Hardware VPN: The next Step in Enhanced Cybersecurity?

The year is 2018 and everyone who uses the internet to any degree knows what a VPN is. Virtual Private Networks have become an unspoken necessity in the face of increasing online threats. Private users are not just in danger of government surveillance but also of all kinds of online scams, frauds, and hacks. So anyone who transacts online or has a remotely regular online life needs to take measures to stay safe.

What Is Hardware VPN?

What Is Hardware VPN?

So far, VPNs have been used by private individuals for a number of uses. While these software and digital tools are definitely great, they do have certain limitations. These limits can often hinder users from reaching the full potential of their devices. Naturally, developers have been trying to eliminate these limitations and develop high-performance VPNs.

The result is Hardware VPN.  Let us take a look at what this new technology has to offer to VPN users.

What Is Hardware VPN?

In the simplest of words, a hardware VPN is one which is installed on a dedicated device like a router. Thus, it can function as a gatekeeper for all kinds of connections going through it. Further, hardware-based VPNs have dedicated VPN addresses and a wide bandwidth which can allow for multiple connections.

As such, hardware-based VPNs are mostly found in businesses. However, there are certain households which can also benefit from these kinds of VPN services. Let us take a look at what sets hardware VPN after from the more well-known software VPN.

What Does Hardware VPN Do Better than Software VPN?

Dedicated Functioning

Unlike software VPNs which are mostly jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, hardware VPNs are mostly highly specialized. This allows them to serve specific functions far better than usual software VPN.

Dedicated functioning is highly recommended for businesses and any kind of actions which require very fast internet connections. A good example of non-enterprise related hardware VPN use is for cryptocurrency mining or transacting. Hardware VPN can also be used by professional gamers and online streamers on websites like Youtube or Twitch.

Of course, the dedicated functioning means that users will also have to pay a somewhat higher cost for the services. But this is not due to the specialized nature of the service alone. In fact, it is a total cost of installing, running, and maintaining the service. However, this cost is more than paid up for by the value these dedicated services provide. It is safe to say that such services are not available through generic VPN software.


One of the most popular issues with VPN services is that they can reduce overall internet speed. This is mostly because VPN services are serviced en masse. This means that VPN users can often experience a bottleneck for their internet speeds. Naturally, this is a big problem for businesses and even individual activities which require a high-speed internet connection. And so, it is often better to opt for hardware VPN to ensure that all activities can be handled with ease.

Another major aspect of performance which is great when using hardware VPN is reliability. Hardware VPN services are offered by only well-established VPN service providers. This makes it far more reliable than any other service which may be available on the market. The reliability factor also extends to round the clock troubleshooting. While it is rare for dedicated hardware VPN to have problems, it is not impossible. Since these services are specialized, companies which offer them are quick to respond and restore functionality. This ensures there is virtually no loss of time for the users.


Customization is critical to getting the exact kind of service that you need in any area of commerce. VPN services are no exception to this rule. And while there are a lot of specialized VPNs, their customization options are limited. When it comes to professional grade VPN service requirements, there is simply no substitute for hardware VPN. The simple fact that you can calibrate VPNs in your office premises or work area according to your specific needs gives owners a lot of power.

In corporate situations, hardware VPNs can also serve as safeguards against mistakes and errors which lead to a compromise in company data. VPN hardware when installed properly will provide all the access necessary to respective workers without exposing them to outsiders or others within the workforce. So, in the event of a breach, the compromised area can be quarantined and recovered easily.


Scalability is one of the key features of hardware VPN which you will not find anywhere else. Basically, a hardware VPN can be modified and enhanced to provide your business with the VPN options you need. If your business is doing well, you will need to enhance your VPN coverage keep up.

Some business owners think that software VPN can be good enough for the job and they are right. Unfortunately, these VPNs can only handle up to 5 connections. You can go for enterprise-grade VPNs, but they simply cannot give you the kind of performance you need without bottlenecking. So, for companies which plan to expand and provide ample coverage for their online activities, hardware VPN is the better answer.


With such a wide range of benefits on offer, hardware VPN is certainly a much better option than software. This is particularly true if you have a need for high-speed connectivity at all times. Hardware VPN serves this function better than all other VPN varieties and they can give you the best value service for the money you spend. Since your VPN will be integrated into a device, there are going to be a handful of trusted companies. These companies also compete with each other heavily in each segment.

So, you can expect to get a great price for the services you want. Additionally, there are long-term subscription options which help you save even more money. In short, if you need high-speed internet with the best kind of encryption, then hardware VPN is what you should go for.  

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