Why Do Brits Use VPNs?

Are you wondering why you’d need a VPN in Britain? This article will clear that right up for you. Read on to learn why you’d need a VPN in Britain and what are the 5 main reasons that Brits use VPNs for.

Why Do Brits Use VPNs

Why Do Brits Use VPNs

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Why Do Brits Use VPNs – Quick Overview

  1. Bypass Geo-Restrictions
  2. Maintain Privacy Online
  3. Torrent Anonymously
  4. Better Gaming
  5. Safe Connections

Why Would You Need a VPN in Britain?

The UK, and by extension Britain, is part of the notorious Five Eyes organization. In other words, the risk of heavy-duty online surveillance is very high for Brits. Outside of this mass-surveillance organization, the UK itself has passed laws and regulations in the past that allow the government to monitor what its citizens are doing online. This is why having a cybersecurity tool to help defend you against that is very important.

Short for Virtual Private Network, VPNs are cybersecurity tools, that work on two basic functionalities:

  1. Encrypting your data.
  2. Re-routing your traffic through their own secure servers.

Because of these functionalities, VPNs can keep your data secure, your connection private, and online presence anonymous. The great added feature that you get with VPNs is their ability to access geo-blocked and restricted content. The act of re-routing your traffic automatically changes your public IP address.

Websites usually restrict access to their services based on your public IP. Seeing as most VPNs give you the option to select the server of your choice, you can very much control which IP address you get and which content you can unblock.

In other words, you need a VPN in Britain to secure your data, keep your connection private, and access geo-blocked content at whim.

Why Do Brits Use VPNs?

There are many reasons why Brits, both inside and outside of Britan, choose to use a VPN. Here are the top 5 reasons:

1. Bypass Geo-blocks

Britain and the UK suffer from a lot of banned sites. The list has only increased over the past few years. That’s why many Brits use VPNs to bypass the blocks and bans imposed on their connection.

2. Maintain Privacy Online

The UK’s Snooper’s Charter is a law that grants government agencies the right to monitor your online activities. In essence, the government has the right to snoop on your browsing history, your downloads, and your online communications. Using a VPN, Brits can secure their data and make their traffic private, essentially bypassing the Snooper’s Charter.

3. Torrent Anonymously

Torrenting is an activity that many people around the world engage in. However, when you use P2P file-sharing networks, your public IP is exposed to anyone on that network. With a VPN masking your true IP, you can easily torrent to your heart’s content anonymously.

4. Better Gaming

Many online gamers use VPNs to improve the quality of their gaming. VPNs can help you protect yourself from DDoS attacks, which plague the gaming community. They can also help you overcome ISP throttling and lag.

5. Safe Connections

Brits are at a high risk of finding their online communications monitored. By using a VPN, they make sure that their tunneled traffic cannot be viewed by any third-party. This makes it incredibly hard for the government or your ISP to spy on your communications.

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Why Do Brits Use VPNs – Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 of the most popular reasons that Brits use VPNs for. Remember, VPNs can give you access to geo-restricted sites, but they won’t remove any subscription fee or registration process imposed by the site you’re looking to unblock.

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