Netflix Shatters Records With ‘Bird Box’ And ‘You’

There is no doubt at all that Netflix is king when it comes to streaming. Although there are hundreds of other streaming services, Netflix just happens to do everything right.

Why other streaming services have both hits and misses, Netflix just keeps delivering one hit after the other.

Netflix Shatters Records With ‘Bird Box’ And ‘You’

Netflix Shatters Records With ‘Bird Box’ And ‘You’

Nothing But Success

The success story of Netflix is nothing short of amazing. But in the recent months, the number one factor that has contributed to the company’s success is the innovative new program list.

In the past month, Netflix has had a number of new releases; most of which have gone on to be massive successes.

Netflix has become a household name in the last couple of years. The company makes sure that it always gives people something to talk about. The latest Netflix reasons to talk about are the viewing figures for the original shows ‘Bird Box’ and ‘You’.

The company has released streaming figures for these shows and they are huge. For both of these shows, it has just been a little over a month of their release. It only goes on to prove the mettle of the Netflix team.

Recent Hits

Both ‘Bird Box’ and ‘You’ have caused much excitement in the days leading up to the release and even after the shows were launched. ‘You’ is a psychological thriller that has Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a book store manager who soon turns into a homicidal anti-hero after becoming obsessed with a customer.

The character of Goldberg has been exceptionally well received by viewers because of the layers that make him intriguing and complicated. Because the show is set in the current times of social media, the viewers are able to relate with the theme, and cannot help admiring the lead character even though he does horrible things.

According to the latest report the show is said to be viewed by 40 million in just the first month of its release. Although the show only has had one season so far, it is set for a second season. ‘You’ first aired on the channel Lifetime, garnering over a million views every week.

Bird-Box Shatters Records

But these figures are nothing compared to those of ‘Bird Box’, a post-apocalyptic suspense thriller which has scored over 80 million views in the first month of its launch.

The story involves a woman and her two children making it through a forest and river blindfolded to escape from unknown forces that have invaded the world. They must not see the supernatural entities, or they will be led to commit suicide.

Starring Sandra Bullock, the show has received critical acclaim ever since its release on 21st December last year and has also run into a number of controversies.

The first controversy hit the show when Netflix was accused of using original explosion footage in the show. Netflix has since gone on to apologize to Lac-Megantic, the town that was devastated in the 2013 train disaster, the footage of which was used in Bird Box as well as a series called Travelers.

The company has said that it wasn’t aware of the source of the images that are attributed to the oil-laden rail explosion that killed 47 people in downtown Lac-Megantic more than five years ago. 

The show also inspired the ‘Bird Box’ challenge that has people undertaking various tasks blindfolded. Although most of these tasks are innocuous, Netflix still faced the flak when people attempted to do things like drive through traffic blindfolded. The company has condemned the craze.

The Success Strategy

There’s no doubt that Netflix is great at both creating original content as well as keeping viewers excited for more. Over the years, it has charted a strategy that’s kept it way ahead of competitors.

It often makes people wonder what makes Netflix so successful. Some say that their social media strategy and viral content are mostly responsible for always keeping the company in the limelight.

Netflix started business in 1997 as a DVD rental service, where you had to choose your video online and it was delivered to you in a red envelope. The differentiating factor was a flat fee for unlimited rentals, with no late fees, due dates, or shipping charges.

In 2007, this turned into an online streaming service, where customers could download movies on their devices. What made them successful was their foresight and the feature of giving out personalized recommendations based on ratings and reviews by customers.

No Sign of Stopping

Amazon, Apple, Disney, and other companies are looming on the horizon with their own streaming services, but Netflix shows no signs of slowing down.

Despite the price hike, the company knows it will continue to be successful because moviegoers are dropping in number and people are ditching cable. With streaming the most convenient option at the moment, Netflix is compensating for the price hike with a number of original shows.

Keeping the audience engaged takes their mind off the price hike. As long as Netflix continues to offer mind-blowing content to its hungry viewers, it will not slow down its success rate. In fact, the company has surpassed its own growth expectations, especially after the price hike.

Despite the stiff competition and the price hike, Netflix can hope to grow at a fast pace, thanks to its marketing strategy and social media presence.

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