Roku Adds ABC News to Its Free Channel

Last year, Roku started its own channel to cater to its customers who were leaving cable TV network. Through its channel, Roku offered free TV shows and movies on a single device. Now, it’s going to add live news to its channel too. Roku has collaborated with ABC News and other news channels to feature live news streams and linear news programs on The Roku Channel. These programs will run alongside its entertainment channels. ABC News is the flagship partner in this latest launch. However, Roku will hold the exclusive over-the-top home rights in this live and linear streaming network. Apart from ABC News, Roku will also feature other live and linear news programs from People TV, Cheddar, and others.

Roku Adds ABC News to Its Free Channel

Roku Adds ABC News to Its Free Channel

The Roku Channel, until now, was offering a combination of free content from network partners such as FilmRise and Vidmark. Roku also offered content from studios such as Paramount, MGM, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. The Roku Channel has become, since its launch, top 15 on its platform. It also is now No. 3 in the ad-supported channel.

The Goal of Roku’s Channel

One of the goals of Roku in offering the channels is to help its users to find content easily in one single destination, rather than scrambling different places or platforms. This is not the first time that Roku has experimented this, “4K Spotlight” channel was launched in 2015, also the launch of “Roku’s recommends” in 2011 that showed curated content to its viewers.

The Roku Channel is here to provide best free content in an organized manner. First, it was entertainment, now you will have access to live streaming news services curated in one platform.

The Roku Channel isn’t the only app that shows you latest news, there are news channel apps provided to viewers from all major news networks. Through Roku, viewers can scan the latest news clips and choose their own style of news coverage experience. Whereas the traditional channels were all about flipping through different channels, Roku is revolutionizing traditional news experience in an all-new way.

For ABC News Live, The Roku Channel will become its launch pad. The latest offering from this news organization is an over-the-top viewing of live streaming news services.

Where It All Began

ABC and Roku were in discussions for more than a year on building live news experience for the viewers. It all started, even before the launch of The Roku Channel. Today, after its launch it seems a very good streaming news service that will add to the value for any viewer.

According to the VP of ABC News Digital, they are not trying to create a new version of cable TV. Rather, they are proposing a new way for news junkies to access 24/7 news channel at their fingertips. For last three years, the news organization was trying to build its live operations.

ABC considers itself as the top producers of expert live coverage. With the help of The Roku Channel, it is exploring new ways to capture audiences and grow its business. The VP disclosed that they have been working hard to analyze every single data so that the news experience is great in any device size.

The major conclusion drawn by the ABC is that the viewers want to see what is happening in the world rather than being told through a newsroom by an anchor. And tieing-up with Roku is the best step in that very direction.

The Focus On Live Streaming

The focus on live streaming is all the interesting things happening all around the world. The coverage and streaming will instantly reach the viewers as and when they occur. ABC will gather all the content from various sources including its own staff and international partners. It will also source streams from social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

ABC and Roku haven’t disclosed the breakup of revenue. The content is free of cost for the viewers, supported by ads. Currently, only Roku is the live streaming platforms that will host ABC News live, apart from ABC’s own network of channel, apps, and website.

ABC said that it partnered with Roku because of its expertise in the non-linear TV audience. Roku, for ABC, is different when it comes to the latest technologies and understanding what the customer really wants from the network news providers.

Roku OS 8.1

The Roku Channel well use the latest operating software. It will add a slight makeover to the existing platform. The audience will have the option to choose between thematic content curation, namely, “collections” and “continue watching.”

These updates will start in May with the launch of Roku OS 8.1. After the launch, up to 4 people will be able to use that device headphones instead of the TV to listen to programs through their iOS or Android devices.

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