Watch Starz outside US Unblock via VPN

Starz, formely known as StarzPlay, is an American video-on-demand streaming channel. It offers its subscribers premium TV shows such as Power, Outlander, Spartacus, DaVinci’s Demons, and Survivor’s Remorse. The main issue, however, is that Starz is geo-restricted outside USA. American expats living in Canada, Germany, Australia, France, or Mexico can bypass regional restrictions and unblock geoblocked channels abroad by using VPN. Read the following guide for more info on how to unblock Starz outside USA on PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV.

Watch Starz outside USA Unblock via VPN
Watch Starz outside USA Unblock via VPN

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How to Unblock Starz outside USA with VPN

American streaming channels like Starz, HBO GO, Hulu, and Netflix are all geoblocked outside USA. These channels are able to detect your IP address and therefore pinpoint your geographic location. That also means that you can trick these channels to think you are in USA by getting an American IP address. So how can you get a US IP address overseas? The answer is VPN. By connecting to an American VPN server, you will be able to spoof your location online.

  • To begin with, you need to sign up with a VPN provider that has fast VPN servers in USA.
  • Then, download and install the VPN app on your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad. The app will help facilitate the installation process for you.
  • Once the VPN application is setup, all what is left to do is connecting to an American VPN server.
  • You are now able to watch geo-restricted American channels outside USA on your streaming device. No more geolocation errors.
  • In addition to bypass regional restrictions, VPN encrypts all your traffic to prevent potential eavesdropper from spying on you.

Sign up with ExpressVPN to unblock and watch Starz outside USA. There are many other VPN services that also allow you to change your IP address and get an American IP address instead.

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Starz Compatible Streaming Devices

  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Roku
  • Apple TV

Top 10 TV Series on Starz

  • Power
  • Outlander
  • Black Sails
  • Spartacus
  • Da Vinci’s Demons
  • Ash vs Evil Dead
  • The Girlfriend Experience
  • The Missing
  • Flesh and Bone
  • Magic City

Watch Starz outside USA using VPN

Finally, VPN is a must for anybody who wants to bypass regional restrictions and watch content that would normally be geoblocked in their region. If you have any questions regarding the usage of VPN, simply post a comment below. I will do my best to help you out.

17 thoughts on “Watch Starz outside US Unblock via VPN”

    1. Hello Robert. Yes, you can with the help of a VPN. Keep in mind that you still need a valid Starz subscription as well.

  1. I bought Express VPN to watch Starz in Mexico. It worked last year perfectly. However, this year, when I try to log in, it won’t allow due to not allowing a device with a proxy. I have turned off location services, put device on airplane mode, still get same message. Any suggestions?

  2. Accessing the region blocked is the biggest reason why I am using the VPN from a long time, Currently In opinion PureVPN and IPVanish are best VPN’s for this.

  3. Your article makes it seem that any VPN will work. Just point and shoot. I’m in Romania and can’t get any VPN to work! Please advise . Thanks

      1. I’ve tried IpVanish, HotspotVPN and HideMyAss all with no luck on either STARZ, Hulu or Prime. I’ve tried to turn off my location on my iPad all with no luck. Please advise. Thanks

  4. I have purchased one month of VPN Express, and trying to log into my STARZ account; and all I get is a login failure notice. ???

  5. I’ve downloaded Express VPN and activated it from the US on my android phone. I’ve also downloaded starz app, but when I sign up for a free 7 day trail, it’s says its not available in my country. Any suggestions on how to get around this? Thanks, Tammy

  6. I have ExpressVPN using and OpenVPN connection and Starz is blocked. I have 3 different VPN providers and its a toss up to find one provider that works for all. Netflix works, but Starz doesn’t… Oh well, Tomato is setup to have two OpenVPN clients… Let’s see if NordVPN can do the job.

      1. Jose Luis Caceres

        The only one that works with Starz is Unblock-Us, and they don’t even know it. However, it is sometimes glitchy, but it definitely works

        1. ExpressVPN does the job… sometimes. As sites are closed, one may have to try a couple, before hitting a working one. Los Angeles may not reveal the best quality, when in Scandinavia.
          Some tricks may be needed. E.g. setting the PC clock to PST. The oddest thing. Also in the eVPN settings, at one time, I had to remove the eVPN DNS (that was for Prime). Definitely not point and shoot.

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