Best VPN for Craigslist

Despite its basic design and setup, Craigslist still holds the top spot for being one of the most reliable online classified listings that you can ever find on the Internet. The service has been active for over a decade, and aside from the recent change of policy concerning personal ads, not much has evolved over at the site. Most people prefer to use it mainly because of its simplicity, so the administrators don’t really have as much of an incentive to change anything.

Best VPN for Craigslist

Best VPN for Craigslist

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Craigslist Banned?

As popular as Craigslist may be, there are still countries around the world that still aren’t as comfortable with their citizens gaining access to the site. There have been a number of occurrences where people looking for services or even tools have gotten conned through people they’ve met there, and this could be the reason why certain governments have taken a hard stance against the site. The harsh reactions include completely having the Craigslist IP blocked out, or even threatening to arrest anyone found to be accessing the site in defiance of the government’s directive.

These regulations may spell doom for you especially if you happen to be staying in a country where the only way you can get whatever you’re looking for is through Craigslist. It’s what you’re used to doing back home, so it doesn’t make any sense why you can’t use the service in your newfound place of residence. Fortunately, it is possible to work around the geo-restrictions that might have been set up by the government through your ISP. This can be done through the use of a VPN service.

In other instances, Craigslist has banned some of its users’ IP addresses. The reasons behind your IP getting banned on Craiglist vary from over-posting, promoting illegal content, hacking, to violating their terms and conditions.

What Is VPN?

In full, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and this is generally a collection of servers that are meant to encrypt your connection, such that not even your ISP would be able to correctly identify where exactly you happen to be browsing from, let alone what you’re looking at online. Here’s how the service works:

Once you connect to a remote server, your actual IP address gets exchanged for the one that corresponds to the new server you’re connecting to. In doing so, you get to seem as though you’re browsing from a location that’s not really where you are, and this makes it possible for you to access geo-blocked sites such as Craigslist.

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With the main work of a VPN service being to hide out exactly where you happen to be browsing the Internet from, its important to note that not all VPN services will guarantee reliable protection.

A simple search online might reveal the many free providers that you could opt to use, instead of having to pay for the protection you’d get from a service you’d have to pay for. These free services don’t really have your best interests at heart since many of them are known for selling out your browsing information to third parties to stay afloat.

This by itself is a major violation of your security and added to the fact that the service could significantly slow down your browsing speed, it’s just not worth it.

The Best VPN for Craigslist

Your best bet for a working Craigslist VPN is to sign up with a credible, paid service. Now, we’re aware that choosing what service to subscribe to may sometimes be a difficult decision to make, so we’ve rounded up a couple of top-shelf choices we suggest you have a look at. All the providers in our list have been both tried and tested, and they’ve all proven to be reliable services that can be trusted to unblock Craigslist no matter where you may be.

1. ExpressVPN

Not many providers compare to the level of service that you can get from a provider that’s as experienced and customer-centered as ExpressVPN. Based out of the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN does the very best to assure its customers of their support, by putting in place a customer service team that can be contacted at any time of day, through phone, email or direct message.

With around 1500 servers, the provider ensures that all its clients are able to connect to a variety of geo-blocked sites across the world, and also allows for up to 5 logins to be done under the same account. This means you can use the same service under 5 devices. The ExpressVPN app is also well designed for ease of use, and for those that are based in highly restrictive regions, ExpressVPN allows them to use their Stealth Servers to access their service without detection.

The service also has a serious zero-logs policy, where no information about their subscribers gets stored anywhere within their systems. If all this sounds enticing to you, then you might want to have a look at their 30-day money back guarantee offer. Doing so will form a great base for your decision.

2. BulletVPN

Making the second entry to our list we have BulletVPN, an Estonia-based provider that’s also serious about making sure their customers remain both anonymous and secured online.

Its server network consists of slightly more than 150 servers in 55 countries, which is more than enough to ensure that users don’t hog over specific servers when browsing.

Their servers are known to provide a very fast browsing speed, and this is why most gamers prefer signing up with this service compared to others.

BulletVPN is also popular among users who are looking for a simple solution to their browsing requirements since they offer a direct approach to most people’s online security needs.

BulletVPN delivers unlimited bandwidth, supports anonymous torrenting, allows for unlimited peer-to-peer file-sharing traffic, and keeps no logs of your browsing activities.

Their app is also easy to navigate through and allows users to connect to hundreds of IPs. The service is also great for preventing infection when using public Wi-Fi networks, and for the many ISPs that snoop on your connection. Knowing whether or not BulletVPN is the VPN provider for you only takes signing up for their 30-day money-back guarantee offer.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN’s network coverage so far is unrivaled by any of the top tier VPN networks you can subscribe to. The service boasts of around 4000 servers, and this allows it to offer services such as DoubleVPN where your traffic is encrypted twice, and also select the best servers for use based on whatever you’re up to online.

NordVPN’s convenient location in Panama means that they’re under no obligation to save any history of your browsing activity since the country is in a region that’s not affected by any data retention policy. NordVPN subscribers also get to benefit from the CyberSec feature, where any unwanted ads and malware is blocked out from their view.

As a robust provider, NordVPN provides military-grade protection, through its 256-bit AES encryption. This, coupled with unique features such as Onion over VPN, an automatic Killswitch, and DNS leak protection assures users that their browsing remains safe and reliable, away from any cyber threats and online hacking schemes.

Aside from its reliable online security, NordVPN also allows users to have up to 6 simultaneous connections operating under one account, and this helps a lot towards cutting down the costs you’d have to incur especially if you’re seeking protection for a small office or business. 

Sum up for The Best VPN for Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most reliable online classified sites on the Internet, and its barebone structure continues to win the hearts of anyone wishing to post or respond to adverts on it. The three services we’ve talked about in this review should be able to ensure users can access the site from wherever may be, without having to worry about any site blocks, or geo-restrictions.  


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