IPVanish vs PureVPN: Which VPN to Choose?

If you’re having a hard time deciding between IPVanish and PureVPN, we’re here to help. We don’t want anyone leading you up the garden path, which is why we’ve put together this VPN comparison. Check out what each VPN has to bring to the table, then the decision is yours.

IPVanish vs PureVPN: Which VPN to Choose

IPVanish vs PureVPN: Which VPN to Choose

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IPVanish vs PureVPN – Overview

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong and is easily one of the most recurrent VPN names on the market. IPvanish, on the other hand, is a US-based provider and is one of the fastest growing VPNs available nowadays. Both employ a 256-bit encryption and support the OpenVPN protocol to secure users’ data. Another common feature is that these two providers support torrenting and P2P activities on their servers and allow up to five simultaneous connections for all of their services. For whatever reason, their clients were dissatisfied with their services, both IPvanish and PureVPN offer a 7-day money back guarantee. This policy allows users to claim a refund within the first week of their purchase. Read more about these two providers in our IPVanish and PureVPN review.

IPVanish vs PureVPN – The Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at each of these providers in the following areas performance, price, customer service, security, and privacy.


To evaluate a VPN’s performance, we must examine the VPN’s number of servers, available simultaneous connections, and compatible devices all factor. IPVanish runs 950 servers in over 60 countries. This provider even offers its clients with unlimited bandwidth in order to ensure a fast and secure connection. Windows and Mac platforms are supported along with mobile options for iOS and Android, with the acceptance of up to 5 simultaneous connections.

PureVPN, on the other hand, operates 7550 servers spread in over 1400 countries. Although it offers its clients unlimited bandwidth, it still falls short in comparison to IPVanish. PureVPN’s apps are compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and others. Similarly, users can log on and secure 5 different devices simultaneously with this provider.

Winner: IPVanish 


Ipvanish offers three tiers of service plans. The first is a monthly subscription for $10.00, a 3-month plan for $8.99 a month, and a year at a monthly rate of $6.49. The company also offers a 7-day refund policy so users get the chance to test the service out.

On the other hand, PureVPN offers a month for $9.95, 6 months for $7.95 each, or a 2-year subscription for $2.04 a month. Both providers offer a complete refund within 7 days of purchase in case the customer was unhappy with the services.

Winner: IPVanish 

Customer Service

Decent customer support is an important aspect that should not be overlooked. In fact, it’s the users’ only hope when something goes wrong. If the clients had difficulty setting up the VPN, the company’s customer support team would be there to help. Clients can reach IPVanish’s staff by email or the electronic inquiry form. PureVPN offers its support via email and live chat. Both companies do the best they can to provide clients with good experience.

Winner: a tie


While PureVPN operates a large network of over 2,000 servers in over 140 countries to guarantee users universal coverage and accessibility, IPVanish runs over 1,300 servers in over 75 locations.

Winner: PureVPN


Security is the reason why people opt for a VPN, to secure their data and online presence. Although security is vital, speed should be of the same level of importance. Both PureVPN and IPVanish offer unlimited bandwidth, but IPVanish is much faster. In fact, the company’s websites state that IPVanish is the world’s fastest VPN, and it shows. PureVPN, however, exhibits slower speeds because it uses more secure connection protocols.

Winner: IPVanish

Security and Privacy

When in the market for a VPN, the company must follow a zero logs policy to ensure the safety and security of the users. Many companies abide by a strict zero logs policy that doesn’t document users’ online activities. IPVanish promises not to collect or store your online activities while using its service. PureVPN is known to log its clients’ activities, which is a bit concerning to some users. Maintaining users’ online security and privacy is a major component when comparing VPN services. Both IPVanish and PureVPN make use of several algorithms in order to ensure their clients’ safety. As prementioned above, IPVanish does not store clients’ daily online activities, whereas PureVPN does. This was discovered by the FBI this past October.

Encryption protocols are crucial components to the security of a VPN. These algorithms hide your personal details when you use a secure connection by connecting to a VPN server. IPVanish employs a variety of algorithms, including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IPsec to ensure users’ security. PureVPN, however, includes all of IPVanish’s algorithms with the addition of SSTP and IKEv2 as well. If your VPN connection drops, a kill switch quickly terminates it. The function of the kill switch is to stop hacks or malicious attacks. Both IPVanish and PureVPN use a kill switch to keep users safe from these potential threats.

Winner: PureVPN

Other Common Features

  • Both providers have a kill switch. If your VPN connection drops, a kill switch immediately terminates it to avoid hacks or compromising attacks.
  • IPVanish and PureVPN can bypass geo-restrictions and access services including Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and BBC iPlayer.
  • IPVanish allows torrenting and P2P file-sharing on all its servers and offers unlimited bandwidth. PureVPN also has dedicated servers for torrenting, with the exception of the USA and UK.

IPVanish vs PureVPN: Which VPN to Choose – The Verdict

Let’s get to why you’re all here. Which VPN is the best? Both providers serve as decent VPN options, however, we have to give this one to IPVanish. Keep in mind that the VPN you choose depends on what you intend to use it for. And we can’t deny how impressed we are with IPVanish’s speed and privacy features. IPVanish focuses on speed and accessibility from multiple platforms, and due to its standout features, it’s an obvious winner. What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with our choice? Why or why not? Let us know in the comment section below. If you didn’t like either of these providers, you might be interested in IPVanish and PureVPN alternatives.

IPVanish vs PureVPN

Name: IPVanish

Description: IPVanish has excellent features and a nice display panel, there’s lots to recommend with this provider.

  • Price
  • Access blocked content
  • Refund Policy
  • Support

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