Why You Should Use A VPN With Instagram

There are few things more powerful than social media today besides the power of God. Social media has the same power today that newspapers and traditional journalism enjoyed back in the day. In those times, news stories first appeared in newspapers.

Do I Need a VPN for Instagram?

Why You Should Use A VPN With Instagram

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A New Era

Today, social media is where the latest news first appears. People do not much care about newspapers or journalists anymore.

What they do care about is social media. Once somebody shares a post on social media, it only takes seconds for it to go viral. It’s something that people are often afraid of. But it also serves as a powerful marketing and promotion tool.

People turn to social media networks like Facebook to share everything; from written posts to images and videos. Then there are some social media applications that users turn to strictly for images. Instagram is the most popular image sharing application today, especially among the younger population.

From self-shots to photos from recent travels, the images you upload to Instagram get maximum visibility. Users can even share images of their artwork, poems, and other creative endeavors to get instant popularity and celebrity status.

However, Instagram can also be used for other purposes, such as business marketing by sharing company images, and for editing images by adding various filters and captions.

But like many other social media platforms, Instagram comes with its own share of downsides. This makes using a virtual private network with Instagram the right thing to do.

Instagram Popularity

As one of the first image and video editing and sharing applications, Instagram gained instant popularity. Although Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created the ultra-popular social media app back in 2010, Facebook has bought it for $1 billion since. This means it’s vulnerable to the same security threats as its parent company.

Nonetheless, Instagram enjoys massive popularity all over the world; thanks to the features that no other social media application offers. Aside from regular image and video uploads, there’s also Instagram Stories, a feature borrowed heavily from Snapchat, wherein shared images vanish after 24 hours.

Users can also geo-tag their content, create albums, and control who can see their posts. It has been proven time and again that images and videos get more attention and visibility compared to written updates.

Those who simply do not have enough time to read long posts swear by Instagram because it’s all about visual content.

Instagram for Business

There is a special feature called Instagram Business that allows entrepreneurs and organizations to create a business profile to engage with existing and potential customers. This feature is much like the one offered by Facebook and Google but it relies mostly on images and videos. In the beginning, Instagram did not have specific features for businesses.

Now that it does, Instagram has witnessed a rise in the number of users because businesses and entrepreneurs can also use the application for marketing and promotion.

The only problem is that social media giant restricts many options and features depending upon the location of the user.

This makes it inconvenient if the user is traveling or wants to access features available to users in specific regions. This is when a VPN comes to the rescue. If you have the Instagram app, the wise thing is to also have a VPN app because it makes using the service easier and more convenient.

The Downsides

Instagram is owned by Facebook Inc. In the light of Facebook’s recent scandals, this raises a serious red flag.

It also means that everything you share automatically goes to Facebook. As with WhatsApp, Instagram is also intrinsically linked to Facebook and no privacy setting can prevent your data from being shared with the parent company.

It isn’t surprising that Instagram is plagued by targeted advertisements and content restrictions based on location. If you are visiting a country like China with a heavily censored Internet, you will not be able to use Instagram or any other social networking application.

That means updating your status from the Great Wall of China is completely impossible within the Chinese mainland.

There are also features that are available only in specific regions. Some features may only be available in the US while some may be available in Asia. This region-based accessibility restriction is similar to that of Netflix and Amazon Video.

However, people are always looking for ways to bypass these restrictions, and the VPN is the unanimous choice for most.

VPN Benefits

There are several reasons why you might want to use a VPN with Instagram. First and foremost, if you don’t want to see targeted ads, you have to anonymize your IP address

This is possible only with a VPN. A virtual private network passes the Internet traffic not via the server of the ISP but via the secure VPN server.

This means the data is encrypted and cannot fall into unauthorized hands. Users also notice a dramatic improvement in connection speed upon using a VPN.

Besides, if you travel to a country like China, you will not be able to access Instagram. By installing a reliable VPN on your device, you can access all your favorite applications. At the same time, you’re keeping your connection anonymous. By using a VPN, you are also able to block trackers and cookies, clearing the clutter from your browser and browsing the application safely.

Not using a VPN in today’s day and time is impractical. Besides enhancing your Instagram experience, a VPN also protects your data and gives you the kind of privacy no longer available with the Internet.

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