Netflix Proxy Best How to Change Country DNS or VPN ?

Netflix DNS Proxies are a one of the best solution to change and unblock Netflix regions, this was one of the main reasons I started this blog.While you were browsing your Netflix library you surely discovered that your preferred movie or show is not available. It sucks, but luckily there is more than one solution to fix this. The methods below have been proven to help in UK,Canada,Germany,France,Australia,Dubai,Mexico,Brazil and India but it should work anywhere else. You can use either VPN or the Best Smart DNS Proxy to bypass and avoid the Netflix region lock,  each comes with it’s own set of benefits. I have used both I will reflect my experiences in the guide below.

Note : As of the 25th of April, 2016, I have tested both ExpressVPN and Unlocator Smart DNS and can confirm that either method still works. If you are receiving the following Netflix proxy error ( “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.” use either ExpressVPN or Unlocator in order to unblock US Netflix again.


Netflix Proxy - How to change my Netflix region using VPN or Smart DNS

How to change my Netflix region


Netflix Proxy Unblock – Change My Netflix Country : How & Why ?

There are generally two reasons you would want to change your Netflix region. For one, the most popular Netflix region is the American Netflix region. With more than 10K shows and movies, and rapidly growing. It hosts 4 times more than any of the closer regions. Another reason is that you might be an expat in the USA or otherwise and you want to watch your home edition of Netflix, such as the Mexico Netflix Library or the UK Netflix Library. The methods below will help you achieve this, and they will also allow you to unblock Netflix if it is not already supported. 

Current Netflix Locations : USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway,France, Belgium, Colombia, Argentina, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and  UK.

Netflix Supported Devices : Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod, OS X, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, Windows, Boxee, Chromecast, Apple TV, WD TV, Tivo, Nintendo, Wii, Playstation 3 4 Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Smart TVs, Roku and Amazon Fire TV

Netflix Proxy – Best way to Change / Unblock My Netflix Region using Smart DNS

Smart DNS is a cool technology, all you have to do is change the DNS server on your router and all your devices will work right away. Go to Unlocator, sign up and you are awarded a free trial. Only the relevant traffic is sent towards the Smart DNS servers, all the rest of your traffic is not affected at all “No bandwidth speed penalty !”. That is not all, if you change your Netflix  region frequently, all you have to to is go to your members area and change your Netflix location. This way you can appear to be watching Netflix from Finland while still enjoying Hulu as if you are coming from the USA. Oh yeah ! I forgot to mention that Smart DNS does also block a majority of US sites, it really depends on your provider though. Setup in general is a really easy task — See Video and Picture guides for setup here .

Not all SmartDNS services provide a Netflix region changer, nor do most of them support all devices. I do use Unlocator, all Netflix devices and regions are supported. Apart from 214 other channels including WWE Network, HBO Go, Fox, Sky Sports, just to name a few. Apart from Blackout fixes for NFL,NHL, NBA, MLS etc.

Checkout Unlocator speed and performance review.

Change & Unblock My Netflix Region using VPN instead of A DNS Proxy

A VPN service a.k.a Virtual Private Network is a solution that pipes all your traffic encrypted to a server located in a country of your choice, as a direct result your privacy is ensured and your traffic appears to be coming from the location you choose. So all you have to do is  Check out ExpressVPN , download their easy to use app “Only supports Android, iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac“, connect, and enjoy your Netflix shows from any region you choose. The setup is easy, and since all your traffic is sent through the VPN server, you can watch ALL sites that are located in the country of the VPN server. I.e. if you connect to a US VPN server, you get all US sites including American Netflix. If you connect to a UK VPN server, you get UK Netflix with BBC Iplayer and the likes. However, since you are now sending all your traffic to UK you will get a 10% speed hit. Another disadvantage is that your local country sites that do a region check will stop working as you are now appearing to be coming from the UK.

Below is a list of VPN providers, tested and assessed based on speed, reliability and support quality. 

Provider Link
30 days guaranteed money back
30 days money back
30 days limited money back

Using VPN allows you to unblock all Netflix regions and switch back to your local Netflix region whenever you wish. However, not all devices are supported by VPN “Smart TV, Apple TV are two popular devices that dont support VPN”.  If you are trying to get those devices to work. See the below.

Changed Your Netflix Region, VPN or DNS Proxy ?

Now that you have the info needed. Give either VPN or Smart DNS Proxies a try, change your Netflix region using a Netflix DNS Proxy or VPN and please share your experiences.



Do you have any questions ?

For Netflix Users : If the SmartDNS solution below still gives you a Netflix proxy error, please do use VPN instead. VPN is confirmed working as of the 25th of April 2016.