HideIPVPN Netflix Proxy Error Workaround 2017

Is HideIPVPN Netflix not working for you? Are you eager to get American Netflix outside USA again? Netflix’s decision to ban VPN not only affecting people who want to explore different Netflix regions, but also those who want to stream TV shows and movies securely. In this help guide, you can find various tips and tricks to bypass Netflix proxy error on Chrome, FireFox, Android, iOS, and the rest of your streaming devices. Let’s how you can fix the HideIPVPN Netflix proxy error and watch your favorite TV shows again.

HideIPVPN Netflix Proxy Error Workaround 2017

HideIPVPN Netflix Proxy Error Workaround 2017

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HideIPVPN Have Given Up on Netflix

Back in July, HideIPVPN made it pretty clear that they had given up the fight against Netflix. “We are truly sorry to bring you bad news but we need to be honest with all of you. So… here it goes – Netflix is not working through our Smart DNS service or any of our VPN servers.” Neither their VPN server nor Smart DNS proxies were able to unblock Netflix regions any longer. To be honest, other VPN services have stopped trying as well but never made it publicly known. So, kudos to HideIPVPN. But, where do we go from here? Well there are plenty of VPN providers that still supports unblocking American Netflix outside USA.

HideIPVPN Netflix Proxy Error Fix 2017

To save you time, as well as money, I have tested plenty of VPN providers myself. The results were not as encouraging as I had hoped for, but at least I found one VPN service that allowed me to watch US Netflix abroad reliably.

Out of all the VPNs I have tried, ExpressVPN was the best when it comes to changes Netflix region to USA. Not only that. You’re guaranteed a 30-day refund if you decide to sign up. Basically, you get to unblock American Netflix outside USA risk-free.

On top of it all, ExpressVPN have no bandwidth caps. Their VPN servers speed is pretty impressive too. Obviously, they offer their users VPN apps and client for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, as would any respectable VPN service do. The fact they do not keep logs of their clients’ browsing activity means you can surf the web anonymously as well.

HideIPVPN Netflix Proxy Error – VPN Alternatives

If you are looking for a HideIPVPN alternative to watch Netflix USA, head over to ExpressVPN. In case you know of any other VPN provider which also works with Netflix, please do let me know by leaving a reply in the comment section below.

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For Netflix Users: To fix Netflix proxy error, sign up with ExpressVPN - Working as of May 13th, 2019.