Best VPN for iTunes

In April 2003, iTunes made its official debut as an online video and music store meant for Apple customers to buy and download music on demand. Its initial capacity back then was about 200,000 tracks. This eventually grew after its first week saw sales jump to more than a million. That year alone, almost 70 million tracks got sold through the platform; proving that Steve Job’s quest to revolutionize the digital music industry went on to be more than just successful.

Best VPN for iTunes

Best VPN for iTunes

Over ten years later, Apple’s iTunes has seen a lot of updates and new features added to the platform. The service is still arguably the most convenient to use when dealing with digital music. These accolades have done a lot to push the popularity of the service among users all around the world. It has continued to be the number one platform to stream and buy music from.

iTunes Is Region-Restricted

Using iTunes, however, might become an issue especially if you’re based outside the US. The service has features that are only accessible by users from its home country. This makes things quite frustrating especially if you’d want to access the service from abroad. It probably means that the library of music you’ll get to see will reflect the most popular selections from your current region. If you’re an American that’s on a trip in the UK, you’ll see content from UK based artists and sources. That would be a great shift from what you’re used to.

Switching to an American iTunes account may involve creating a new iTunes account with an Apple ID for the US. This would also only be possible if you had iTunes on your computer. If you’re not comfortable with having multiple accounts to switch in between your travels, we have a more convenient solution for you. This would be using a VPN.

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Using a VPN with iTunes

The initials VPN stand for Virtual Private Network. It is an assorted network of servers that are based in different countries, and are offered to a subscriber to encrypt their connection and switch their location. A user’s location gets switched when they connect to a different server. this is done so as to allow for access to geo-restricted sites and services.

Now, if you get to travel abroad, and would wish to access the US-based iTunes store, all you’d have to do is connect to a server based in the US. Doing so allows you to effectively shift your location, and seem as though you’re browsing from within the US. This makes things extremely convenient since you’ll not only be able to access the US-based iTunes store from abroad. You’ll also have access to tons of websites and services that would only be geo-restricted to users based in the US.

Another significant advantage of using VPN is the fact that you get to encrypt your connection, and have your data completely protected from any kind of hackers and scammers. This allows you to use public WiFi connections without any worries, and access your bank account online without any fear of data such as your password being stolen.

Best VPNs for iTunes

With that said, it’s time to take a look at some of the best services to turn to when looking for a VPN provider to subscribe to. We’ve picked out a few top-tier providers that won’t give you any problems when signing up with so that you won’t have to spend the time searching for them. Here’s our list of the best VPNs for iTunes:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN stands out as the number one platform to use to encrypt your connection. The provider is based in the British Virgin Islands and has about 2000 servers to its name. It has enough presence in the US to allow for uninterrupted connections. Its 256 bit AES encryption means you get all round online protection. ExpressVPN maintains a strict zero logging policy and has the capacity to support up to 3 simultaneous connections.

ExpressVPN is also one of the few services that allow for split tunneling. This allows you to choose what to encrypt and what not to. The service is also great for users based in highly censored regions. This is because it offers obfuscated servers, meant for users in highly censored regions to connect to. ExpressVPN also offers a well built together VPN client that’s easy to navigate around and supports a wide range of platforms. There’s support for Windows, iOS, Linux as well as Android. To find out more about what ExpressVPN has to offer, take a look at our ExpressVPN Review.

2. IPVanish

IPVanish is another well-respected provider that’s been in the industry for close to two decades. Based in the US, the service provides a solution that offers the perfect balance between speed and security. The service has more than 1500 servers within its network, and they all happen to be fully network owned. IPVanish also employs a strict zero logging policy, meaning none of its users data gets stored by the service.

IPVanish guarantees its users both unlimited bandwidth and free server switching. Torrenting through IPVanish means users are able to do so anonymously and have no limits on the quantity of data they can transfer. IPVanish is also great for gamers and users who want to stream in HD, as its speeds are more than adequate to ensure that they get uninterrupted connections. Users of the service are able to choose from downloading its VPN client, or just relying on their SOCKS5 web proxy to change their location. The service offers up to 40,000 IPS to connect to, making it possible to access various geo-restricted services. Get to know more about what’s in store once you subscribe by going through our IPVanish Review.

3. NordVPN

Winding down our list is NordVPN, another top-tier provider that’s known for its wide array of features and services. Based in Panama, NordVPN provides more than 4000 servers for users to connect to, with a good majority of them being based in the US and Europe. This makes it easy to access US based versions of websites and apps such as iTunes. NordVPN also has a strict zero logging policy, along with the capacity to handle up to 6 simultaneous connections.

NordVPN also provides online protection through its 256-bit AES encryption protocol, but on top of that, it allows for double VPN encryption. This is possible because it allows users to route their connection through two servers instead of one. NordVPN also allows users to choose which servers to use based on what they’re up to online. There are servers optimized for HD streaming, online gaming, bulk downloads, as well as torrenting. NordVPN also fully supports Tor over VPN for anonymous browsing, and also offers dedicated IPs for users who prefer to stick to one online identity. To get a full picture of what NordVPN has to offer, we recommend checking out our NordVPN Review.

Conclusion for The Best VPNs for iTunes

We’ve just reviewed the best VPNs to use for the best experience of the iTunes app regardless of wherever in the world you may be. ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and NordVPN are all well suited to ensure you’re able to access geo-restricted apps without any worries. 

ExpressVPN Review
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