How to Watch T20 Mumbai League 2019 Live Online

Cricket fans all over the world get ready. For the second year, the Mumbai League will get you all the Cricket action you need to fill your Spring Calendar. The second season of T20 Mumbai League is scheduled to be held from May 14 to May 26, 2019, at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. In this article, you will learn everything you need about how to watch the 2019 T20 League live online. Follow my lead.

How to Watch T20 Mumbai League 2019 Live Online

How to Watch T20 Mumbai League 2019 Live Online

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T20 Mumbai League on Hotstar

Hotstar is a streaming channel that relies on your IP address to determine whether to allow you access to its content or not. You see, these channels are only available in the country they originate from. In Hotstar’s case, it’s India. If you don’t live in the region, that means you operate using a different IP address. That will deprive you of viewing any video the service has to offer. If you try to stream anything on the channel while abroad, this geo-error message will pop up: “Videos on are not available in your region.”

Hotstar Error

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to watch the 2019 T20 Mumbai League after you’re done reading this article. Below, I will show you how you can use a VPN to alter your online location and appear to be browsing in India. Scroll a bit further and find out how to do so.

How to Watch T20 Mumbai League 2019 Live with a VPN

Hotstar is only able to show live and on-demand streams in India. If you’re looking for international access, I’m sorry to inform you that it’s not possible. Well, technically it’s not, but with the help of a VPN, you can watch the channel no matter where you are. With a Virtual Private Network, you get to spoof your online location and give Hotstar the impression of you surfing the web inside the Indian region.

Once you connect to an Indian server provided by your VPN, you’ll receive an Indian IP address. As a result, when you approach Hotstar again, you’ll notice that the geo-error ban doesn’t exist anymore. Now you can stream the T20 Mumbai League live anywhere. Here’s how you can unblock Hotstar and watch the 2nd edition of the Mumbai League:

  1. To begin with, you need a VPN account. You can sign up with ExpressVPN. It has blazing fast servers in the Indian region.
  2. Once you have created your account, download the VPN app to your Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android. You’ll find clients of FireStick as well.
  3. Install the VPN application and launch it on your streaming device.
  4. Go to the server list and navigate through until you find an Indian server.
  5. Double click on the server and wait for the connection to take place.
  6. Now that you have an Indian IP address, launch Hotstar.
  7. Enjoy the 2019 T20 Mumbai League live wherever you are.

I’ve seen my fair share of VPN providers, but none of them came close to what ExpressVPN had to offer. If you don’t want to use my VPN, you can find a list below of the best VPNs for Hotstar.

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The 2019 T20 Mumbai League

The 2nd edition of the league is adding two new teams to the mix. That includes Aakash Tigers and Eagle Thane Strikers. The eight teams will be divided into two groups of 4. The group stage won’t take long as the top 2 teams in each group will head to the semi-finals. After that, the winners of the semi-final bouts will proceed and face off for the crown on May 26th.

In this tournament, you get to see the best of cricket talent in Mumbai under one roof. T20 Mumbai League 2019 features twenty-three matches (20 group league match. So, you will witness how each player presents his talent and what he can do on the field across 23 showdowns. Below You’ll find the groups and the full schedule of the 2019 T20 Mumbai League:

  • Group A: All Aakash Tigers MWS, Triumphs Knights MNE, Eagle Thane Strikers, North Mumbai Panthers
  • Group B: ARCS Andheri, SoBo SuperSonics, NaMo Bandra Blasters, Shivaji Park Lions

May 14th

  • Aakash Tigers MWS vs Triumphs Knights MNE
  • ARCS Andheri vs SoBo SuperSonics

May 15th

  • Eagle Thane Strikers vs North Mumbai Panthers
  • NaMo Bandra Blasters vs ARCS Andheri

May 16th

  • Triumphs Knights MNE vs SoBo SuperSonics
  • Eagle Thane Strikers vs Aakash Tigers MWS

May 17th

  • Shivaji Park Lions vs ARCS Andheri
  • North Mumbai Panthers vs NaMo Bandra Blasters

May 18th

  • Triumphs Knights MNE vs Eagle Thane Strikers
  • SoBo SuperSonics vs Aakash Tigers MWS

May 19th

  • North Mumbai Panthers vs ARCS Andheri
  • Shivaji Park Lions vs NaMo Bandra Blasters

May 20th

  • Aakash Tigers MWS vs North Mumbai Panthers
  • Shivaji Park Lions vs Triumphs Knights MNE

May 21st

  • SoBo SuperSonics vs NaMo Bandra Blasters
  • ARCS Andheri vs Eagle Thane Strikers

May 22nd

  • SoBo SuperSonics vs Shivaji Park Lions
  • Triumphs Knights MNE vs North Mumbai Panthers

May 23rd

  • NaMo Bandra Blasters vs Eagle Thane Strikers
  • Aakash Tigers MWS vs Shivaji Park Lions

May 24th

  • TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi-Final

May 25th

  • TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi-Final

May 26th

  • TBC vs TBC, Final

How to Watch T20 Mumbai League Live – Final Words

The upcoming edition of the league is quite exciting as we get to see the top Cricket teams face off in an epic tournament. A lot of new cricketers will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and prove their worth. You now know how to bypass regional restrictions and access Hotstar anywhere in the world. Make use of what you learned and stream T20 Mumbai League wherever you are on the map.

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