How to Fix VPN Error 809 on Windows 10

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is of great significance to Internet users. It is a one-stop solution for Internet safety and privacy needs. With privacy breaches and data theft increasing by the day, a large section of Internet users now rely on VPNs to provide safety and privacy to online activities. VPNs are used for a number of reasons. They provide anonymity and safety to all kinds of online activities, make downloads safer and bypass geo-restrictions by hiding the original IP address of the user. In countries where the Internet is restricted, users utilize the help of VPNs to freely access the Internet.

How to Fix VPN Error 809 on Windows 10

How to Fix VPN Error 809 on Windows 10

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A VPN is an application that needs to be installed on a computer or mobile device. Once activated, a VPN routes all traffic between the device and the VPN server through a secure tunnel. This process is called tunneling, by means of which all traffic is encrypted. 

Only the device and the secure VPN server have the key code to decrypt the traffic. Anyone else, even if they sneak into the network, will not be able to read the contents. This is why a VPN is a must when using public WiFi. Hackers are effectively kept at bay when using a VPN.

But sometimes, VPNs face little issues that result in failure to connect. When the connection to the server fails, an error message is displayed. One such common error on Windows devices is VPN error 809. Let’s take a look at what this error is, and how to fix it.

What is the VPN error 809?

If you use a Windows device and use a VPN, then it isn’t uncommon to get the 809 error message. This happens when Windows does not let you establish a VPN through your firewall. If you don’t use a firewall but are on a NAT device, this error may occur.

Network Address Translation (NAT) is meant for IP address conservation. It allows private IP networks with unregistered IP addresses to connect to the internet. NAT usually operates on a router, connecting two or more networks together, and converts the unregistered network into legal addresses.

NAT allows a single device like a router to act as a channel between the public network (the internet) and the private network (local network). This means that only a single unique IP address represents an entire group of devices.

Since NAT devices translate network traffic in a different way, it is common to get the error message when the server is behind a NAT device and the IPsec NAT-T environment.

Some of the signs of VPN error 809 is the error message. If you are using the L2TP protocol, and you cannot, you get the error message saying, “The network connection between your computer and the VPN server could not be established.”

When this error occurs, there are a few ways to resolve it:

1. Enable the ports on your router or firewall

The VPN error 809 usually occurs when the PPTP port, the port L2TP or the IKEv2 port are blocked by the firewall or router. In this case, enabling the port on the firewall or the router solves the issue.

If that isn’t possible, then the SSTP or OpenVPN based VPN tunnel should be deployed to allow the VPN connection to connect despite the firewall, NAT, and proxy servers.

2. Disable Xbox live networking services

When you use Windows 10, sometimes the antivirus can be incompatible with the operating system, making it refuse IPsec connections.

When a Windows 10 service blocks access to the L2TP or IPsec VPN, the problem can be resolved by typing “services” in the search box, then click on “Services” from search results, and disable Xbox Live Networking Services. Your VPN connection should work and the error should disappear.

3. Check PAP settings

Follow these steps to confirm that your PAP settings are configured correctly.

  1. first, click “Start” and select Settings.
  2. Next, select Network and Internet and choose “VPN”.
  3. Next, you have to add a VPN by providing connection name, username, and password.
  4. After that from the Properties tab, select Security, then Advanced Settings.
  5. Under Authentication, choose “Allow these protocols” and then tick only the PAP box.

Once you restart your computer, the error should be gone.

4. Disable third-party apps

All too often, third-party apps on the device may cause connection problems for the VPN. You may have to individually find out which app is causing the problem, but once you disable that app, the error should be gone.

A VPN is such a useful and important application that any issue with it creates a lot of problems for the user. Error 809 is a common VPN problem that every user will face from time to time. Follow these simple steps to find out the root cause and resolve the issue.


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