Here’s How to Make Your Internet Speed Faster

These days, people rely on the Internet for even the most basic purposes. From finding a cab to shopping for groceries, mundane, everyday things also require the Internet now for many people.

Here’s How to Make Your Internet Speed Faster

Here’s How to Make Your Internet Speed Faster

A couple of decades ago, the Internet was required only for professional uses. Not everyone had a computer at home, and the Internet wasn’t a basic necessity. However, today the Internet is not only used for professional purposes but also for everyday uses.

Speed Matters

This means the Internet speed is of utmost importance. Speed is what makes one provider different from another. Speed is what makes users choose one provider over another. Internet speed is of two types: download speed and upload speed.

Download speed is the speed of data transfer from the Internet to the user’s computer, while upload speed is the speed of the data transfer from the user’s computer to any other website.

Most people measure their Internet speed depending on their download speed. But both upload and download speeds are equally important.

The rate at which data reaches you and the rate at which data reaches from you to another computer or website are both important. Whether you are watching Netflix (House of Cards is amazing) or communicating with clients, internet speed can make or break your online experience.

Here’s How to Make Your Internet Speed Faster

Here’s How to Make Your Internet Speed Faster

Reasons Behind Slow Internet Connections

When internet speed is slow, users tend to blame their ISPs. There are times when the internet service provider deliberately restricts speed, but there are also other reasons why the speed may be slow. Instead of blaming your service provider at first, try out the following ways to fix your internet speed.

Secure Your Network

If you use WiFi and your Internet speed is slow, it’s time to check how secure your WiFi actually is. Not many users are aware that their network could be vulnerable to theft. This is mostly the case with WiFi routers that aren’t password protected.

If yours isn’t password protected, it’s time to run a check and find out if others are tapping into your network and using your Internet connection. This isn’t unusual or surprising – open WiFi is always used by random people.

This causes the Internet speed to drastically drop. Whether or not anyone else is using your connection, it’s always a wise decision to protect your WiFi network with a strong password.

Do a Cleanup

Unnecessary load on your device can also limit your internet speed. Most people forget to clean their computers at regular intervals to remove applications that could be eating into the internet speed.

There are often tons of background applications that could be using the internet, and eating into the speed.

These include security updates, Windows updates, push notifications, media player pop-ups, Skype and Hangouts, open website tabs, and so on. In order to boost your Internet speed, you should remove applications you no longer use and shut down the ones that you don’t use regularly. If you are currently using a Mac, for instance, you can use the following steps to check which apps are eating up your bandwidth:

  1. First, open the Launchpad on your Mac.
  2. Next, search for ‘Activity Monitor’.
  3. Launch the Activity Monitor and select ‘Network’ from the menu.
  4. From here, you will easily be able to monitor how much each of the apps you are running is consuming your bandwidth.

Check for Malware

In many cases, Internet users aren’t even aware if there is malware on their device. Malware isn’t always dangerous.

There are types of malware that aren’t going to ruin your device or corrupt your files. Instead, they just sit on your device quietly collecting your data and sending it to the developer of the malware. They also are adept at something else – drastically reducing your internet speed.

If you have cleaned up your computer shut down all background applications and also password protected your Wi-Fi network, and still find that your Internet speed is not fast, you should probably check your device for malware that you are not aware of. Malware uses up your internet speed to send virus-embedded files to others.

Running a scan on your computer and removing malware is one of the easiest ways to increase your internet speed.

Move Router Obstructions

When you are using a Wi-Fi router, the challenge is to put it in a place that does not create any obstruction to the signal. There is always something or the other that can obstruct the broadband signal of your Wi-Fi router.

Walls, doors, thick blinds, and even other Internet-enabled devices in the house can create obstructions to the signal. This is one potential reason behind slow Internet speed. Generally, a router should be placed somewhere high up, so that it faces the least obstruction.

You could put it on top of a bookshelf, but do not make the mistake of putting it somewhere like a cupboard. You could get a smart router that adjusts according to the interference.

Switch your Internet Provider

Some Internet providers are notorious for their slow speed. If you are using one such provider and none of the methods above have improved the speed, it’s time to change your service. However, before choosing a provider, make sure to read customer reviews to find out if they actually provide the speed that they claim to.

Use a VPN

A virtual private network not only provides you with all-round internet security but also helps improve your internet speed. Internet service providers have the power to restrict bandwidth and speed depending on the website or application that you use.

But they are able to do it only if they get to see your IP address. A VPN keeps you anonymous on the internet and also prevents the internet traffic from passing through the server of your service provider.

Your service provider has no clue about your internet activities when you are using a VPN. This means they cannot restrict your bandwidth or speed based on your internet activities.

Improving Your Internet Speed – Final Thoughts

Buffering rage affects over 50% of Internet consumers. Not being able to access the content you want immediately when you want has become a problem of the digital age. Have you tried any of the tips we have suggested above to enhance your download speeds? Are there any tricks that we have missed? Make sure to share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

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