How to Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia s13 Outside the US

The gang we all love to hate are coming back this September! It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season 13 will air on FX and FXNow on September 5, 2018. IASIP’s latest season comes with a bit of a twist though: Dennis has left the building. We should get more information about Dennis’ whereabouts in the first episode of Season 13. Unless, of course, you don’t happen to live in the US.

How to Watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia s13 Outside the US

How to Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia s13 Outside the US

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Airing on FX and FXNow, both of which are regionally blocked outside the US, IASIP won’t be available to its international fanbase upon release. However, if you want to catch up with the gang’s shenanigans with your US-living counterparts, you can use a VPN or a Smart DNS.

Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S13 with a VPN

To unblock FX and FXNow’s regional restrictions, you need to somehow change your public IP address. Geo-blocks restrict accessible content based on your location, so having an American IP will trick FX and FXNow into thinking you’re in the States. The way a VPN does this is by connecting you to a different server and re-routing your traffic through it. When that happens, your public IP address changes to match the location of that server. Here’s how you can use a VPN to unblock FX and FXNow and watch IASIP S13:

  1. Chose a provider and sign-up for the service.
  2. Download and install the VPN app onto your device (Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices are usually supported).
  3. Sign-in and connect to an American Server.
  4. Go to FX or FXNow and enjoy IASIP S13!

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Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S13 with a Smart DNS

Sometimes, a VPN isn’t what you want to go with. Let’s say you want to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and still have access to other local websites, changing your IP address won’t be a good idea.

If you still want to stream IASIP without using a VPN, you can sign-up with a Smart DNS service instead. A Smart DNS won’t change your IP address and still give you access to a lot of geo-blocked channels.

The Smart DNS that I always use is Unlocator. It has over 200+ unblocked channels, including FX and FXNow, and has never caused me issues with my connection. It also has a 7-day free trial for you to test it out for yourselves!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Final Thoughts

12 seasons in and we’re still enthralled by the sheer lack of humanity of the gang in IASIP. This season, the dynamics are getting a little shaken, what with Dennis moving to North Dakota to “be a dad” and Mac learning how to deal with his sexuality. All in all, it promises to be yet another delightful season about a bunch of sociopaths in a pub.

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