American Netflix vs Indian Netflix – Is the US Version Any Better?

Netflix is this giant of a streaming service that has become international. Now, India has its own version. Now, don’t get too excited. Even though India has its own Netflix version, that doesn’t mean it’s as good as the American version. Or is it? Read on to find out how Netflix US vs Netflix India faces off.

American Netflix vs Indian Netflix

American Netflix vs Indian Netflix

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Netflix US vs Netflix India – Table of Comparison

Here how the two Netflix versions compare to each other

Last Updated Today  
 Netflix USANetflix Australia
Launch DateApril, 1998January, 2016
TV Shows1,5801364
4K ContentYesYes
HDR ContentYesYes

Netflix India?

To start off with movie titles, the catalog of Netflix movies for the Indian region was limited to just 500 movies in comparison to the Netflix US’s huge catalog at launch. There were many reasons for this. This included copyright and language restrictions, content exclusivity, and distribution agreements. Nevertheless, the Indian Netflix library has been rapidly growing ever since. It now contains over 4,700 movies.

The number of TV shows that are available for viewing in India was around 530 at launch. As an Indian Netflix user, this meant that you would miss out on some of the most popular TV shows and movies.

This has all changed since though. The Indian Netflix version now has over 1,300 different TV series.

Netflix US – The Best Netflix Region There Is?

As far as movie titles are concerned, the Netflix movies library in the United States consists of 4500 movies at an average, and the number keeps on growing. It’s worth mentioning, the streaming service dominates the chart with 1150 TV shows on the Netflix USA owing to its heavy in-house production of Netflix Original content.

It is widely known that Netflix US has the better library mainly because Netflix was established in the US, and the country bought all the broadcasting rights for the most popular content.

How to Get Netflix US in India?

You can get Netflix US in India similar to the way you get Indian Netflix in America: with a VPN. A virtual private network is the most effective method for unblocking worldwide content. The VPN connects the device you are using to an American server. Then, it reroutes the traffic through that server, providing you with an American IP address. With that IP address, you get to access all kinds of US-based content, including Netflix US.  Follow the following steps to get Netflix US in India.

  1. First, you need to sign up for a VPN service.
  2. Now that you have created your VPN account, download and install the VPN app on the device which you want to stream Netflix US on.
  3. Launch and activate the app and connect to a VPN server in the US.
  4. After you connect to a US server, you’ll be provided with a temporary American IP address that makes it look like you’re located in the US.
  5. Now that you have an American IP, you can easily access Netflix US as if you’re physically in America.

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 The Verdict

Although it’s thoughtful that Netflix offers regional-specific content to attract and impress the locals, thousands of popular movies and TV shows are being eliminated in the process. Many Indians seek Western entertainment with top Netflix Original movies and TV shows at a fairly premium cost.

Despite costing almost the same, Netflix India has less than 12% of the streaming content available on Netflix USA. Take matters into your hands and use a VPN to unblock Netflix USA because evidently, it’s the winning version. Do you think we’ve made the right choice? Let us know which version you think is best in the comment section below.

American Netflix vs Indian Netflix
American Netflix vs Indian Netflix

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