How to Bypass Geo Restrictions and Location Errors

Is it possible to get around geo location blocks? Geo restrictions and Location errors are pretty common these days. You are trying to purchase an item or service online. Or you are trying to stream your favorite movie. Then you get an error stating that your geographic location does not allow you to either access the site at hand or watch your favorite show. I had the same problem, so I looked at alternatives to spoof my location or change my IP address in order to unblock geo-restricted content.  So I created the simple guide below with tricks and hacks to avoid geographic restrictions. This works in UK, Australia, Canada and anywhere else on the globe 
Bypass geo restrictions and location errors in a few minutes

Bypass geo restrictions and location errors in a few minutes

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Bypass Geo Restriction errors – The basics

Here are some common geo-errors you might come across when trying to watch a channel that is not available in your region.

  • “You are not allowed to watch this video: Geo Fencing Restriction.”
  • “We’re sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed within the United States.”
  • “To access HBO GO, you must reside within the fifty states of the United States of America.”
  • “Geographic restrictions apply (1005). This video isn’t available. Due to licensing restrictions, we can only offer this video to our United States customers.”
  • “Error CodeINVALID_GEO_IP”
  • Sorry, You Cannot View This Content from your Location.
  • The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available in Your Country
  • “Content Unavailable. The content currently unavailable in your region.” 
  • This video is geo-restricted.
  • The content you are trying to view is not available in your country due to rights restrictions.
  • There was an error loading the video.
  • This video may have expired or is otherwise not available.

Based on my research, you have two reliable choices, either VPN or SmartDNS, to avoid geolocation errors. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. I will sum it up for you below.

VPN Solutions to Get Around Geo Location Errors

Unlike Smart DNS, all your Internet traffic is redirected through a secure remote server when you are using VPN. This allows you to completely hide your IP address and appear to be browsing the web while located in a different region of your choice. Your Internet speed can get negatively affected if you are using cheap, unreliable VPN services.

  1. All your traffic is encrypted
  2. All your traffic appears from one location chosen. So you can unblock ALL sites for a specific country such as USA or UK
  3. Does not work on all devices, unless your router supports VPN. However, the provider I use does provide easy to use apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows.
  4. Unlike Smart DNS, local sites that check location will break, as you now appear to be coming from the VPN server country.
  5. VPN will actively spoof your IP. Your location and online IP will change for all sites and services that you visit online.
  6. Your ISP does not know the final destination of your traffic and it can’t interfere with your traffic. As a result of Transparent proxies, DNS Hijacking, Sniffing and Eavesdropping by ISPs and otherwise won’t work.

Below is a list of VPN providers, tested and assessed based on speed, reliability and support quality. 

Last Updated Yesterday  
RankVPN ProviderLink


Smart DNS Proxy to Bypass Geo Restrictions

Smart DNS proxies only partially redirect your Internet traffic. In simple terms, only the URLs which reveal your location to the streaming service you wish to unblock are affected. The rest of your Internet connection remains untouched. This approach has both its benefits and disadvantages. For one, you only get to unblock the channels the Smart DNS proxy service you are using supports. On the other hand, you will not notice a change in your Internet speed. Here’s a list of Smart DNS pros and cons.

  1. You only need to change the DNS setting on your router
  2. Your traffic is not all encrypted, so traffic is not anonymous.
  3. You gain more speed as not all traffic has to go to the remote VPN server. This also means that not all of your traffic is spoofed.
  4. You can change Netflix regions using a drop-down box if your DNS Proxy provider supports it.
  5. Make sure the site or channel you want to unblock is supported by the Smart DNS proxy you choose.
  6. All your devices are supported Apple TV, Roku, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, LG, OS x, Panasonic, Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TV, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Roku, Samsung, Sony, Ubuntu, WD TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows. See Video and Picture guides for setup here.
  7. If your ISP applies DNS Hijacking and/or Transparent Proxies. Smart DNS Proxies won’t work for you.

I personally have tested and I am still using Unlocator. They sport great speeds, 220 channels and growing, a Netflix region changer and a free 7-day trial. I also did do a performance review on Unlocator, that shows they have the fastest servers in the business.

List of Channels That Have Geo-Restrictions

If you are still in doubt whether you need to bypass a geolocation restriction. Here is a list of sites that are known to have geo restrictions :  ABC, Adult Swim, Al Jazeera Sports, Are TV, A&E, Amazon Instant Video, AMC HD, Animal Planet, AOL TV, ARTE, Australian OPen, BBC iPlayer, BeIN Sports, BET Networks, BlinkBox, T20, Big Pond Video, Bloomberg, Bravo, Canal+, Cartoon Network, cbbc, CBC Television, CBS, Channel 4, CityTV, Comedy Central, Crackle Crunchy Roll, CTV, The CW, Deezer, Channel 5, Discovery, ABC Family, Disney Channel, DMAX, Dramafever, the Food Network, FOX, France 2 / 3/ 4/ 5 and France TV, FX, Global, Google Play, HBO, HGTV, History Channel, Hulu Plus, ITV, Lovefilm, Marvel, Max GO, MLB, MLS, MOG, MTV, Much, National Geographic, NBA tv, Netflix, NFL direct, NHL, NIckelodeon, Now TV, Pandora, PBS, PlayOn, Rhapsody, RDE, S4C, Showtime, Sky Italia, Sky Go uk, Speed, Spike TV, Sportsnet, Spotify, Star Sports, STV,, Syfy, tbs, TCM, Televisa, ten, ten sport,, tsn sports, turntable,, 3, UFC, Universal Sports, USA network, UTV, VH1, Vudu, Wat, WWE, Zattoo

Bypass geo restrictions – Unblock your Internet

It is up to you to choose which solution you think is more appropriate. Either VPN or Smart DNS Proxies will help you overcome geo restrictions and protect your privacy. If you want a fast and easy solution to stream your favorite movies on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BBC Iplayer, and Hulu use Smart DNS. If you want to be fully protected from intruders and do not care about a small speed hit and the limit of supported devices use VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and protect your traffic at the same time.


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