Yomvi Outside Spain Unblock & Watch using VPN Proxy

Yomvi is a Spanish live and on-demand streaming channel which is part of Canal Plus. Yomvi supports many devices including your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPlus. The problem with Yomvi, however, is the fact that it is geoblocked outside Spain. If you live outside Spain in Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, USA, UK, Australia, or Germany, you will get a geolocation error when trying to watch any video on Yomvi. What you need to bypass these geo-restrictions is VPN. Read the following tutorial on how to use VPN to unblock and watch Yomvi outside Spain. 

Yomvi Outside Spain Unblock & Watch using VPN Proxy

Yomvi Outside Spain Unblock & Watch using VPN Proxy

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How to Watch Yomvi Outside Spain using VPN

So a VPN service is your key to unblock and watch geo-restricted streaming channels overseas. What VPN allows you to do is change your IP address and obtain one from Spain. The next time you visit the Yomvi website while connected to a Spanish VPN server, Yomvi will be tricked into thinking you are located in Spain.

  • Install the app that comes with the VPN service on each device you want to stream content on. VPN’s support most devices including your PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV.
  • Once you have setup the VPN app, connect to a Spanish VPN server. This process unblocks all Spanish streaming channels including Canal+, Atresplayer, RTVE, Mitele, and Zattoo.
  • When using VPN you will notice a decrease in streaming/download speed which is caused by VPN encrypting all your network traffic.
  • When your VPN will encrypt your data, it will be giving you extra security and privacy to you when browsing.

ExpressVPN is one VPN provider you could use to unblock Yomvi outside Spain. Other VPN providers can also be used to unblock geoblocked channels abroad.

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Unblock and Watch Yomvi outside Spain using VPN

Whether you are a Spanish expat living in France, Italy, Portugal, or Germany, catching up with your favorite Spanish TV shows could prove to be difficult given the georestrictions most online streaming channels are imposing these days. Using VPN will allow you to unblock and watch Yomvi outside Spain.

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