to unblock dozens of channels with Bullet’s Smart DNS service including the infamous, US Netflix.


Unlocator is one of the best Smart DNS services in the industry. It has been around since 2013 and keeps on expanding. You can literally unblock more than 233 channels around the world. That’s a number none of the other services have reached. Unlocator offers a 7-day free trial. You can sign up with submitting your credit card details.

Is Altering the DNS on Belkin Routers Safe?

Smart DNS is a tool used to bypass regional restrictions and that only. Adding an extra layer of protection is a VPN’s job. I’m not saying it’s not safe, but it’s not unsafe as well. You’ll be bypassing restrictions without anything extra. Everything else comes from your internet connection. If safety’s what you’re looking for, protect yourself while online and install a VPN on your Belkin router.

Encrypting your data with a VPN might slow your internet speed a little, but that’s the price you have to pay for your security. If your whole focus is about streaming and you don’t care whether you’re spied on or not, then use Smart DNS, it’s better for online streaming.

Safety comes first, always. Therefore, here are the top VPNs for Belkin routers.

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How to Change DNS Settings on Belkin Routers

This guide is designed to take you through the basic steps for changing your DNS server settings within a Belkin router. Now that you know how to do so, don’t accept what the ISP imposes on you. Take a stand and win without any interruptions. Enjoy the best speeds and unlimited streaming using a Belkin router.

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