BitDefender’s MortalKombat Decryptor – Free File Recovery

Ransomware attacks have reached a new high in recent times, costing big companies millions to decrypt their sensitive files. However, security firms decided to put an end to this and started creating decryptors for various ransomware families. It started with Avast’s solution for Hades, and now, BitDefender’s one for MortalKombat.

MortalKombat Ransomware Decryptor

BitDefender is one of the biggest security firms in the world. Its main goal is to shield users from malicious practices such as implementing ransomware.

MortalKombat is a dangerous ransomware family, and finally, the firm found a way out. Everyone can get this free MortalKombat ransomware decryptor to regain access to their files. How is this implemented? How effective is this decryptor? We’ve discussed everything below.

BitDefender vs. MortalKombat – Finish It

As we mentioned, ransomware attacks can be very devastating to companies as they tend to pay millions in exchange for reaccessing their encrypted files.

Avast was the first to declare that no one is going down without a fight, and the security firm did deliver. Aside from a Hades’ decryptor, a couple of months ago, Avast also released a tool that allows BianLian victims to save and retrieve their files without paying a penny.

BitDefender decided to join this war against ransomware families, and it kicked it off with a MortalKombat decryptor.

MortalKombat is dangerous. It encrypts files, alters the desktop wallpaper, drops a .txt that shows how to decrypt the files, and modifies filenames.

MortalKombat Ransomware
Source: PCRisk

This particular ransomware is based on Xorist, but it functions like any other. It doesn’t focus on specific users. Instead, the threat actors behind it target random users with phishing emails that contain malicious ZIP attachments with embedded BAT loader scripts

Once the scripts are downloaded and installed, MortalKombat will retrieve the ransomware binary and the Laplas Clipper. Once that is done, they’ll take root in the system.

Now, BitDefender says: Not Anymore, MortalKombat! The security firm concocted a new decryptor that allows this ransomware’s victims to retrieve their files – at no cost.

BitDefender Decryptor

The decryptor is pretty easy to use – no installation is needed. All the victims have to do is give it a scan in order to locate the files infected by MortalKombat.

In some instances, the victim has to specify where the encrypted data is, but that rarely occurs. Regardless, the results are the same: MortalKombat-free systems.

Aside from that, decryption sometimes causes file damage. Well, not with BitDefender. This new tool allows users to back up their encrypted files in case anything goes south. They don’t want to end up with corrupted and irrecoverable data, after all.

MortalKombat Ransomware Decryptor – System Fatality No More

Thanks to security teams such as Avast and BitDefender, we’re one step closer to ridding the world of ransomware families one by one.

There’s still a lot more out in the open, but it’s a step. If you got hit with MortalKombat, make sure to use BitDefender’s decryptor to retrieve your files and decrypt them. It’s time to say no to ransomware.

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