How to Change DNS Settings on iPhone and iPad

Nowadays, most of us use our mobile phones and tablets to access the web. At times when websites take longer than needed to load up on iOS devices, your blame goes straight to your ISP’s slow server. I faced the same problem on my iPad and iPhone a while ago. Well, that’s in the past now as I figured out a way to circumvent the issue. With that said, here’s how you can change your DNS settings on iPhone and iPad with ease.

How to Change DNS Settings on iPhone & iPad

How to Change DNS Settings on iPhone & iPad

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Some Starting Tips

Domain Name System is the way computers communicate i.e their language. It is how a browser translates the URLs you enter to their original IPs, which are then used by the browser to connect to what it needs to access.

The DNS server you use is assigned automatically when you connect to a network provided by your ISP. Most users think that it’s just fine and that’s all they can get. Well, no, that’s not the case at all. There are hundreds of other DNS servers online that can be used instead. Just to give a slight idea before we go to the walkthrough for iOS, here are the top two free DNS servers to use:

  • Google
  • OpenDNS: 

How to Change DNS Server on iPhone/iPad (While Using Wi-Fi)

Changing the DNS settings on iOS devices is very simple. All you need is a few taps here and there and you’re done. Check out how you do so in this comprehensive walkthrough:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings.
  2. Click on Wi-Fi.
  3. Pick your Wi-Fi network and tap on the “i” icon.Wireless Networks iPhone
  4. Select the Configure DNS field.
  5. Hit Manual.
  6. Enter the new DNS Addresses.Configure DNS
  7. Go back and you’ll automatically save the changes.

How to Change DNS Settings on iOS While Using 4G/Mobile Internet

The instructions I listed above only work for Wi-Fi connections. However, if you’re using mobile data, you better know that iOS doesn’t allow you to change DNS settings on cellular networks. By default, users are stuck connecting to whatever DNS server is set up with their carrier. Fortunately, through the use of third-party applications, you can now alter your DNS settings while using 4G.

Two of the most notable Smart VPN providers are Unlocator and DNS Override. Since I’m an Unlocator user, I’m gonna guide you through the process with the service provider as an example.

  1. Log in with your Unlocator account.
  2. Go to the Smart VPN tab.
  3. You will find a username and password for Smart VPN. (Note that they’re not the same as your regular credentials).
  4. Go to Settings -> General -> Select VPN.
  5. Tap on Add VPN Configuration.
  6. Once done, choose L2TP and input the following details:
    • Description: Unlocator
    • Server:
    • Account: Your account email
    • RSA SecurID: Off
    • Password: Enter your VPN password (The one mentioned in Step 3)
    • Secret: smartunlocator
    • Encryption Level: Auto
    • Send all traffic: Off ( Important!)
    • Proxy: Off

Now you’ve changed your DNS settings while using the mobile network.

Why Change DNS Settings on iPhone/iPad

You might face a lot of problems while operating on your ISP’s DNS servers. Not to mention that with your current server, access to several websites might be blocked. Changing to a different server in other countries might benefit you way more than the one you’re using. So, without further ado, here’s why you need to change your DNS settings on iOS devices:

Increased Speed

It all revolves around how important your ISP is and what resources it puts into running a decent DNS business. If they’re not taking care of their servers well, the reliability and speed could degrade drastically over time.

By changing your DNS, you can avoid the overloaded servers your ISP impose on you upon subscribing for their service. You might end up connecting to a server where peak time exists when you’re fast asleep.

If you’re a streamer, changing your DNS would be a great idea. No one wants to watch a movie with a buffering statement popping up every now and then.

Access Geo-restricted Content

To access geo-restricted content, manually changing your DNS settings with Google DNS and so won’t cut it. You need Smart DNS service like Unlocator to bypass geo-blocks and tap into streaming channels located in other countries.

As you may know, streaming services tend to prevent any outsiders from accessing their libraries. Only those residing in their regions can watch their goods without facing any problems.

By using a Smart DNS service, you’ll be able to alter the URLs responsible for determining your current location. Once you change those, you’ll appear wherever the server you connect to is present. Thus, unblocking all geo-blocked channels inside that territory.

Oh, don’t forget. In order to be able to download the applications for later access, you need to change your Apple Store’s region.

Is Changing DNS Safe?

Google’s public DNS server offers unlimited data usage and high speeds. Although it adds security from malicious and phishing sites and denies DoS attacks, it’s still not reliable to prevent any hacking attempt.

Safety is a privilege a VPN grants you. It encrypts your data and hides your IP address upon connecting. This way, you’ll avoid cyber attacks, malware, and any monitoring attempt that may occur.

Some DNS servers are capable of filtering ads out of websites you visit for performance boosts. But still, using a VPN is the way to go when you’re looking for internet safety and anonymity. Check out the top VPN provider to use on iOS in the table below.

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Smart DNS Services You Should Try

Accessing geo-restrictions is what Smart DNS does best. Or should I say, existed to only do that? People around the world get tired of what their region has to offer in TV entertainment. You get the same amount of channels and you don’t have access to international ones as you get blocked upon attempting to stream. Therefore, the following services below give you the chance to stream all you want regardless of where you may be.


ExpressVPN is a top VPN service that offers Smart DNS as well. You can benefit from the best of both worlds with this provider as it also grants you complete security and anonymity with its VPN features.

MediaStreamer is what they call the Smart DNS proxy. You can literally unblock hundreds of channels worldwide including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and so many more.


BulletVPN is quite new to the VPN business. However, this one came into the industry strong offering both VPN and Smart DNS services. Well, I have to point out that it doesn’t have that many servers in its pockets, but it does include them in high-demand location.


Unlocator is a pure Smart DNS service. It can unblock more than 230 channels across the globe. Moreover, this provider helps you out through every single step you take with the tutorials it offers on its website. Not to mention their amazing support team that can solve all your internet problems with ease.

How to Configure DNS on iPhone/iPad – Final Words

If you’ve ever experienced a situation where your connection is not that good, then changing your DNS is all you need. Now you know everything there is to do so, try it out on your own and enjoy a better internet performance on your iOS devices.

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