Best VPN for Canada in 2018

Privacy online slowly continues to become one of the key priorities for both locals and expats living in Canada. People are growing the need to protect their activities online, given the high majority of malicious individuals using the Internet. Our review of the best VPN for Canada hopes to help out anyone who’s been trying to figure out what to do to keep safe from these individuals, as well as to encrypt sensitive information. You will see that the best Canada VPN providers have software for all Mac OS, Windows and Linux devices, as well as VPN apps for both Android and iPhone platforms. VPN is also crucial if you wish to access streaming channels that are geoblocked in Canada such as American Netflix, Showtime, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, and many others.

Best VPN for Canada in 2017

Best VPN for Canada in 2018

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Best Canada VPN in 2018 – Summary

Regardless of whether you wish to add an extra layer of privacy to your online browsing or simply want to unblock geo-restricted websites, here are the best VPN service providers you can sign up with in Canada.



Best VPN for Canada – What to Look for?

A worthwhile Canadian VPN has the following features:

  • Customer Service offered during the Canada VPN offer.
  • High level of data encryption.
  • The VPN company’s record keeping policy.
  • Support OpenVPN, IPsec, or others,
  • The level of Data encryption
  • How easy is it to use the VPN service
  • How fast is the connection speed.

Most companies don’t offer customers a free trial, but they do have a money back guarantee policy in action.

What Does ‘VPN’ mean?

The initials stand for Virtual Private Network. It refers to a method where users are able to connect to a large private network that is supported by servers scattered across the world.

The network acts as a layer through which any information shared within it gets encrypted, before being sent to the ISP.

This way, the users personal information, and even location, remain unknown to their ISP providers.

Do You Need a VPN for Canada?

These two regulations have caused a lot of discomfort among Canadians, and most are now curious whether their personal data can be used against them.

  • Bill C – 11 (the Copyright Modernization Act) : Directs ISPs to keep a record of user’s Internet activity for a minimum of 6 months for anyone accused of violating copyrights. After this period, the data then has to be handed over to the authorities.
  • Bill C-51 (the Anti-Terrorism Act) : Permits the CSIS to put a halt to any bank transactions or travel plans of any terrorism suspect.

Five Eyes

This is a spying alliance that’s been formed between Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and the USA. The Five Eyes (FVEY) was formed to allow easier exchange of intelligence amongst each other. This might mean, given the new regulations, that the government is able to provide its citizen’s online data to member countries, and therefore, essentially, they’re easily able to obtain data from each other.

Content Blocking and Filtering Restrictions in Canada

The Canadian government is not as strict about how people use the Internet, so they have not implemented any measures that have seen some websites get blocked, or channels banned. Content that’s considered illegal is normally dealt with after the courts decide what to do with it, but generally, Canada is a country that celebrates its people’s freedom of choice. All the popular social media sites, like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are easy to access.

Despite the lack of strict regulation by the Canadian govt, it recently ascended to two bills that may have a lasting impact on Canadian Internet users and their right to privacy. A lot are scared that the scope could get larger and a lot of companies might choose to give out private user information. This could include name, contacts and also one’s browsing history. Many people fear a lot about such information being launched into the public, so a good number are turning to a Canadian VPN so that they’re able to protect their private information while online.

Canadian VPN Servers

Canadian VPN servers are known to be one of the best to have, since there’s no regulation of Internet activity due to censorship. Users are able to connect to them and stream content live and in HD. You also get a level of anonymity that allows you to browse through the Internet discreetly. In short, a Canadian VPN server allows you to bypass geo-restrictions regardless if wherever you may be.

Unblocking Content With A Canadian VPN

The best option when using a Canadian VPN to protect your online identity is to choose a server that’s nearest to your current location. This translates to a better strength in connectivity, and therefore a faster service when downloading movies, or streaming TV shows.

If you happen to be a Canadian expat living in a highly censored country, you might as well choose a VPN server location where such restrictions have not been implemented.

The best thing you get to enjoy after successfully setting up your VPN service is the chance to catch up on a bit of local news, as well as most of the channels that you’d normally enjoy while at home. They include: BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, NBC, Fox, Crackle, Sky Go, HBO Go, and ESPN.

Unblock and Stream CBC Online

In full, CBC refers to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the biggest TV and Radio Station in Canada. It is quite popular here, and it’s only worthwhile opponent happens to be to BBC in the UK.

It’s a channel that’s always difficult to get to since it’s not available outside Canada. For expats relying on VPN, a Canadian VPN service lets you access the CBC Streaming Player from anywhere in the world you might be. The same applies to other Canadian streaming channels such as CityTV, CTV, Sportsnet, and TSN. 

Best VPNs for Canada – Final Verdict

Canada is not really as strongly censored as other countries, but the two regulations that got easily passed might be an issue for some people. They’ve actually made more people thoughtful of their Internet presence, and what they do online. Take the step to ensure your data is protected and access whatever website you like, and feel free to tell us what your experience was as even a first time VPN user in the section below.


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