Watch WWE Network Summerslam 2014 outside USA – VPN vs Smart DNS Proxies

The WWE Summerslam 2014 is coming up shortly. With ring matches like Cena vs Lesnar it is guaranteed to be full of action. However, if you do live in Canada, Australia, UK , Germany,Mexico, Chile or anywhere else outside the USA, you might be painfully aware that the WWE  Network is only available in the USA. In this simple how to I will help you to unblock and bypass any geographical restrictions so that you can stream WWE Network online. The methods used are either Smart DNS Proxies or VPN  

Watch Summerslam on WWE Network  – The basics

The methods described below have been in use ever since the WWE Network launched earlier this year. From the comments,shares and likes it is pretty obvious that these methods work. If you want to check out the original articles see :

  • The original article here .
  • The Android article here. Android uses GPS so there are a few more steps needed.

The idea is that Smart DNS Proxies or VPN allow you to spoof your location and thus appear to be coming from the USA. Each method has its perks but the end result is similar. The important thing is to unblock WWE Network on  “Iphone,Ipad,Ipod,Apple TV,Android,Playstation,Xbox360,Amazon Kindle Fire HD,Xbox One, laptop MAC/PC, Amazon Fire TV”.

Unblock Summerslam on WWE Network  – VPN

VPN is a term for Virtual Private Network. VPN creates a virtual tunnel and encrypts your traffic. It does so by connecting to a server, if that server is located in the USA. All your traffic is sent from the USA, and you appear to be online from the USA as a result. A few more notes about VPN are :

  • VPN encrypts all your network traffic, as a result ISPs, neighbours and others cant inspect your traffic.
  • VPN is very resilient and can easily bypass ISP restrictions such as DNS hijacking and Transparent proxies.
  • VPN can unblock all UK or US content depending on what country your VPN service is located in. I.e. American Netflix, BBC Iplayer, WWE Network, HBO Go, iTV, Hulu Plus.
  • VPN is natively supported on PC/MAC/Ipad/Android and other devices. For devices that do not natively support VPN “Smart TVs are an example” you will need a VPN enabled router to support all devices.

I do use ExpressVPN for VPN related needs. They do have 24/7 support, a 30 day money back guarantee, and servers in almost every country on the globe.

Unblock Summerslam on WWE Network  – Smart DNS Proxies

Smart DNS Proxies are a bit more recent than VPN. DNS Proxies operate in a different manner, they dont encrypt your traffic and they dont redirect all your traffic, just the Geo related bits and pieces, which allows for better speeds. See below for more info :

  • Smart DNS is easy to setup an works all devices, all that is needed is a change of DNS
  • Smart DNS unblocks multiple areas simultaneously.This allows the user to stream BBC Iplayer, Canalplus and American Netflix without further configuration changes.
  • Smart DNS Proxies are not as resilient as VPNs.So if your ISP is applying transparent proxies “Almost all ISPs in Mexico and Singapore” or DNS hijacking, you might be better of using VPN.

A notable Smart DNS Provider is called Unlocator, they allow as many devices per subscription as needed. 100+ unblocked channels, a free 7 day trial and picture + video guides for setup.

Unblock Summerslam on WWE Network – The result

Using either of the above you should be able to watch WWE Network outside the USA. If you have queries or doubts, please post those below.

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