How to Watch Legion Season 3 Live Online

If you’re asking where you can watch the third season of Legion online outside the US, both a VPN and Smart DNS proxy have the answer. Learn how you can unblock FX Now and stream the show abroad with the help of these tools.

How to Watch Legion Season 3 Live Online

How to Watch Legion Season 3 Live Online

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How to Watch Legion Season 3 Live Online Using a VPN

As you all know, FX Now is based in the US, which means it’s inaccessible outside its borders. The service imposes restrictions on its content due to copyright issues and licensing agreements. The channel is not allowed to put its content on display for everyone to watch. For that reason, geo-restrictions were made. Unless you’re a US citizen and a holder of an American IP address, you won’t be able to access the service.

To change that, you’ll need to spoof your location, and that can be easily done via a VPN service provider. All you have to do is connect to a server located in the US. That way, all the traffic will be rerouted through that server thus granting you matching IP addresses. By doing so, you’ll be able to access whatever content that is located in that country, for now, you show that you are a US local. While that is not really true, your IP address tells otherwise. The VPN you connect to successfully spoofs your location, making you appear in a country different from where you really are.

Using a VPN – Steps

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to unblock FX Now and stream Legion Season 3 abroad:

  1. The first thing you need to do is get your hands on a VPN service provider.
  2. Next, you have to download and install the VPN application on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN application and sign in using your VPN account.
  4. Now, connect to a US server where FX Now is based.
  5. Afterward, gain an American IP address to appear to be in the US.
  6. Unblock and access FX Now.
  7. Stream Legion Season 3 anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN is the premium VPN service provider you need to get in order to make all your unblocking dreams come true. This provider operates an extensive network of servers with over 2000 spread in 94 countries. The possibility of watching every region-exclusive content is higher with ExpressVPN. As far as security goes, ExpressVPN encrypts all of your data and keeps it out of the hands of third parties. Here’s a list of other service providers in the table below in case you want to check out other options.

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How to Watch Legion Season 3 Live Online Using a Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is yet another service provider you can make use of in order to unblock geo-restricted content. Using this method has gained a lot of popularity as a result of the increased use of geo-blocking. Content providers carry out these restrictions in order to prevent abuses and violations. Although a VPN and Smart DNS are very similar in terms of unblocking content, they differ with security standards. A Smart DNS is not like a VPN.

This technology functions by rerouting the traffic responsible for determining your geolocation through one of its designated servers. The server can be anywhere since the Smart DNS provider will use proxy servers located in specific countries to help you bypass the restrictions on the content you seek. While a VPN encrypts all of your data, a Smart DNS doesn’t.  Plus, a Smart DNS doesn’t change your IP address and maintains your internet speed. Here’s how you can unblock FXNow and stream Legion season 3 abroad:

  1. Visit Unlocator- a Smart DNS- and sign up for its free 7-day trial. A week should be enough time for you to decide.
  2. Follow these videos/setup tutorials to learn how to configure Smart DNS on your streaming device.
  3. After you’ve rerouted your traffic through a server located in a different country, you get to access whatever you want.
  4. Visit the streaming website, channel or service you intend to unblock, which in that case is FX Now.
  5. Finally, unblock FX Now and stream Legion season 3 anywhere in the world.

With the help of a Smart DNS proxy like Unlocator, you are bound to benefit from the fact that it can unblock over 200 channels and it generous 7-day free trial offer. While a VPN is not the same as a Smart DNS, Unlocator is capable of unblocking all kinds of content from all around the world.

About Legion Season 3

The show tells the story of David Haller who is a troubled young man diagnosed with schizophrenia since infancy. He has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals for years. Now he is in his early 30s, and he finds himself institutionalized again. His daily routine includes therapy, taking medications, and silently listening to talkative friend Lenny. Then, a new troubled new patient Syd arrives, and they are inexplicably drawn to each other.

After a surprising encounter between the two, David faces the possibility that the voices he hears and things he sees may be real, not fiction. He runs away from the hospital and seeks refuge with sister Amy, who wants to protect the picture-perfect suburban life she has created for herself. Syd eventually gets David involved with therapist Melanie Bird and her team of specialists. This group of people open David’s eyes to a new world of possibilities.

Legion Trailer

Check out some scenes from the upcoming season of Legions here below.


How to Watch the Show Abroad – Final Words

Nothing beats a VPN when it comes to security, and nothing compares to a Smart DNS in terms of speed. Regardless, you’ll arrive at the same outcome with both these methods. The processes in which you reach that point are different. We leave the ball in your court. What you end up choosing depends on what you value the most. That being said, which method are you going to go with in order to unblock FX Now and watch Legion season 3 live online abroad? Let us know in the comment section below.

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