Streaming Wars Set To Get Worse In 2019

Don’t confuse this with those ridiculous Star Wars movies they continue to make which are devoid of creativity and suspense. (Rogue One was good but the other three were horrific).

Streaming Wars Set To Get Worse In 2019

Streaming Wars Set To Get Worse In 2019

People have always been fond of watching TV. However, ever since the streaming technology came about, this craze has reached an all-time high. Cable and satellite television have always been around, and people were used to watching what the network operator chose.

But streaming became a breath of fresh air. Before the Internet was developed, the only types of on-demand programs that people knew about were video cassettes.

Sensational Streaming

Besides that, people had no other way to decide what they wanted to watch on TV. Now streaming has taken the cable and satellite television almost to the verge of extinction.

When it comes to streaming, there is one name that reigns supreme and that is Netflix. This video streaming company has been around for a long time but was never as popular as it has become in the last few years. Even those who know nothing about streaming know that Netflix is the granddaddy of the industry.

Although there are other streaming companies, no one has been able to move Netflix from its throne. However, the other streaming services are giving Netflix a tough competition, making the streaming giant amp up its offerings. But if the morning shows the day, streaming wars are only going to get worse in the new year.

Netflix vs the Rest

There is no doubt that Netflix leads the way with almost 150 million subscribers and an impressive bouquet of original shows, specials, and movies.

It’s also the reason why the Morgan Stanley-Reed Hastings-owned company is the most expensive out of all streaming services.

But other streaming services are also getting stronger at the game, especially Hulu, which has even had one of its original movies nominated for the Oscars, and Amazon, which scored a winner with the Julia Roberts starrer Homecoming.

As every streaming service tries to beat rivals, subscribers have an endless list of content to watch. If you combine the big companies with the smaller, niche services, the total content will add up to millions of viewing hours, the kind of time that nobody has.

As a result, subscribers are moving away from services that don’t appeal to them and sticking to only those that they really want to watch. This has stiffened the competition among streaming services.

Increasing Casualties

With competition so stiff, many companies are finding it hard to keep their services afloat.

Not surprisingly, companies like WarnerMedia have shut down “niche” sites like the classic movie service FilmStruck (which reportedly had around 100,000 subscribers) and Korean program provider DramaFever. The indie-movie service Fandor that has been around since 2011 reportedly laid off its staff because it’s getting sold.  

YouTube Premium; which delivered the hit Cobra Kai has also changed its business model and decided to move away from originals.

What has been even more surprising is the vast number of original shows and movies that have failed to make a mark.

It seems like only Netflix and Amazon are capable of delivering hits, while smaller and lesser-known companies go unnoticed. Even if the shows get a lot of critical appraisals, they fail to last in people’s memory.

Examples include the drama show Sorry For Your Loss by Facebook Watch, which had managed to get attention initially but faded away soon without getting the same appreciation as Netflix originals. Another example is the sci-fi show called Impulse by YouTube; a show that received praise at Comic-Con and was also renewed for another season but failed to generate any hype. Hulu is also getting original content but not many seem to know about it.

Spoilt for Choice

Being spoilt for choice is good, but not always. In this case, people are bombarded with TV shows and movies from left, right, and center. There are only so many hours in the day. It’s impossible for a person to watch each and every show, even if they subscribe to multiple streaming services.

Subscribers don’t have the freedom to sit back and relax with a single show. They are constantly offered one new show or movie after another.

The situation is getting worse in 2019 because other streaming services are following suit and launching their own original content.

Disney Jumping on the Bandwagon

Disney’s new streaming service called Disney+ has announced that it will not use content from the company’s library, but roll out original content, such as the Star Wars drama The Mandalorian and other shows as it chooses to move away from the Disney library. Apple also has an impressive lineup of original programs starring big names like Reese Witherspoon and M. Night Shyamalan.

AT&T is also not far behind in the race and has several big programs up the sleeves, such as the Harry Potter films, the Game of Thrones series, and other old-time favorites like Friends which is hilarious.

With this lineup, it can be safely said that Netflix and AT&T are going to be the two most powerful adversaries in the streaming showdown. Although the content that AT&T is now showing are not originals, maybe in the near future, the company could decide to own all of those content.

What’s Next?

Times are tough for the streaming subscriber. In this case, the battle of the streaming services is definitely the hardest for the viewer. There might come a time when the subscriber chooses to ditch his streaming subscriptions and not only goes back to the humble TV but also starts investing in DVDs again.

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