Facebook – Unblock at School, Work, China

Cannot access blocked or banned Facebook or other social networks at school, college, work, or as an expat in a foreign country like China, North Korea, Vietnam, or Iran? Thanks to VPN, you can unblock FB and any other site you want wherever and whenever you want. Read this easy info guide on how to use VPN to unblock Facebook.
How to unblock banned Facebook at schook, work, or abroad using VPN

How to unblock banned Facebook at schook, work, or abroad using VPN

List of Countries that Block Facebook and other Social Networks

  • China: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all banned.
  • Iran: FB, Skype, Twitter, and Youtube are blocked.
  • North Korea: FB, Twitter, and Youtube are banned.
  • Turkey: Twitter and Youtube are mostly blocked.
  • Vietnam: Facebook.

Unblock Facebook via VPN

VPN is a great tool that not only encrypts your traffic and allows you to go online anonymously, but also allows you to access restricted and blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. 

  • VPN can be used on your Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, Android, and iPad. Basically any device you would usually visit the FB website or app on.
  • VPN allows you to unblock Facebook on all web browser. Use FB on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.
  • VPN can easily be installed. Download the VPN app. Connect to a VPN server in a location of your choice. Enjoy using Facebook again.
  • VPN grants you anonymity online. Keep your private information away from government agencies and the likes.
  • With VPN, you can also access sites that would usually be not available in your region. Access Netflix, Hulu, HBO, WWE Network, UFC.tv, any many more.

There are a lot of VPN provider to choose from. Make sure the one you eventually sign up with one that does not keep logs, has fast servers, and offers some sort of trial period. You can check out ExpressVPN for starters. They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee.


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