How to Get Cheaper Airline Tickets with VPN

How to get cheaper flights? Airlines tickets are not always cheap. In fact, the price of the ticket can sometimes make or break your holiday plans. There are many people who love to travel but need to rethink just because of the high airfare. Even if a travel website offers deals and discounts, booking air tickets can still be expensive. How can you find cheaper airline tickets with the help of VPN?

How to Get Cheaper Airline Tickets with VPN

How to Get Cheaper Airline Tickets with VPN

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Travel Companies Track Your Location

You’ll find several travel websites that will offer you deals and let you easily compare airline prices. Comparison usually takes many hours or even days as you look for the right dates and airlines. And as you search, you’ll notice that the prices are escalating slowly. You might panic that the rates are getting higher and you should book as soon as possible. But the truth is that these websites keep a track of your searches and the more you search, the higher the rates will become. Here is how travel companies keep a track of your presence on their websites

  • Cookies: Websites store cookies on your device to personalize your internet surfing. When you visit the same site again, it gets to know because of the cookies it had previously stored on your system. If you visit the same website several times, they will jack up their airfares for you.
  • IP address: When you visit a website, it can see your IP address. Your IP address reveals a lot of information about you, including your geographic location.

Using these two pieces of information, travel companies can determine your search behavior and show you higher prices. When you search for the same flights and see that their prices are going up, you might quickly book a ticket before the prices go up even more. This is exactly what the travel companies want – make you book tickets through their portal.

So what can you do to save a few bucks and not get affected by the unfair price hike by travel websites?

How to Get Cheaper Airline Tickets?

Here is how you can get cheaper flight tickets:

With these steps, you can get cheaper prices on the same airlines and same dates.

Keep the Cookie Jar Closed

You can follow any of these options:

  1. Clear the cookies of your browser each time you visit a travel website,
  2. Use a different browser each time you visit the website, or
  3. Use private or incognito mode that does not store cookies. When you follow any of these methods, the website will not be able to keep a track of your searches. However, they can still detect you with your IP.

Change Your IP Address

You can use a VPN to hide behind another IP address. A virtual private network will hide your real location and assign you a different IP of the country you choose. If you have been noticing price hikes on a travel website, delete your cookies, change your IP and then check the prices again – you’ll notice that they have now dropped to their original rates. Take a look at the best VPN services for traveling.

Choose an IP Address of a Low-income Country

When you change your IP to another country, it’s always a good idea to select a country that has a large population of the low-income group. You can also switch to the country where the airline is based. For example, if you’re looking for tickets of TAROM Airlines, you should hide behind the IP of Romania and you might be offered low prices.

Use International Websites

Try various domains of the same website. For example, you can use for Britain and .ca for Canada. However, this trick might not always work because your IP will still be visible to the website. Using a VPN will yield better results.

How to Get Cheaper Airline Tickets with VPN – Final Thoughts

Using a VPN is a completely legal and safe way to get cheap and best airline tickets. A VPN offers several other benefits as well. For example, when you travel, you need to stay safe while using the airport Wi-Fi. A VPN will help you there as well. Make sure you get a trusted VPN and not a free one because free VPNs have their own limitations. They offer limited bandwidths, a limited number of servers, and slow speeds. Read a few reviews before getting a VPN service – there are many VPNs out there that are safe, reliable, and very affordable.

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