How to Watch ESPN in UK in 3 Easy Steps

ESPN USA holds a monopoly on some of the best sports out there. UK residents, however, cannot access ESPN unless they deploy either a VPN for Smart DNS proxy first. Learn how in the article below.

How to Watch ESPN in UK

How to Watch ESPN in the UK

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How to Watch ESPN in the UK Using a VPN

There are many channels and shows broadcasted by ESPN’s network, and if you can’t access them, you are missing out on a lot. ESPN America service includes coverage of NHL regular season and playoffs, NCAA College Football and Basketball, and a range of other sporting events. UK residents can’t stream this service unless they are in the US. Or they could use a VPN to make it look like they are in the US.

A VPN is a technology that hides your actual IP and provides you with another temporary one. You then connect to one of the VPN’s many servers, and your IP will automatically be replaced with the IP of that server (in the country you choose). After getting a new IP address, you become eligible to access the content of the country you previously selected. So here’s how you can watch ESPN in the UK using a VPN:

  1. First, sign up with a reliable VPN service provider.
  2. Then, download and install the VPN application to your streaming device.
  3. Launch the VPN application and sign in using your VPN account.
  4. Now, connect to an American VPN server.
  5. You will be granted an American IP address.
  6. Finally, visit the ESPN website or application.
  7. Access ESPN in the UK at any time.

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How to Watch ESPN in the UK Using a Smart DNS Proxy

While using a SmartDNS might seem like something tech geniuses can use, a SmartDNS is used by everyday people. The main and common use for a SmartDNS is primarily for accessing geo-restricted content from all around the world.

Smart DNS proxies work, in one respect, like VPNs – by bypassing geo-restrictions. However, they do not provide the security that VPNs do, and many simply don’t work. Although a VPN is a much secure way to unblock content, a Smart DNS is definitely faster. A Smart DNS does not encrypt user data, and that is what makes it fast. If security is your least concern, then, by all means, go with a Smart DNS. Here’s how you unblock ESPN in the UK with a Smart DNS:

  1. First, head over to Unlocator and sign up for a free 7-day trial.
  2. Follow these videos/setup tutorials to configure Smart DNS on your streaming device.
  3. Go to ESPN’s website or app.
  4. Enjoy your unlimited access to all of ESPN’s content.

If you are seeking a speedy connection to access content from all over the world, we recommended a Smart DNS like Unlocator. This provider unblocks over 200 channels and offers new users a 7-day free trial.

Watch ESPN in the UK

Do you love to watch your favorite sports on ESPN in the UK, but you’re worried about geo-restrictions? Well, don’t be. Pick either a VPN or a Smart DNS, unblock ESPN USA, and stream all the sports content you desire while you’re in the UK.


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