How to Watch Oscars 2019 Live Online

It’s that time of the year when all of Hollywood’s brightest stars align at the Dolby Theatre in recognition of their filmmaking work. All these stars have their eyes set on the iconic golden statuette that would take their careers to new heights. Find out how you can watch The 2019 Oscars from all parts of the world in this article.

How to Watch the 91st Academy Awards Live Online

How to Watch the 91st Academy Awards Live Online

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Channels Streaming the 91st Oscars Ceremony

Here’s a list of all major channels that will broadcast this year’s Academy Awards.

How to Watch The 91st Academy Awards Live Online Using a VPN

The 91st Academy Awards is by far the most important event for celebrities. Unsurprisingly, fans from all over the world tune in to watch who comes on top in the movie-making industry and walk away with the gold. The 2019 Oscar ceremony will be held on Sunday 24th February 2019, and thousands of people are looking forward to it. There are different options available for you to watch the event live, but if you’re outside any of the countries listed above-where the streaming channels are available, you’re going to need a VPN.

If you want to stream the ceremony free online from any place in the world, you’ll have to make use of a VPN. A virtual private network creates a digital tunnel through which your device accesses the Internet and reroutes your connection through a designated server in the country of your choice. As a result, you’ll be able to access the content you want from any country no matter where you are.

Steps to Watching The 91st Academy Awards Using a VPN

Follow these steps to watch Oscars 2019 live online.

  1. First, go to ExpressVPN and create your VPN account.
  2. Then, download and install the VPN application to your device.
  3. Launch the app and sign into it using the VPN account you have just created.
  4. From within the app, connect to a VPN server in the same region/country as they channel you wish to unblock.
  5. Stream the 91st Academy Awards from any place across the globe.

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About The 91st Academy Awards

Unfortunately, Kevin Hart has stepped down as host of the Oscars due to a backlash over his previous homophobic comments and tweets. For the first time in 30 years, the Academy will proceed without an MC. It’ll be interesting to see what form the show will take without a host.

The 2019 Oscar nominations will be announced on Tuesday 22nd January, introducing a new category “best popular film” to highlight the success of blockbuster movies. Christian Bale is a shoo-in for this year’s Best Actor. The public has also favored the works of Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, Olivia Colman, and Regina King this awards season. “Shallow” will most likely win best original song and don’t be surprised if Roma makes its way to the “best picture” category.

Watch the 91st Academy Awards – Final Words

On an annual basis, the film industry, the entertainment community, celebrities, and film fans around the world turn their attention to the Oscars. Hundreds of millions of movie lovers from all parts of the world will rejoice in knowing that they can watch the award show live online despite their geo-location. As the Oscars approach, the anticipation builds up, and viewers get their VPNs ready. Who do you think will receive the highest honors in filmmaking? Share your predictions in the comment section below.

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