How to Watch Reef Break Season 1 Online

ABC Go’s Reef Break is set to premiere June 20, 2019th, and we’re here to tell you how you can watch the latest crime drama with the help of a VPN and Smart DNS abroad. Unblock the streaming service outside the US and learn how to Watch Reef Break’s first season anywhere.

How to Watch Reef Break Season 1

How to Watch Reef Break Season 1

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How to Watch Reef Break Season 1 Using a VPN

“It’s an exhilarating and suspenseful ride set against some of the most beautiful locations,” said Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, of Reef Break. Now, if you wish to watch Reef Break outside the US, you’ll have to fake being located in the US. Unless you appear to be in the US, you won’t be able to access the content you want, like ABC Go’s. The only way you’ll be able to watch Reef Break season 1 is by gaining an American IP address, which can be achieved via a VPN.

A VPN, brief for Virtual Private Network, is mainly a cybersecurity tool that can go beyond ensuring users’ security. A VPN works by encrypting all of your data and re-route your traffic through its own secure server. Now, when the re-routing happens, your public IP will end up changing to match the location of the server you chose. In other words, all you have to do to watch ABC Go abroad is connect to an American VPN server. Once you do that, you’ll have an American IP address and access to ABC Go.

Using a VPN – Steps

Follow the steps below in order to unblock ABC Go and stream Reek Break abroad.

1. First of all, you need to sign up with a VPN service provider, better of which is ExpressVPN.
2. Next, you have to download and install the VPN application on your streaming device.
3. Activate the VPN application and sign in using your VPN account.
4. Connect to a US VPN server, which would allow you to obtain an American IP address.
5. Go online using an American IP address.
6. Access ABC Go and watch Reef Break’s first season anywhere in the world.

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How to Watch Reef Break Season 1 Using a Smart DNS

Apparently, a VPN is not the only way you can access ABC Go abroad. A Smart DNS proxy is also another way in which you can watch Reef Break season 1 abroad. There’s a faster way in which you can get on with the streaming activities, and a Smart DNS ensures it. Undoubdtedly, a VPN is a much more secure way of unblocking content abroad. Whereas a Smart DNS isn’t as secure.

While a VPN encrypts all of your data, a Smart DNS doesn’t, which is why it operates in a faster manner. Furthermore, a Smart DNS neither changes your IP address nor affects your internet speed. A proxy’s unblocking process is pretty simple.  The Smart DNS only reroutes the traffic responsible for determining your geolocation. As a result, you get to access the content you’re looking for. Here’s how you unblock ABC Go and watch Reef Break abroad with a Smart DNS:

  1. Firstly, head over to Unlocator and sign up for its free 7-day trial.
  2. Follow these videos/setup tutorials to configure Smart DNS on your streaming device.
  3. Visit ABC Go’s website and application.
  4. Enjoy streaming Reef Break season 1 anywhere outside the US.

Unlocator is one of the best Smart DNS service providers on the market. The company’s main goal is to help internet users bypass geo-restrictions from all around the world. Furthermore, Unlocator can unblock over 200 channels and offers a 7-day free trial.

About Reef Break Season 1

Reef Break is a French-American crime drama television series that was announced on May 2 back in 2018. On August 23, 2018, ABC picked up the series for its own 2019 summer schedule. Also, ABC Studios International is producing the television series for French broadcaster. The first season consists of 13 episodes, and it was later announced that the series is set to premiere on June 20, 2019.


  • Cat Chambers: Poppy Montgomery
  • Jake Wyatt: Desmond Chiam  
  • Jake Elliot: Ray Stevenson  
  • Detective Tolan: Joey Vieira as

Reef Break Synopsis

Reef Break is a crime drama series set to air this June. The main character Cat Chambers is a thief who has turned into a fixer for the governor of a breathtaking Pacific Island paradise. Cat’s imperfect past gives her the ability to understand criminals and solve crimes. Her character is portrayed as impulsive, reckless and irresistible. She gets caught up in fast-paced, dynamic adventures as she slowly develops an interest to the island. Cat’s reappearance causes trouble for old friends, enemies, and lovers, including an FBI agent ex-husband, her imprisoned crime boss, and a police detective lover. Each episode features heavy crime, surf, sex, and sunshine. Cat will even reach the point where work and play are mixed up. 

Final Words

You wouldn’t want to miss the first season of Reek Break or any other series while you’re abroad. Subscribing to either a VPN or Smart DNS would be enough for you to gain access to the content you want overseas. With a VPN, you get both online security and freedom. With a Smart DNS, however, you only get the online freedom part, which may or may not be enough for you depending on your values. Which method are you going to choose? Let us know in the comment section below.

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