Best VPN for Phoenix

The City of Phoenix is known all over the US as the only state capital with over 1 million residents. All of its residents and tourists can enjoy a safe and unlimited online experience if they use a VPN. This Arizonian city is famous for tourists, students, and employees alike. So, if you’re planning on moving or making a trip to Phoenix, you’re going to need a VPN. I’m going to explain all about the best VPNs for Phoneix below.

Best VPN for Phoenix
Best VPN for Phoenix

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Reasons for a VPN in Phoenix

To put this as plainly as possible: Phoenix happens to be a US city. In general, the US is one of the worst non-dictatorships when it comes to online monitoring and surveillance. They even founded the 5 Eyes, which goes very far in explaining why you’d need to protect your data and traffic there.

However, if you use a VPN, you pretty much give yourself the protection you need online. Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN’s primary goal is data protection. This is possible thanks to getting traffic rerouted through a secure server. By using their servers, VPNs afford their users a private internet connection. In other words, neither the government nor your ISP will be able to monitor what you do online.

VPNs also spoof your IP to match the server you’re connected to. This means that you can use your VPN to unblock regionally restricted content, hide your true location online, and access state-based sports channels at ease.

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Best VPN for Phoenix

As you can see, you really need a VPN when in Phoenix. Bear in mind the following when you’re on the hunt for a new VPN provider:

  • How will the VPN affect your internet speed? In general, all VPNs slow your internet connection down. That’s because they have to re-route all of your traffic. However, some VPNs have optimized their servers to limit the loss of speed as much as possible. You will find VPN providers that slow your internet down to impossible speeds, but you’ll also find VPNs that barely do that at all.
  • Does the VPN offer enough servers for you to unblock as much content as you want? It’s not about the server number here, per se, but more about the server locations. The more wide-spread the servers are, the better it is for anyone wanting to stay anonymous and unblock geo-restricted content.
  • Is the VPN’s privacy policy clear and concise? You need a VPN with a transparent privacy policy that dictates everything that happens with your data. In the policy, you should be looking for proof that the VPN doesn’t keep any logs on your VPN connection. As for the obligatory registration logs, look for a VPN that works on aggregated data, since that data cannot be linked to any individual user.

Our VPN experts have already done all of the research. Here are the best VPNs you can use in Phoenix, Arizona:


ExpressVPN provides consistent performances thanks to its vast server network. With over 2000 servers in 94 countries, you get to connect from any part of the world without having to worry about slow server speeds or stuttering. This provider is globally known as the best VPN provider on the market. Its zero-logs policy and military-grade encryptions make ExpressVPN a secure provider.

It’s also one of the few services that offer a free Smart DNS feature. You can reach out for help from the provider’s five-star customer support via live chat. There’s a kill switch feature that guarantees your IP address doesn’t get exposed if your connection drops. Finally, there’s a 30-day refund policy, which you can make use of to test out the service before you sign up for it. You can get more information about ExpressVPN in this review.

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Just because BulletVPN is the final pick doesn’t mean it’s not as good as the ones listed above. The provider doesn’t differ from top-tier VPNs with its security offerings. It has some of the best security-based features like a kill switch, military-grade encryptions, and the use of PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv1, and IKEv2 protocols.

BulletVPN has around 154 servers in 55 countries, making it an easy task for you to unblock geo-restricted content anywhere. Just like ExpressVPN and NordVPN offers a free Smart DNS, 24/7 live chat support, and 30-day refund policy. Reading more about in this BulletVPN review, you will understand how good of a VPN it is.

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My third choice for a VPN in Phoenix is NordVPN. What’s impressive about NordVPN is its huge server network. With more than 3500+ servers in 59 countries, NordVPN beats out ExpressVPN’s server network. With offerings like DNS leak protection, a kill switch, 2048-bit SSL encryptions, and a double VPN feature proves that it’s a security-oriented VPN.

For instance, users’ data get encrypted twice instead of once. Customer support is available 24/7 in case anyone needed help. The 30-day refund policy also makes users more comfortable about using the VPN service provider. You can get more information about NordVPN in the following review.

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Best VPN for Phoenix – Final Thoughts

Remember, a VPN will only do so much when it comes to your security. You need to make sure that you’re not using it for any illegal activities. Also, you have to be extra careful when navigating malware-ridding links that you find online or in malicious emails.

All that aside, which VPN caught your attention? And which one do you think you will use while you’re in Phoenix. Don’t leave this page before dropping your picks in the comment section below.

Best VPN for Phoenix

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