Gold Cup 2015 – How to stream free online VPN DNS Proxy

You can watch and stream  the Gold Cup 2015 live online on your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Roku, Smart TV. Many streaming channels are showing the games in US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia. To unblock these geoblocked channels outside their regions, you need VPN or Smart DNS. Read the following guide for more info.

How to watch Gold Cup 2015 live online for free VPN vs Smart DNS

How to watch Gold Cup 2015 live online for free VPN vs Smart DNS

How to watch Gold Cup 2015 live online – Smart DNS

In order to access the channels listed above outside their regions, you need to Smart DNS. Smart DNS allows you to bypass regional restrictions without changing your IP address. That means you could be living in Mexico and watching channels that are only available in the US.

  • Smart DNS works on all your streaming devices. Sign up with a Smart DNS proxy service. Get your DNS codes. Enter them on your streaming device via networks settings.
  • Smart DNS works with Roku, PS4, PS4, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Smart TV, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android.
  • Your Internet connection won’t slow down when using Smart DNS.
  • You get to access mulit-national channels when using Smart DNS. This means you can watch US Fox Sports Go and BeIN Sports simultaneously.

If you’re thinking of giving Smart DNS a try, Unlocator is a great place to start. Their free one week trial means you got nothing to lose. Additionally, they have setup guides for all streaming devices and access to over 211 geoblocked channels.

How to watch Gold Cup 2015 live online – VPN

You can also use VPN to unblock geoblocked channels. VPN allows you to obtain a new IP address. Connecting to an American VPN server grants you a US IP address. Thus, access to all US-only streaming channels.

  • Sign up with  a VPN provider. Download their VPN app on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or Android. Install it. Connect to a VPN server in the country your favorite streaming channels is located in. Watch Gold Cup live online.
  • VPN cannot be installed on all streaming devices. To watch Gold Cup 2015 on your PS4, Xbox, Smart TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, you need to setup VPN on your router.
  • VPN does encrypt all your traffic too. In return, you will lose about 10% of your Internet speed.

Check out ExpressVPN if you’re looking for a VPN provider. They got fast VPN servers around the world.

Gold Cup 2015 – Free and Paid Channels

Gold Cup 2015 – Groups, Teams, Schedule.

GROUP A: USA, Panama, Haiti, Honduras.

GROUP B: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Canada, Jamaica.

GROUP C: México, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, Cuba.

Gold Cup 2015 Live Streaming Coverage

That’s everything you need to know about how to stream the Gold Cup 2015 live online using Smart DNS or VPN. Do leave a comment below with any predictions or questions about the football tournament.


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