How to Listen to Pandora Radio in Canada UK – VPN or DNS

Pandora is THE Internet radio, it boasts millions of songs and albums. Pandora has apps for Smart TVs, Ipad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Chromecast, Kindle Fire, WD, Roku and all computer operating systems. The only problem, Pandora does not work outside the USA. You do not have to look for a Pandora alternative, in this guide I will show you to bypass the location restriction and I will teach you how to listen to Pandora Radio in Canada “UK Australia Germany” and the rest of the world outside of USA.
Listen to Pandora Radio in Canada
Listen to Pandora Radio in Canada

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Listen to Pandora Radio in Canada: Get the App

If you don’t already have the App you need to get Pandora app to listen to Pandora radio in Canada. Howe to get the app varies from device to device, and no app is needed on your PC/Mac. I am going to explain how to get the Pandora app on  Android and IOS if you are outside the US. If you have issues with other devices, please do comment with device model and name and I will help out.

  • Ipad, iPhone, and iPod: To enjoy Pandora Radio in Canada you need to get the Pandora app from the US iTunes store, Check instructions here.
  • Apple TV: If you want to listen to Pandora Radio in Canada on your Apple TV you need to get Pandora on your Apple TV. Go to Settings>General>iTunes Store> Location. Change location to the USA.
  • Android: Go to and download/install the APK file for Pandora

All in all, Pandora is available on Smart TVs, Blue Ray Players, IOS Pebble, Home theater “Sony, Pioneer, LG, JBL, Philips, Panasonic”, other devices such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, WDTV and many more.

Listen to Pandora Radio in Canada: Choose VPN

VPN means Virtual Private Tunnel, in this case, VPN will create an encrypted tunnel to a US server. This will allow all your traffic to appear to be coming from the USA. It will allow you to listen to Pandora Radio in Canada, watch Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Fox, American Netflix and all the other USA services. I use ExpressVPN, it takes a few minutes from setup “3 simple steps in general” to start listening to Pandora outside of USA. ExpressVPN sports great support and setup guides and a solid infrastructure. If you use IOS, Android, Mac or Windows you can install and use the ExpressVPN app which gets you running in seconds.

All of the VPN services below allow you to unblock Pandora Radio outside of the US.

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Listen to Pandora Radio in Canada: Choose Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a no-brainer, change your DNS codes and you are up and running. Smart DNS is a service that only changes the route for the traffic that is used by Pandora to identify what region you are from. By applying this smart logic, local traffic is unaffected and only the traffic that counts is redirected.  The Smart DNS service in use on my devices is called Unlocator, they provide a free 7-day trial and the setup guides are self-explanatory. The only limitations against Smart DNS are Transparent Proxies and DNS Hijacking. If you ISP applies either of those two, you are left with VPN as your only choice. Video and screenshot guides can be seen here. If you apply Smart DNS a total of 90 other channels and sites get unblocked as well.

Listen to Pandora Radio in Canada: Did it work?

I hope you are either about to enjoy Pandora Radio in Canada, or you are already listening to some nice tunes on Pandora in Canada. Please share your input, I would really like to know if you took the Smart DNS or VPN Path.

11 thoughts on “How to Listen to Pandora Radio in Canada UK – VPN or DNS”

  1. Hey I have my vpn switched on , and Iv also downloaded a vpn but my Pandora is still telling me it can’t play in this region ?
    Any ideas
    I’m in Ireland

  2. Hi I live in the UK and have a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and I can’t seem to listen to pandora won’t even load, tried the steps but still not working

  3. When you change to US and download the app, do you then change back to Canada with all your previous info plus the pandora app?

  4. I know this is counter intuitive. But I would like to acces a VPN that allows me to appear to be in Canada, preferably Ottawa or Montreal,while I am actually in Florida. Of course hockey is involved.

    1. Hi John. If you are looking for a way to bypass blackouts, then you can use VPN or Smart DNS. These methods work on most streaming devices apart from iOS and Android.

  5. App doesn’t work, Galaxy ace II x, installed the latest app and it closed after saying it’s not available in my country.

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