How to Watch UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz Live Online

On November 2rd, 2019, history will be made as Nate Diaz takes on Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244. The event will mark UFC’s 500th live event, and it’s going to take place at Madison Square Garden, New York. By the way, the fight is not a waste of time and money as some of you think, it’s for the BMF belt. Trust me; you don’t want to know what it stands for. The point is, the fight is going to be very exciting, and you should not miss it. To do so, you need to know where to stream UFC 244 live first. I’ll take care of that. Follow my lead.

How to Watch UFC 244- New York Live Online

How to Watch UFC 244- New York Live Online

UFC 244 – Content Index

An outstanding sport demands a global reach. That’s why UFC is almost available everywhere around the world. If you’re not familiar with its broadcasting partners, here’s everything you need to know about how to watch UFC 244 live anywhere.

Watch UFC 244 Anywhere Across the Globe

Despite having streaming channels all over the world, we can say that not everyone can tune into UFC 244 when the time comes. You see, if you live outside the countries on our list for today, you won’t be able to access the channels as geo-blocks apply.

Streaming services can locate your whereabouts by looking up your IP address. Your location dictates a lot of what you can do online. First, you get blocked by certain channels. Second, you get a specific UFC Fight Pass price in your region.

If you were to change that, your internet access becomes limitless. That’s where a VPN comes in. It’s a tool that alters your location to a specific country of your choosing.

It does that by rerouting your traffic through a private tunnel, encrypting it in the process. This will give you a new IP address in the country where the server is based, allowing you to access all online-restricted content there. Now let’s take a look at what you can do with a VPN.

Fight Pass – Different Location, Cheaper Price

Based on your location, you get billed when you’re using Fight Pass. In other words, each country’s IP address gives you a specific price for PPVs.

Let me show you what I mean by that and how a VPN is involved in all of this:

I’m in the US and UFC Fight Pass is not available in the country as it’s blacked out. You’ll learn more about that in the next part. Therefore I did the following:

  • I used a VPN to connect to a Canadian server. Now that I have a Canadian IP address, my UFC 244 price is $64.99.UFC Price in Canada
  • Next, I tried a server in Russia. The price dropped in a shocking way to reach руб 999, which is equivalent to $15.UFC 243 Price in Russia

Access UFC Channels All Over the World

A VPN also helps you access restricted content in any part of the world. You just have to select a server in the channel’s respective country to do so.

For example, if you wish to watch UFC 244 on ESPN+, you need to connect to an American server. This will give you a US IP address, granting your full access to ESPN+ as well as other US-restricted services.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, subscribe to a VPN service. As your guide for today, I recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your device.
  3. Connect to a server according to the channel you wish to use:
    • US server for ESPN+.
    • Canadian server for TSN.
    • Australian server for Main event, etc…
  4. Launch the channel.
  5. Stream Masvidal vs. Diaz live on November 2nd, 2019.

I recommended ExpressVPN since it has servers in all the countries where the channels are available. So, whatever you pick, you’ll be able to get it with ease.

Alongside bypassing geo-restrictions, ExpressVPN secures your data and protects it against any online threat that might target your device.

So, it’s the best of both worlds when it comes to browsing the web. But let’s be honest here, ExpressVPN is the best and all, but it’s not the only one on the market. Kindly check other top VPNs in the list below.

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Streaming UFC 244 in the United States

USA Flag IconUFC 244 will be available on ESPN+ PPV for purchase on November 2nd, 2019, in the United States.

Don’t expect the fight to be PG just because Disney owns ESPN now. On the contrary, these guys are in for a battle of a lifetime.

ESPN+ acquired the rights a while ago, which means that it’s the official broadcaster of UFC events in the country. Consequently, UFC events in the US are subject to blackout on UFC’s streaming platform, Fight Pass.

If you’re used to watching your fights on the service, you better subscribe to ESPN+ instead. You see, whenever a major provider has the broadcasting rights to certain content, streaming services will be blacked out. Go ahead, try to purchase UFC 244 on Fight Pass. This is what you’ll be getting instead.

“Due to broadcast restrictions, this video is not available within a UFC Fight Pass subscription or as a Pay-Per-View in your region. Please check your local TV listing for viewing information. This event is currently blocked out in your region.”UFC 244 in the US

If you notice on the bottom left of the image, it says:” Watch on ESPN Plus PPV.” Yeah, that’s your only choice. To purchase the event, head over to ESPN+ PPV’s website. If you’re a new subscriber, you’ll get the fight along with a yearly ESPN+ subscription for $79.98 only.UFC ESPN+ PPV

You can always opt for an ESPN+ standard package at $4.99/month or $49.99/year and purchase the event on its own. It’s up to you. Once you’ve got a valid subscription, you can stream UFC: New York City live on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation, Apple TV, Xbox, or FireStick.

Watch UFC 244: New York in the UK

UK Flag Icon 1BT Sport has been covering UFC events for quite some time now, but it recently added them to its Box Office platform. Fans in the UK are frustrated, and BT Sport hasn’t resolved the issue yet.

According to fans, they’re getting angry at the streaming giant for the decision. They stay up until 6 a.m to watch the fights live. However, that’s not the issue. The main problem is that they must pay extra on top of their subscription to stream it.

It’s only £19.95, but add your BT subscription, it will end up to be quite a price. Some of you might think of looking for alternatives, let’s say, Fight Pass. Well, unfortunately, that won’t work. The service is also subject to blackouts since BT Sports is the official broadcaster in the UK. Any attempt pf purchasing UFC 244 on Fight Pass will lead to a blackout message:UFC 244 in the UK

BT Sports has more than 8 million subscribers. I don’t think they’ll start looking for an alternative now. So guys, in the UK, the only way to watch UFC 244 legally is through BT Sport. In my opinion, the price is reasonable considering what you’re getting in return.

So, go ahead, purchase the event so you can stream it live on Android, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Mac, iOS, Apple TV, and Chromecast come November 2nd, 2019.

Stream UFC Masvidal vs. Diaz Live in Australia

Australian Flag IconIf you live in the land down under, you also have a way of catching up with your favorite UFC Fights.

The service is called Main Event, a PPV website that allows you to purchase your events directly.

No subscription or cable provider needed. Just go, pay, and you’re done. That’s all it takes to access UFC events in Australia.

You get to see WWE, Boxing, and of course, UFC. All you have to do is head over to Main Event’s website, click on the event’s image, or search for it on the page, hit purchase for $54.95. It’s very easy.UFC 244 in Australia

The moment you purchase the event, you can start watching through Foxtel or Optus TV featuring Foxtel. The best thing about this is that you get a lot of streaming devices at your disposal with these platforms. In other words, you can stream UFC 244 live on Chromecast, PlayStation, iOS, Android, Xbox, Mac, Smart TVs, or Windows PC.

UFC 244: New York City in Canada

Canadian Flag IconDear Canadians, in your country, it gets a bit more complicated to stream UFC events. You see, you have two different ways that offer different content.

TSN is the official broadcaster of UFC prelims in the country, while UFC Fight Pass brings you the main card. Prelims are blacked out on Fight Pass, and the main card is blacked out on TSN. That’s why it’s complicated.

However, it all depends on what you’re looking for. TSN has already confirmed the prelims air-time. You can check it out in the image below.TSN UFC 244

As for the main card, the PPV on Fight Pass will cost you $64.99. Purchase-in-Canada

As for the prelims, if you’re already subscribed to TSN, you don’t have to pay a penny. It comes along with your basic subscription. Now, no matter what you choose (even both), you have ways to watch UFC 244 live in the country.

  • Prelims can be streamed live on TSN using Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox One, Apple TV, and Samsung Smart TV.
  • The main card is available on Fight Pass, streamed live on Apple TV, Smart TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS.

Stream November 2nd’s Fight in Germany

Germany-FlagPeople living in Germany have the easiest and most effective way to stream live sports in the country. No, it’s not Sky Sports, we’re talking about the Netflix of Sports itself, DAZN.

DAZN is expanding its sports in a very strategic way. It’s focusing on everything fight related. So far, it’s available in 9 countries, covering different sports in each region. For example, in the US, DAZN is the official broadcaster of Bellator MMA.

As for DAZN Germany, you’ll find that it’s the home of UFC fights. The service does not require a cable subscription to operate. All you need is to create an account, pay a monthly/yearly fee, and the world of sports is in your grasp.

DAZN costs EUR11.99/month, this payment includes all UFC events without the need for paying an extra fee. DAZN Germany Subscription

The good news continues with its device compatibility. DAZN has apps for almost any streaming platform you could be using. That includes iOS, PC, Mac, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, Android TV, and Fire Stick.

UFC All the Way to the Middle East

Mena RegionIn the MENA region, you have two ways to stream your favorite UFC events. First, let’s start with OSN Play. The UFC and OSN signed a long term deal, making OSN the one-stop destination for UFC fans in the MENA region. Well, that changed for now, and I’ll be shedding some light on the matter.

When it comes to OSN, you need a cable subscription to stream its content. However, unlike BT Sport, UFC matches are included within your subscription. You don’t have to pay an extra penny for those.

However, the channel also serves as the official broadcaster in the region, so UFC Fight Pass will be blacked out. Here’s what you get when you try to purchase UFC 244 in the MENA district.UFC 244 in the Middle East

OSN Play is available on several streaming platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. So, tune in on November 2nd, 2019, and stream the fight live.

UFC Arabia

Now, this is the newcomer in the UFC streaming scene. When I saw this service, I thought it wouldn’t last long due to distribution rights. I mean, what makes it different than Fight Pass.

I’ll tell you. UFC Arabia launched in 2019, brining live updates, events, and even on-demand content to subscribers. It’s brought to you by Abu Dhabi Media, a leading company in the MENA region.

First, the channel has spread its services across 21 countries so far. As the company said, it’s planning to expand even more shortly.

The service is very cheap compared to what it has to offer. All events are included in your subscription. It will cost you $4.99/month and 49.99$/year.UFC Arabia Subscription

I was worried at first that it might be blacked out due to OSN owning the rights and all, but I was wrong. Before I subscribed, I contacted their support team. Apparently, every live event is available for streaming black-out free. To be honest, I subscribed to the service on the spot. Here’s the reply I got.UFC Arabia Reply

UFC Arabia is available on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromecast. However, according to their website, support for a broader range of devices, including Roku, PlayStation, and Xbox, is planned in 2019.

Kodi Users – This One’s For You

Kodi users prefer using their platform to stream content. Luckily, there’s an official add-on that helps you stream UFC fights live on Kodi. What is it? Well, DAZN, of course. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head over to Kodi Add-ons.Enter Kodi Add-ons
  2. Click Install from Repository. You’ll find it in the My Add-ons section. Install From Repository Section
  3. Next, hit Kodi Add-on Repository.Kodi Add-on Repository
  4. Choose Video Add-ons.Video add-ons
  5. Select DAZN Add-on and hit installInstall DAZN
  6. Navigate back to your Home Screen. Launch DAZN.DAZN Launch

DAZN’s add-on only works within the German borders, which means you need a German IP address to stream its content. If you’re there, you can stream UFC 244 live.

UFC 244 on FireStick?

Having a Fire Stick device allows you to stream the best content from all around the world. That includes UFC as well, thanks to ESPN+’s application.

Just download the ESPN+ app from the Amazon store, and you’ll be just fine. However, remember, if you live outside the United States, the app won’t be functional. It will block your access on the spot.

To work around the issue, you need a VPN to alter your location and appear to be browsing from the United States with a US IP address. Then and only then, you can stream ESPN+ using FireStick.

Stream UFC 244 Around the World

In case your local channel isn’t listed above, here’s a full list of UFC broadcasters across the globe.

UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz

The fight will be on November 2nd, 2019, live in Madison Square Garden, New York, United States. Now, there’s something new added to the mix. I mentioned in the introduction, a BMF title, which I’m quite certain, you’ve never heard of.

Well, that’s because it’s a new title that won’t be defended in the future. It’s like a prize or a trophy. A lot of UFC veterans bashed the title or the idea of including it. Well, technically, it’s a bit dull. I mean, a title for being the Baddest Moth… F….. in the world? Really Dana White?

Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion stated that the idea of adding this belt is bringing the UFC more into a WWE Zone. Here’s what she said:

“It really does marry that WWE feeling to the UFC in a way that’s never been done before. If you start putting the belt around people who are not [the best], then what does the belt mean, exactly? I’m a huge fan of both, I love watching them fight,” she added. “But to put a belt around one of them, I just think it’s a bit odd.”

I agree. It feels like this belt is more like the UFC version of the 24/7 belt. But hey, Dana White knows better. As for the fight card of the evening, here’s everything:

Main Card

  • Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz
  • Kelvin Gastelum vs. Darren Till
  • Stephen Thompson vs. Vicente Luque
  • Kevin Lee vs. Gregor Gillespie
  • Derrick Lewis vs. Blagoy Ivanov

Preliminary Card

  • Andrei Arlovski vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik
  • Corey Anderson vs. Johnny Walker
  • Shane Burgos vs. Makwan Amirkhani
  • Brad Tavares vs. Edmen Shahbazyan

Early Preliminary Card

  • Julio Arce vs. Hakeem Dawodu
  • Jennifer Maia vs. Katlyn Chookagian
  • Lyman Good vs. Chance Rencountre

Watch UFC 244 Anywhere – Final Thoughts

On November 2nd, 2019, prepare to witness an epic bout between Jorge Masvidal and former UFC Lightweight Championship challenger and The Ultimate Fighter 5 lightweight winner Nate Diaz.

Despite being for a title that has no meaning, the fight itself is very exciting. Now you know how to watch it anywhere in the world, don’t miss a punch (or a kick). Tune in and stream UFC 244 live. What are your predictions? Do you think the best is worthy of being added to the mix? Let me know in the comments.

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