Can VPN Still Operate with Netflix?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a legal tool that enables you to mask your IP address over the internet. Using a VPN as much as possible for your online activities is always advisable. However, a few service providers like Netflix have imposed certain restrictions on the use of a VPN. This implies that it may not be possible for you to access services like Netflix when a VPN is active. That also means that people who try to get around geo-restrictions in order to watch the much sought after American Netflix version will be presented with a Netflix Proxy Error instead. So, can VPN still operate with Netflix? 

Can VPN Still Operate with Netflix?

Can VPN Still Operate with Netflix?

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The Netflix VPN Ban

Netflix has imposed a VPN restriction on its servers supposedly to pacify the interests of copyright holders. The company is restricting users who access unlicensed content from different regions.  

As per the VPN ban, Netflix restricts specific IP addresses from using Netflix servers to access content. Usually, a particular VPN service allocates the same IP address to a number of users. This simplifies Netflix’s process of identifying and blocking the IP addresses, which you use for obtaining VPN access.

Once Netflix has identified a VPN-related IP address, it restricts the IP address from streaming content. In addition, the company may identify VPN protocols on their network by making use of networking monitoring tools. And therefore, they may be able to flag the VPN protocols as the ones related to VPN providers.  

Using a VPN Service with Netflix

A few VPN providers may possess a comparatively small number of users, which may help the providers escape Netflix’s detecting system. The providers may also use other processes to cloak that they are offering VPN services.

Netflix and the VPN providers are having a constant battle. Therefore, it is not easy to state which VPN providers can certainly provide unhampered access to popular shows through their VPN services.

How to Select the Best VPN Services for Netflix in 2018?

Luckily, the below-mentioned VPNs are the ones that are definitely still working for Netflix. Being the verified and Netflix-compatible providers, these few VPNs are worth checking out.

Your top priorities should include server coverage and download speeds. Video streaming is a thorough activity that requires a good level of performance to avoid cases of faltering footage, especially when watching content in HD. In addition, getting enough servers on the offer makes it possible to get the required fast connection.

Security and privacy are always crucial no matter what purpose you are using a VPN for. Watching flicks on-the-go becomes easy if there is a support for mobile gadgets and if there are native clients for Android or iOS.

Moreover, it is a good idea to look for a provider who offers a money-back guarantee. Having such a guarantee becomes useful especially if there are sudden, unforeseen changes, which is a possibility with Netflix and if the specific VPN that you have selected stops getting support from the streaming service. Getting a refund at least can help prevent the wastage of your money.

Let us now take a look at a few of the best VPN solutions to watch Netflix.


Presently, ExpressVPN supports unblock Netflix UK, USA, and Canada. A salient feature of ExpressVPN is MediaStreamer DNS that allows Netflix on devices not supporting VPNs, for instance, Smart TVs, Apple TV, and game consoles.

Moreover, MediaStreamer DNS supports almost three spare devices including tablets, PCs, and phones for VPN access, and it does not log browsing or traffic data.

Providing a 30-day money-back guarantee, ExpressVPN offers a tremendous experience for users of Netflix.


Focusing primarily on security, NordVPN is an extremely good VPN to use with Netflix. It renders a great performance and hardly affects download speeds in comparison to non-VPN rates.

Currently, NordVPN supports Netflix in the Netherlands, France, the UK, India, and the US. More advantages of NordVPN include DNS leak protection, super-strong 2048-bit encryption, and a vast selection of servers. It also does not keep logs of the online activity of the user.


As of now, VyprVPN provides access to Netflix only in the US; however, the company states that they might provide support for Netflix in other countries in some time. It is, however, not possible to mention the names of those countries at the moment. Thus, you need to wait and see what the company provides in the future.

The solution provides tremendous speeds especially in case of download rates, which is great for streaming apparently. In addition, the solution includes commendable efforts toward security.


The most notable feature of StrongVPN is its security that includes an extensive protocol support. Also, the StrongDNS service of the company is a distinguishing feature as it provides DNS leak protection.

StrongVPN has strong server coverage and provides support for all key platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS and guides for manual setup for the other platforms.  

This VPN service offers a fast performance and enhances the speed of download on long distances. As a result, there are reliable and fast connections to Netflix in countries, such as the UK, the US, the Netherlands, and Canada.

So, Can VPN Still Operate with Netflix?

The answer is ‘Yes’. You still get to change your Netflix region to the USA and other countries with the help of VPN. As long as you sign up with one of the VPN service providers we have suggested above, that is.

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