Best VPN for WordPress

WordPress is one of the preferred platforms among webmasters for website creation. This popularity has clearly not gone unnoticed by unethical hackers. As WordPress is an open-source platform, hackers can easily find out vulnerabilities in the code to launch sophisticated attacks. However, there are some effective techniques to protect your WordPress sites from the attack of such hackers. A major hurdle faced by users with a WordPress site is an attack by spammers. As a webmaster, you might be impressed with the comments feature offered by the WordPress platform and you encourage your website visitors to interact and post their feedback. But moderation of these comments can be significantly time-consuming, and also you may not have enough time to monitor the security of your website.

Best VPN for WordPress

Best VPN for WordPress

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Increased WordPress Security with Fast VPNs

A proven and effective technique to protect your WordPress site from malicious attacks is to deploy a fast VPN. This allows webmasters to conceal their original IP address and remain anonymous while logging in to the admin panel for managing their website. Hackers might not be able to trace your IP address and cannot detect your login as well. This gives you an additional layer of protection from hackers and sophisticated malware.

Unlike traditional VPN services, a fast VPN does not reduce your Internet speed or slow down the loading of your website which is a sterling advantage. You can access your WordPress admin dashboard conveniently using the VPN service.

The fast VPN can encrypt all your data traffic which is tunneled through a VPN server. This makes your connection secure and anonymous. Hackers will not be able to use promiscuous monitoring tools for eavesdropping on your website traffic or performing any Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Protecting your website from such malicious attacks is simply critical. 

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Best VPN for WordPress Users


ExpressVPN has a sophisticated network of VPN servers distributed across 94 countries and 145 locations across the world. They use the highest encryption standard to keep your data traffic secure from any attacks or eavesdropping.

ExpressVPN has customized apps designed for WordPress users and available all platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Android. They also allow users to switch between different VPN servers based on their choice.

The service also permits the use of peer-to-peer file-sharing services like BitTorrent without any bandwidth restrictions. Your privacy is assured with ExpressVPN since they maintain a strict zero-logging policy.


BulletVPN is a popular name among WordPress users because of its reputation as one of the most reliable and powerful VPN services. The BulletVPN app has a very simple and user-friendly interface which makes it easy to handle for novice and experienced users alike.

They have a vast network of more than 150 VPN servers and hundreds of shared IP addresses which are spread across fifty-five nations worldwide. The VPN application offers you recommendations of fast and nearby VPN servers.

The VPN tunnel encrypts all your traffic using the 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm which is the most secure in the industry.

They also strictly maintain a zero-log policy and you don’t have to worry about your online activities getting tracked by them. It is preferred by the majority of the WordPress users because of its reliable infrastructure, higher bandwidth, and robust network.


NordVPN is yet another reputed VPN service provider which has VPN servers spread across 59 countries. They also provide user-friendly and intuitive Apps suitable for all platforms. Users can instantly connect to their VPN service and toggle between various geographic regions to conceal their actual location and IP address.

They also use 256-bit AES encryption for protecting your data from hackers and eavesdroppers. All these features make NordVPN an ideal choice for WordPress users.


This is another equally sought-after VPN service among WordPress users with a strong network that spans across 65 nations. It offers the best possible encryption standards to all its customers without any bandwidth limitations.  

They also provide a Smart DNS service that helps users to circumvent censorship and watch your favorite videos without affecting the bandwidth. The customers can also use SurfShark’s CleanWeb to surf the internet without being bombarded with ads or affected by malicious software.

The SurfShark application is available in different versions suitable for Android, iOS and Windows platform. With SurfShark, you can connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously to VPN servers using the same VPN account.

No Single ‘Best VPN for WordPress’

Every user has their own security requirements and every VPN service provider has its own advantages and drawbacks. You can choose a reliable VPN service which matches your security needs and provides the features which are suitable for you. 

If you have any questions related to using WordPress with a VPN, you can contact WordPress support and they can resolve any technical issues you may face while configuring a VPN connection for your WordPress site.

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