How to Bypass MLB.TV Blackout Restrictions

The Major League Baseball 2023 is coming on March 30th, 2023, and we’re all excited. However, with regional blackouts in place, a lof baseball fans might miss their favorite team dominating on the field.

Bypass MLB Blackouts

Such blackouts occur when a local broadcaster in your city/region has the right to broadcast the game. If you are in the USA or Canada and you trying to watch your Dodgers team compete online, you’re probably ending up with a screen saying that the game is not available.

Well, we’re going to change that. In this guide, we will explain how to spoof your location and bypass MLB blackouts in USA or Canada. MLB app! You’re ours.

Watch MLB Anywhere – Quick Guide

Time needed: 4 minutes

To watch every single MLB match without blackouts, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up with a VPN service.

    We recommend ExpressVPN, but other excellent providers are provided below.

  2. Get the VPN application.

    Download and install the VPN client on your device.

  3. Activate the VPN client.

    Sign in with your username and password.

  4. Connect to a US server.

    Choose a server in a US region where your selected game is not on TV.

  5. Launch MLB TV’s website or the MLB App.

    Sign in with your account.

  6. Watch every single MLB game live.

    Enjoy the upcoming MLB season anywhere, blackout-free.

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Bypass MLB Blackouts – The Full Walkthrough

What are blackouts? How do they happen? And what other information do you need to know about bypassing them? Find out in this comprehensive guide:

What You Need

To successfully apply this workaround, you’ll need all of the following:

  1. A subscription to a VPN that has a lot of US server locations.
  2. An MLB TV account.
  3. MLB-compatible device.

MLB.TV Blackout Bypass – The basics

As per MLB.comRegular Season Local Live Blackout: All live games on MLB are subject to local blackouts.

“Due to Major League Baseball exclusivities, live games occurring each Saturday with a scheduled start time after 1:10 PM ET or before 7:05 PM ET and each Sunday with a scheduled start time after 5:00 PM ET will be blacked out in the United States.”

That’s what the website states. However, when you witness it on your own, it has a completely different impact. Here’s a list of MLB blackout errors you can get when trying to watch your favorite baseball team online.

  • “We’re sorry. We have determined that you are located inside one of the applicable Club’s home television territories and are therefore blacked out of watching the game you selected. Live Audio of this game is available as part of your MLB.TV subscription.”
  • “Media Error. This game is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in a few moments.”
  • “This video is not currently available due to local or national blackout restrictions.”
  • “We’re sorry. The broadcasters’ required blackout checks cannot be performed at this time. Please try again in a few moments.”

Such live games will be blacked out in each applicable Club’s home television territory (except for certain home television territories for which MLB may offer in-market subscription services). If a game is blacked out in an area, it is not available for live game viewing”.

So in essence, you need to appear to be coming from a location where a TV broadcast is not in place. All you have to do is follow the steps above.

MLB.TV Blackout and GPS Location

One other notable thing is that a lot of apps including iPad and iPhone BAT apps use GPS location services to determine location.

This breaks both of the solutions below. A workaround fix for this is to remove and reinstall the MLB app. Upon opening after reinstalling, when asked whether you want to allow or deny access to location services, please choose DENY. 

A VPN’s Benefits

VPN, short for Virtual Private Network, can be used to pipe all your traffic through a server, not in the USA or Canada. VPN will work on all of your handheld devices and computers.

It will also work for all your household devices if you do have a VPN-enabled router. Basically, VPN allows you to spoof your location online and trick MLB into thinking that you’re in a region where no broadcaster is present.

As a result, you’ll be able to watch live games no matter where you are in the United States or abroad. All you need is an account and a reputable VPN.

We’ve tested dozens of VPN providers for this task. Some were good, but others failed to come through. We were looking for speeds and a wide server network in the United States – and we found the right services.

The following VPN providers are our top choices when it comes to blackouts workarounds. ExpressVPN tops the list because of its top-notch server network, customer support, and 30-day refund guarantee.

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  • Extensions for Firefox and Chrome
  • Split-tunneling available

MLB.TV Blackout Fix Using Smart DNS Proxy

A Smart DNS Proxy only redirects part of your traffic and works on all devices. If you want to bypass MLB blackouts the supported devices are Apple TV, iOS, Smart TV, PS3, PS4, Roku, WD TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. So more or less all devices. You can use the following steps to avoid MLB blackouts using Smart DNS proxies.

  1. Sign up with a Smart DNS proxy service that supports bypassing MLB blackout restrictions.
  2. Then, set up Smart DNS on your streaming device.
  3. Now, go to the MLB website or launch the app and sign in using your account.
  4. Finally, watch any MLB game you want, blackout-free.

I have been using a Smart DNS proxy service called Unlocator for a couple of years now. They’re probably the best Smart DNS you can use to get around MLB, NBA, NHL, and even NFL blackouts in USA or Canada.

You can sign up for a free 7-day Unlocator trial without the need to register a credit card. to set up and support is great.

MLB TV Black-out Workaround – FAQ

Do you have more questions? Are you looking for more information about how MLB TV operates? Make sure you check the section below:

When Does the 2023 MLB Season Begin?

Can I watch MLB TV in the UK?

Can I watch MLB on Kodi?

If I’m Not Using MLB TV, Where Are the Games Broadcasted?

What Devices Can I Watch MLB TV on?

And Tips & Tricks for Bypassing MLB Blackouts?

Avoid MLB Blackout – Conclusion

In short, both VPN and Smart DNS will allow you to watch blacked-out games regardless of where you currently live.

Which one of those you choose is your call. Check the benefit lists, and make your decision. Both are extremely easy to set up and configure. If you have any feedback, please share it in the comment boxes below.

106 thoughts on “How to Bypass MLB.TV Blackout Restrictions”

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  2. I live in the Philadelphia market but want to watch the Yankees on my roku but tells me they are backed out. I had for 2 years and never had this issue, the Mets and Phillies are also blacked out. I can watch on my pool home without wifi but as soon as I put wifi on games are blocked again, so this is how I came up with internet providers issue. I also signed onto 2 of my neighbors wireless router with iPad and was able to watch yankee games so this was also another indicator it was internet provider since they also use rcn. Contacted rcn and said it’s nothing on their end. Any suggestions

  3. I have a VPN on my windows computer and watch MLB.TV on Kodi, installed a couple of days ago, and it worked on Blackout games. Last night, i was listening to the radio feed (which is not blacked out at all) on my Ipad At Bat, which I use in the car. When I switched over to Kodi at home, even though my computer showed overseas, it blacked me out. My question is, did using the At Bat on the Ipad trigger MLB to my location for all devices, and how do I clear that? Thanks!

    1. Charles Roswell

      Hi Michael. Have you tried changing the VPN server you’re connected to? It could be the case of MLB blacklisting the IP address of the server you’re currently connected to.

      1. I did try a couple different servers, but no luck. I will try again tonight without using the IPad and see if it works this time. Otherwise I think there might be a cookies/cache issue. It seems that by using an IPad with gps, mlb locks that as your location even if you go to a VPN shortly after. I don’t yet know if is is a lasting thing or not.

        1. Ok. To Update… I went home without using the At Bat radio app. When I went to KODI, I still got the blackout message. I went to my desktop and changed VPN location, and opened MLB.TV through Chrome browser instead of Kodi, and it worked. I then went back to Kodi, cleaned the Cache, and it worked through Kodi this time. I went back to the original VPN and it still worked through Kodi. Problem solved. It looks like the At Bat app is a little tattle-tale. Lesson learned. Thanks to everybody!

    2. They see all your activity so when they see you in two different locations they become suspicious and block you it happened to me

  4. Has anyone used unlocator with an LG Smart TV. I haven’t tried it yet but the website says it will bypass the blackout rule just using their instruction

    1. Charles Roswell

      Hello Ken. You should be able to bypass MLB Blackouts on your LG Smart TV using Unlocator.

  5. blackouts can be bypassed for free using a couple things. This is tested 4/20/17. Install Kodi app. In Kodi, install add-on. When signing into your account in the add-on, go to the proxy server tab and input proxy settings from Canada or Mexico.

    1. Free proxies rarely work. Not only that, they can potentially compromise your online privacy. Would never recommend using them.

  6. I used to bypass the MLB blackout for Dodger games on my Windows PC.

    However, when I try to cast game from the website using the Chrome browser, I get the blackout restriction message. Any ideas?

    I turned off any location setting within my laptop under the Privacy settings. Does Chromecast have some sort of GPS locator?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Eddie. There are two things you must take into consideration when trying to bypass MLB blackouts on Chromecast. First, you need to setup Smart DNS or VPN on your router. Additionally, you need to block Google DNS on your router by setting up static routes as explained here

      1. I was able to successfully block the Google DNS on my router and confirmed this by pinging and received “Timed Out”

        However, I am not sure what you mean by setting up a Smart DNS or VPN on my router. I am currently using an Asus TM-AC1900 router?

        Thanks again for your help!

        1. Hi!
          I’m just looking for a response to my previous comment. Any help would be appreciated?

          Thanks :)

  7. Hello,
    Is it necessary to clear my browser every day before signing onto And do I need to restart my laptop as well?

    1. Hi Tony. No that should only be necessary in case you’re having trouble bypassing MLB blackouts. Otherwise, there’s no need.

  8. FWIW, here’s my experience with ExpressVPN and ChromeOS: 1) installing was fairly easy although you have to use the “manual” so it is not as quick and easy as for other OSes that do an auto-install. 2) Their tech support is excellent. However, I spent nearly an hour chatting with them and we could not make ExpressVPN work with my nearly-new Acer 571 Chromebook. 3) They quickly replied to my request for a refund and did not question it at all.

  9. is there a vpn that works on several devices at once? i have windows laptops, iphones, ipads, mac books, xboxes (360 & one), tvs?
    particularly, would like to use iphones to view mlb tv/at bat app while driving (would be on LTE not wifi)

    1. Hi Tracy. ExpressVPN allow up to 3 simultaneous VPN connections. Keep in mind that due to the fact the MLB TV at Bat app on iPhone uses location services. That means you cannot bypass blackouts on that particular device.

  10. I am watching a blacked out game right now…here is how:

    Android, rooted/bootloader unlocked running older Cm version (when they still had the switch for Allow Mock Locations that you could turn on and off)

    Any VPN app (PIA, ExpressVPN, etc.)
    FakeGPS app

    – Turn OFF Allow Mock Locations under Developer Options
    – Turn on VPN and use a city or location outside of the blackout area
    – Turn on FakeGPS and select a location that matches the same location as the VPN selection (you have to be careful here)
    – Open At Bat and choose your game

    The problem with newer versions of stock Android and custom ROMs is that they removed the Allow Mock Locations selector in Developer Options and replaced it with “Select mock location app”. The At Bat app checks if mock locations are turned on and will give you an error.

    I keep an older phone around with an old ROM installed on it just so I can watch the games.

    1. it has applied in past years. In other words, even though your local team is on the free game of the day, you still can’t watch it on mlb TV.

  11. Sorry if this has been discussed already. I have Apple TV and would like to use VPN so I can watch my blacked out team. Does Apple TV use gps info like the iPhone and iPad? Is there anything else I should be aware of?

  12. I’m using Scotshost vpn to view MLB but the stream is so choppy (randomly speeds up/ slows down to be almost unwatchable. Speed test tells me I’m getting 16mbps download even over the the vpn (which should be plenty, right?). Any thoughts? Could it be a latency or buffering issue? The mlb player doesn’t appear to have an settings to reduce the pic quality or buffer for longer. It always seems to cut out just before a pitch!!

    1. Hello Matt. Have you tried connecting to a VPN server closes to your location. Alternatively, you could give Smart DNS a try. Your Internet speed will not be affected in that case.

  13. At the start of this baseball season using Express VPN to watch RedSox games on MLB.TV it worked as long as I chose a location on the other side of the US. After a couple months no matter what USA location I chose with Express VPN, MLBTV told me it determined I was in the local broadcast area.
    So yes using Express VPN you now need to choose a location outside the USA, though a couple of times when using Mexico I have received the you are in local area message too. I now use some in Europe & the UK and so far it’s been fine.
    Desktop pc running Win 10 pro.

    1. Unlocator worked for me for all of 2015 and, up till now, this season (LA Dodgers). Today I cannot view on either my MacBook Pro, or my desktop PC. My setup is correct (3 green checks), so something is up.

      1. Hi Greg. Your right. There was an issue with Unlocator regarding However, the issue seems to have been resolved now. I’ll keep an eye on tonight’s game to see how it goes.

        1. I received a reply from Unlocator support saying they are aware of the problem with MLBtv and have a fix they are applying. I’ll see today if the fix is successful….

  14. thegirlwiththepurplecane

    I downloaded ExpressVPN and have it set to dallas. It says it’s connected and I am using Chrome but when I go to watch the Yanks (I live in NYC) I get this message “We’re sorry. We have determined that you are blacked out of watching the game you selected, due to television broadcaster restrictions. An archive copy of the game will be available 90 minutes after the game ends” can you help?

      1. I have unlocator and it works great on my AppleTV but I cannot get it to work on my MacBook. I get the blackout notice every time. Tried changing region to Mexico, everything. I have to DNS properly inputted according to unlocator.

  15. Like others, I used a VPN-enabled router for the 2015 Season, but this season has prompted splash screens of “unable to determine your location” blackouts from both MLB and Netflix. I’ve checked the settings on my router and they are valid and working. Please advise. Thank you

  16. I am trying to use Unlocator for my Apple TV. I entered the DNS information manually, but now I can’t watch any live feeds. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

  17. Hi! I used Unlocator successfully for the entire 2015 MLB season. I loved it. Tried to get on this year and I am having issues. Netflix now has a pop up that recognizes that I am using a location blocker and requires me to turn it off before I can watch. When I go to watch an MLB game, it offers me the video feed, lets me select it and just as it’s about to load, sends me to a login or sign up for account offer , as if I am not logged in. This same loop happens even if I login repeatedly. I am afraid that these companies have found a way to keep out those who have worked around GPS location services. Anyone else having this problem and even more important, can we fix it??

    1. Hi AJ. Unlocator do have a workaround for the Netflix Proxy issue. You can contact their support for more info. As for, on what device are you trying to watch it?

    2. Unlocator is not working for me either with MLB. I’m using a macbook pro and they recently introduced a beta dns server that was supposed to fix the problem but so far has not.

      1. The beta DNS isn’t necessary for You can also use their original DNS. Make sure you log into your Unlocator account and have three green check marks.

  18. I installed unlocator on my router with my location in Mexico I want to watch MLB TV on their app on the Samsung smart TV well I experience any problems with blackouts

        1. Hi. It is impossible to bypass MLB.TV blackouts on iOS and Android based devices including Fire TV due to the fact these devices use location services.

  19. What setup would work best if I connect my laptop to the internet using the mobile hotspot feature on my Verizon Android phone? Can I use VPN on my laptop to get around MLB blackouts or do I still need to somehow disable the GPS on my phone?

    1. Hi Dennis. Given that the does use GPS location services, it will be difficult to bypass MLB blackouts on your phone without disabling GPS first, no matter which method you choose.

  20. With an iPad– if I subscribed to unlocator and then had the gps device jailed or rooted, I’d be able to watch mlb games on the iPad?

  21. Hello I am going to subscribe to unlocator and purchase mlbtv. I noticed it has the option of buying 1 team. Would you recommend this to save a little money while using unlocator? My thoughts are mlb might notice you are say subscribed to the San Francisco giants yet your location is Chicago and your billing address is in California. Should I just opt for the whole mlb tv package to be safe? Thanks!

      1. Thanks Isso. I am reading all these comments where they purchase unlocator and it works for awhile then suddenly there games are blacked out again. I am thinking that MLB caught on to their billing address being different then the location their internet is showing verses what team they are subscribed to and they shut it down. Like someone is subscribed to the San Francisco Giants but their IP is showing Texas and there billing address is in Sam Francisco,CA. Is there anyone on here who only subscribed to 1 team season access that this didn’t happen to? I am debating on either purchasing the full mlb subscription VS only 1 team access.

        1. As far as I’m aware, the billing address is not the deciding factor of whether you are blacked out or not but rather the location you are at. Having used Unlocator for quite a while, I was able to bypass blackouts on most streaming devices bar the ones that use location services such as iOS or Android-based devices.

          1. Troy D Patterson (@TroyPatterson)

            agreed. If you are buying the Red Sox package to watch Red Sox games when you travel then your billing address would still be Boston, but not breaking any rules by watching in NY.

  22. I had subscribed to a VPN after purchasing the MLB.TV subscription in August. For a few weeks it worked for me to see my team’s games on my laptop, but the past few weeks I’ve tried and it is giving me the blackout notice. I’ve tried switching the VPN location to different areas of the US and overseas, but the same thing happens. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or did the MLB people switch something in the way they detect your location?

  23. Mlb at bat claims I have poor bandwidth. Will a VPN help with all the buffering that goes on when I try to watch a MLB live game?

    1. It might, if you can get a VPN server in a non blackout location that is still close to you it will change the route your ISP uses and result in improved throughput, it is a bit weird that MLB claims you have poor BW, unless you are in a farm somewhere on a farm in the middle of the desert where fast speed Internet access is not the norm.

    1. Yes, but in order to get it working you have to setup VPN on your PC and share its connection with the PS3. Or, you could setup VPN on your router if it’s compatible.
      The easier road in this case would be using Smart DNS.

  24. Just yesterday I tried the “unlocator” method on MLB’s free game which would have been blacked out for me. I’m on a locked Uverse router so I had to enter DNS info on the specific laptop. It took forever to (partially) load. Finally loaded the icons, etc but never managed the video itself. Color me disappointed (and bitter about MLB’s asanine policy)

  25. I have been trying to avoid blackouts on my Roku. I have a VPN enabled router. I have configured it to connect to a location def not in blackout range. (I’ve used this location on my laptop, so I know for sure it works correctly.) Any ideas why it still registers the blackouts? Is it maybe referencing my billing address on Roku? Is my second router (NOT VPN enabled) interfering?

    1. Hi
      If you are sure that the Roku is connecting to the VPN enabled router there should not be any issues at all. You can use the Smart DNS free trial above to verify.

  26. I have been using a VPN for blacked out Dodger games. It has been working fine, but suddenly it’s not. I am not blacked out again. Any ideas?

    1. it shoudl work just fine, try changing to another city where neither the home or away teams are playing

  27. I am connected to a VPN on my laptop and is still detecting that I am within the blackout zone. I have not had any issues until today and I have tried connecting to multiple out of market cities to no avail.

  28. I think MLB asks for my address along with credit card info–does this present any problems when using VPN or DNS? Thanks, TC

    1. For Android try rooting and GPS location faking. Pre April 2014 I assume but it might force you to upgrade.

  29. MLB IPad app will not play video if you don’t enable location services. It only uses that to determine where you are so unless you can fake your GPS location none of the suggestions above will work.

  30. Unfortunately, this does NOT work with the MLB app for devices. The location locator must be turned on to access MLB, and it ALWAYS knows where you are. So while it will work on computers, this does NOT work on devices like an iPad or iPhone.

      1. Try installed “Fake GPS” app to spof your location. It worked for me at first, but now it’s not (didn’t use vpn)

    1. You should be able to use VPN ,if you want to use Smart DNS make sure you can change DNS, on some models you can.

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