How to watch USA Netflix on Google Nexus Player outside – VPN & DNS Proxy

American Netflix comes pre-installed on Google Nexus Player in USA. If you live abroad (UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Australia, Germany, France), you either get a limited Netflix library or no Netflix at all. To unblock and stream US Netflix and other American Channels on Google Nexus Player overseas, use Smart DNS or VPN. Find info and instructions about both solution in this step-by-step guide.

Important: If you have unblocked US Netflix on other streaming devices, you can simply deploy the same steps to access Netflix on your Google Nexus Player. Use Unlocator‘s Smart DNS proxy service to get stable DNS codes. If you’re more accustomed to VPN, jump over to ExpressVPN. Get an account. Set up VPN on your router. Choose an American VPN server. Stream the US Netflix version on your Nexus Player.

Unblock and watch American Netflix on Google Nexus Player outside US using VPN or Smart DNS proxy

Unblock and watch American Netflix on Google Nexus Player outside US using VPN or Smart DNS proxy

Unblock US Netflix on Google Nexus Player outside USA – Smart DNS Proxy

Bypassing geographic restrictions and limitations is made possible by solution like Smart DNS. Smart DNS allows you to hide your location from streaming services. Set up your Nexus Player with Smart DNS. Stream US Netflix on Nexus Player outside US. That’s all there’s to it. Let’s have a look at Smart DNS proxies’ characteristics and benefits.

  • Smart DNS’s flexibility means it can be used to unblock streaming channels like Netflix on all streaming devices. This includes the new Nexus Player.
  • Smart DNS automatically switches locations for you once set up. No need to change configurations every time you want to watch content from a different region.
  • Smart DNS does not form a limitation on your Internet speed.
  • Even when set up on your router, Smart DNS will not change your local IP address. This is very helpful if you visit websites and online services which are exclusively available in your region.
  • ISP policies like DNS Hijacking and Transparent Proxies can form a serious drawback for Smart DNS. Verify that your ISP does not use either method before setting up your Google Nexus Player with Smart DNS.

Free DNS codes you find online might unblock US Netflix for a day or two on Nexus Player. Keep in mind though that such codes can be both unreliable and potentially harmful. If you’d like to stream American Netflix on your Nexus Player on a daily basis, it’s much safer and faster to rely on a Smart DNS proxy service. The one I use, Unlocator, does provide around 159 unblocked streaming services and videos/guides for setup. Try their free 7-day trial to get started.

Unlock and Access US Netflix on Google Nexus Player outside US – VPN

VPN takes more drastic measures to unblock geoblocked content. It alters the directions of all your traffic by sending it through a VPN server. This VPN serves is located in the country where the streaming service is available. Given you want to watch US Netflix, you choose an American VPN server. Your local IP address will be changed to a US IP address everytime you enable VPN and select a US VPN server. This has both benefits and downsides.

  • Since your local IP is changed you unblock all content of your new virtual country, but you might be blocked from accessing certain local websites. However, by hiding your IP address, VPN can prevent sites from tracking your activity.
  • VPN cannot match Smart DNS when it comes to device compatibility. VPN can only be set up on a handful of devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, PC/Mac). For other streaming devices, including Nexus Player, VPN has to be installed on a VPN enabled router first.
  • VPN encrypts all of your traffic. Thereby, your private data will be protected from miscellaneous online threats.
  • For devices with VPN clients, VPN can be pretty simple to set up. PC, Android, Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad all have VPN apps you can take advantage of.
  • While Smart DNS falls short when it comes to DNS Hijacking and Transparent Proxies, VPN continues to work normally even in the existence of such policies.

The most important aspect you need to consider when choosing a VPN provider, is the the speed penalty you have to way. Dependable VPN provider, like ExpressVPN, decrease your Internet speed by about 10%.
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Unblock/Watch American Netflix on Google Nexus Player outside US – Bottom Line

When setting up VPN or Smart DNS, you get to unblock all American channels on your Nexus Player.

  • US Netflix
  • Google Play Movies & TV.
  • Hulu
  • Crackle
  • UVideos
  • Pandora
  • DramaFever
  • Travel Channel
  • Pluto.TV
  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • PBS

Personally, I do believe the Nexus Player is only worth your money if you can stream American channels on it. Smart DNS and VPN both help if you think so as well

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