Evolve from Dish – Watch Netflix on Hotel TV

Travel is a part of many people’s lives now. Traveling for work and for pleasure is very usual, and with people now living away from family because of work, traveling to meet loved ones is also fairly common these days. Hotel stay during travel can be a mixed experienced. Some see it as a necessary evil while others try to make the best out of their stay away from home. With streaming taking a central stage in our everyday lives, hotels have been falling behind in that department. Dish Network, however, has finally come up with an innovative solution.

Evolve from Dish - Watch Netflix on Hotel TV

Evolve from Dish – Watch Netflix on Hotel TV


While some love the experience of putting up at a fancy hotel and getting pampered for a few days, others complain that hotels don’t offer enough options to make their stay more exciting. In some cases, connecting to the hotel’s WiFi can even put your online security at risk.

Of course, there’s nothing to do in a hotel room, except flipping through the magazines they dumped on the nightstand. The moment you plan to retire for the night, you miss your favorite Netflix show such as House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, or even Stranger Things!

Yes, people travel with their laptops, phones, and tablets, but Netflix is often not available in every region. For instance, if you are an American subscriber traveling to Europe and putting up at a hotel, you may not be able to access your Netflix application.

As a result, those who travel frequently not only miss their favorite shows but also waste their subscription. What people get to watch in hotel rooms is the Netflix of that region, which means you cannot watch what you want.

That is why satellite TV provider Dish has brought about a solution that will make your curated watch lists, suggestions, and watch progress move from your own devices to your hotel room.

What is Evolve?

Dish has always been a popular satellite TV provider around for a long while. But ever since the cord-cutting trend started, it has been trying to find ways to jump the bandwagon and survive the phenomenon.

One initiative is the Evolve streaming platform, which is much like any other streaming service but only for hotels. Guests at hotels seek personalized entertainment, the reason why they carry multiple devices when they travel so that they can bring their own content.

Evolve is powered by Android TV with Chromecast built-in, making it easy for guests to stream their favorite music, movies, and shows to the hotel TV. Guests can also access thousands of popular apps, by logging in to Google Play, downloading the apps they want and taking their favorite movies and in-app purchases home when they leave the hotel.

There’s also the option of watching live TV and premium channels, with a user experience focused towards hotel guests. EVOLVE also has an intuitive program guide and an easy-to-use remote, coupled with the largest selection of HD channels. Easy navigation, filters, and channel previews make it convenient to discover the content that guests want.

EVOLVE is easy to integrate into the hotel system. This PMS-integrated solution allows for personalization and engagement. With this system, guests can be welcomed to their room by name, and user credentials passwords can be cleared at checkout. EVOLVE is a complete hospitality solution, making guests’ stay at the hotel convenient, enjoyable, personalized, and homely.

Netflix Integration

Anybody who’s into content streaming is hooked to Netflix. Undoubtedly, Netflix is the biggest player in this market, giving stiff competition to everyone else with its wide range of shows, movies, and original content. Netflix is also the oldest streaming service around.

Its popularity is evident from the way the word Netflix has turned into a verb, much like Google. Although Netflix is also one of the more expensive options out there, people still prefer it to others, because of the wide variety of content. Some have even managed to use a VPN to change their Netflix region and get access to a wider range of content in the process.

Different Channels

EVOLVE offers various channels like YouTube and Sling TV. With the help of the built-in Chromecast, you can also stream content from your phone or laptop to your hotel TV. Moreover, if your room is capable, the EVOLVE box will also support 4K playback.

Despite all these features, what was noticeable was the absence of Netflix. This is why Dish announced that EVOLVE will now also support Netflix, among other channels. Guests will be able to access Netflix directly from the Evolve guide menu by signing in with their account.

If you don’t already have a Netflix account, there will also be an option to easily sign up for one. Once signed in, guests will be able to pick up with their shows right where they left off at home.

This promises to be a convenient way to enjoy your favorite content seamlessly between your own device and the hotel TV.

But if it worries you that you might accidentally share your Netflix details with other guests in case you forget to sign out, then the option of automatically removing your information from the Evolve device upon checkout will save the day. This security measure is a remarkable inclusion and eases the worry of privacy and data theft.

Dish will begin rolling out the Netflix integration on all Evolve devices in the coming months. Get ready to enjoy your favorite shows even when you are traveling.


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