Is CyberGhost Safe to Use?

CyberGhost carries all the features you could expect out of a VPN, but does that qualify it as secure and safe to use? Find out in the article below.

Is CyberGhost Safe to Use?

Is CyberGhost Safe to Use?

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CyberGhost’s Privacy Policy

CyberGhost’s privacy policy declares that it does not log any user activity.

“CyberGhost does not store data within CyberGhost VPN which permit interference with your personal data. For all operations, which imply the storage of personal data, such as for example payment operations, CyberGhost cooperates with third-party providers, who undertake the separate storage of data, for more information we recommend you review our privacy policy.”

“CyberGhost collects and uses no personal data to make CyberGhost VPN available. If you want to find out more about the way in which CyberGhost collects and uses data, please read our Privacy Policy.”

Several VPN providers advertise a “zero logging” policy. Yet, when you read into their Terms of Service, you realize just how far from the truth their claim is. Luckily, CyberGhost doesn’t waiver on their logging policy. Read more about their policy in their terms of service.

CyberGhost’s Security Features

There are so many great things to appreciate about CyberGhost. As a matter of fact, CyberGhost has them all. No logs are stored or recorded. Moreover, their Romanian jurisdiction protects users’ privacy and data. The best part is that it is an airtight leak-free system. Here are some of the features that CybeGhost has:

  • No logging: Yes.
  • Ease of the VPN software: Singing up and using the app is fairly simple and straightforward.
  • Hidden fees & clauses: None.
  • Upsells: No upsells.
  • Instant access after payment: Yes.
  • DNS leaks: None.
  • Jurisdiction: Romania.
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP & L2TP.
  • Kill-switch: Yes.

Feel free to go through our in-depth CyberGhost review for more info on what this VPN service provider has to offer.

CyberGhost Location

Founded in 2011 and located in Bucharest, Romania, CyberGhost currently boasts over 15-million users, which is a pretty impressive number. Also, this means that they are outside 14 Eyes. Meaning your data (if they had any) wouldn’t be shared with other companies from other countries around the world.

CyberGhost Features

  •  Affordable plans
  • Good encryption standards
  •  Easy to use
  •  No log files
  • Torrenting allowed
  • No leaks detected

CyberGhost Privacy Policy

CyberGhost VPN is designed to provide you with the opportunity to perform internet traffic using a computer (the so-called VPN-Server) in various regions and not to give away your IP address. So, your data traffic is encrypted and cannot be reached by anyone. Factually, CyberGhost VPN’s aim is to protect your privacy but not your computer. Keep in mind that Cyberghost VPN is not meant as an antivirus or antimalware tool.

Is CyberGhost Safe to Use?- The Final Verdict

CyberGhost is a solid VPN choice. Its strict no-logging policy and Romanian jurisdiction keep your information safe and secure. It provides all of the essential functions of a VPN with a great user experience. In case you want to look at some other options before committing to this particular VPN, you can always check out our list of top CyberGhost alternatives.

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