What Is a Dedicated IP VPN? Do You Need One?

Online threats are increasing by the minute. Thus, it’s a no-brainer to use a virtual private network to keep you and your data safe online.

What Is a Dedicated IP VPN? Do You Need One?

What Is a Dedicated IP VPN? Do You Need One?

In the beginning, when virtual private networks first started to go mainstream it was mainly for hardcore techies or those who did unethical activities on the internet and needed a cover. But today almost everyone realizes how useful and effective a VPN is when your entire life resides on the internet.

Importance of Private Data

After all, we install various kinds of security systems for our houses, workplaces, and vehicles to protect our belongings and valuables. All this is more in abundant supply.

But what can be more valuable than our personal data?

So that means our phones, computers, and internet connection also require a security system to be protected against online threats and dangers.

More Things to Smile About

A VPN has become popular for a number of reasons, including ease-of-use and simplicity. Of course, there are free VPNs. However, they are not as capable as the paid VPNs at providing security and protection to your data and network connection.

Basic facts

That’s because running a VPN costs a significant amount of money. Free VPN providers usually make that money by collecting user data and selling it to third-party advertisers.

This is not something that should be done. After all, the very purpose of a VPN is to protect user data from the collection and sharing with random third parties.

So, if you are on the lookout for quality protection, your best bet is always a reputed paid VPN service. You can get a better idea of top-recommended VPNs in this review.

Shared vs Dedicated?

However, when you are connected to a VPN server, you are assigned a randomly-generated IP address. Your original IP address is hidden.

The IP address that you are assigned is also used by others at the same time connected to the same VPN provider. This is true for most VPN providers at the moment.

Shared IP addresses are how we see applications function and that’s what users are familiar with.

That is why when they hear about a dedicated IP VPN application they are surprised because it is not popular at all. In this post, we talked about a dedicated IP VPN and its features and benefits. 

What is a Dedicated IP VPN?

Almost all VPN providers offer shared IP addresses.

This is what is normal and people are used to it. Because so many people use a single VPN application and the provider has to generate an IP address for all of them it isn’t surprising to find that the same IP address is being assigned to more than one user.

This isn’t unsafe in any way. When you connect to any website through a VPN application it is clear from the IP address that you are connected via a security system.

Multiple people sharing the same IP address indicates that all of them are using the same VPN client. The shared IP address makes users anonymous on the web and impossible to tell apart.

A very small number of VPN providers offer dedicated IP addresses to users. This technology is still in the process of development and is not offered by even the most reputed and popular VPN providers at the moment.

Therefore, not many people are familiar with the concept of a dedicated IP VPN.

As the name suggests, instead of sharing the same IP address with many other users you are assigned a unique IP address every time you connect via the VPN application.

Even though your original IP address is hidden the IP address you are assigned instead is used only by you and no other user is connected to the same VPN. 

Although there are many features and benefits of a dedicated IP VPN. The biggest downside of this technology is that you do not remain as anonymous as you could be with a shared IP address. Because the moment you have a unique IP address it is easier to tell you apart from the other users on the same VPN client.

Benefits of Dedicated IP VPN

Most benefits of a dedicated IP VPN are for those who use a VPN service for commercial or corporate use.

For example, some business networks can only be accessed by a unique IP address for security reasons. When you use a dedicated IP VPN you can safely connect to such networks from any location in the world.

There are various other security benefits of using a dedicated IP VPN including not having to worry about getting banned or blocked from certain networks or websites because of the unethical activities of someone else.

Because the unique IP address assigned to you is not used by anyone else you can be safe from the misdeeds of others with shared IP addresses.

Those who use a dedicated IP VPN also claim that it is much faster and smoother than VPN applications with shared IP addresses. 

VPNs That Offer Dedicated IPs

The number of VPN services has risen dramatically in the last couple of years. However, the ones that offer dedicated IPs are relatively still few and far between. NordVPN, for instance, does offer dedicated IPs for its users; as does TorGuard and PureVPN. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, doesn’t. Take a look at our in-depth review of the best VPNs with dedicated IPs for more info.

Final Thoughts

Remember that your original IP address is also unique in helping identify you and your location.

If the proxy IP address is also unique it defeats the purpose of using a VPN; especially if your main concern is anonymity on the web.

If you are willing to sacrifice anonymity to a certain extent and spend extra money every month, then you can press the button for a dedicated IP VPN. They are few in number, kind of like trying to find someone in France who cares about freedom and mobility who is happy with those high fuel prices though this is another topic, but with proper research it is possible to find a dedicated IP VPN that suits you.

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