How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live Online

The 2019 Rugby World Cup will be the first to be held in Asia as Japan set to host rugby’s biggest event. The tournament will take place from 20 September to 2 November where it kicks off at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Chōfu, Tokyo. There’s no shortage of ways to watch the epic event online. Follow this guide and find out when, where, and how to watch the 2019 RWC live online.

How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live Online

How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live Online

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The 2019 RWC Official Broadcasters

Stream the 9th edition of the Rugby World Cup live on the following streaming channels:

How to Watch The 2019 Rugby World Cup In the United States

NBC Sports will act as the official broadcaster for this year’s RWC. The channel covers almost everything sports have to offer. It broadcasts a diverse selection of sports events, including the NFL, Nascar, Formula 1, Premier League, and the PGA, and of course our own, RWC. To access NBC Sports you’ll need a cable subscription. Other than that, you’ll only be able to watch select videos that aren’t that important at all.

Once you sign in with your cable credentials, you’ll be able to watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup live on Xbox, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Windows, Apple iOS, Android, and Mac.

Stream the 9th WRC Live in the UK

ITV Hub grants you access to all there is to watch in the UK. The service is completely free if you have no problem watching a few ads every now and then. If you do, you have to upgrade your account to ITV Hub+. All you have to do is pay £3.99 per month and you’ll be watching your favorite shows, sports, and programs ads free at home or on the go.ITV Hub Subscription

The best thing about this streaming service is that it’s almost available on every operating system you can imagine. Get their app and watch WRC live on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV(Via Airplay).

How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 in Canada

TSN will broadcast everything that has to do with the 2019 Rugby World Cup. You’ll be able to stream all 48 matches on the Canadian sports streaming giant. Some of the channels offer matches for their own country’s team. However, TSN is bringing everything to your screen if you’re a Canadian fan.

You watch the matches live on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One, and Apple TV.

Access the Biggest Rugby Event in France

TF1 is an on-demand and live streaming service that gives you the best content provided you live in France. MYTF1 is an online service of TF1, TMC, and TFX that allows Internet users to stream programs, sports, and series for a small fee. It’s one of the official broadcasters of the Rugby World Cup and by the looks of it, it will for the time to come.

French residents, you’re in luck. You have one of the top channels in the world and it can be streamed on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Xbox.

Stream the Tournament Live in New Zealand

New Zealand’s own Spark Sport will bring the Rugby World Cup to your screens. The good thing about this channel is that you don’t require a long term contract to benefit from its services. You just pay a small subscription fee and voila. You have top sports at your disposal. However, one other good thing to talk about is that you’ll be able to use their 30-day free trial when the season starts. So make use of that if you don’t want to pay. Once you’ve subscribed, you can stream Spark Sport on Chromecast, Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Apple TV.

Stream the 9th Rugby World Cup in Australia

For Australia, the upcoming RWC 2019 broadcast will be carried out by the by both TenPlay and Fox Sports. Ten Network will air 10 matches live including 5 for Australia’s team. As for Fox Sports, you’ll be able to stream all of the league’s 48 matches live without any problem.

You can stream Fox Sports on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Mac. On the other hand, TenPlay is available on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Apple TV.

Not in a Broadcasting Area – Use this Workaround

Can’t seem to find your country in the list above? Well then, all you have to do is use a VPN to switch your location so that you can appear in one of them.

A Virtual Private Network reroutes your data through a server of your choice in a specific country. Once a connection is established, you’ll obtain an IP address in that region and appear to be accessing the internet there.

As a result, websites/services that are restricted to that region will become accessible despite you being abroad.

The Steps

So, all you have to do is set your eyes on a certain channel and follow the steps below:

  1. First, sign up with a VPN service. Make sure it has servers in your channel’s country.
  2. Download and install the dedicated client on your device. You’ll find apps compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Fire Stick.
  3. Once the app is ready to be used, log in with your VPN account.
  4. Connect to a server according to your selected channel:
    1. US server for NBC Sports
    2. Canadian server for TSN
    3. French server for TF1. And the list goes on.
  5. Launch the channel’s website or app.
  6. Watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup anywhere.

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The 9th Rugby World Cup – In Depth

The opening match of the 2019 Rugby World Cup will take place at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Chōfu, Tokyo, and the final match will be held at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. We’re quite sure that this is going to be an extra exciting tournament that everyone would want to watch.

Below you’ll find the teams participating in the Pool stage and the full schedule to follow:

Pool A

The teams and schedule in Pool A.


The teams present in Pool A:

  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Japan
  • Russia
  • Samoa


Full Pool A schedule as follows:

September 20th

  • Japan vs. Russia (Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu)

September 22nd

  • Ireland vs. Scotland (International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama)

September 24th

  • Russia vs. Samoa (Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, Kumagaya)

September 28th

  • Japan vs. Ireland (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Fukuroi)

September 30th

  • Scotland vs. Samoa (Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe)

October 3rd

  • Ireland vs. Russia (Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe)

October 5th

  • Japan vs. Samoa (City of Toyota Stadium, Toyota)

October 9th

  • Scotland vs. Russia (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Fukuroi)

October 12th

  • Ireland vs. Samoa (Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, Fukuoka)

October 13th

  • Japan vs. Scotland (International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama)

Pool B

This how everything goes down in Pool B.


Pool B teams are as such:

  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Italy
  • Namibia
  • Canada


Here’s how Pool B’s matches are in this stage:

September 21st

  • New Zealand vs. South Africa (International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama)

September 22nd

  • Italy vs. Namibia (Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Higashiōsaka)

September 26th

  • Italy vs. Canada (Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, Fukuoka)

September 28th

  • South Africa vs. Namibia (City of Toyota Stadium, Toyota)

October 2nd

  • New Zealand vs. Canada (Oita Stadium, Ōita)

October 4th

  • South Africa vs. Italy (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Fukuroi)

October 6th

  • New Zealand vs. Namibia (Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu)

October 8th

  • South Africa vs. Canada (Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe)

October 12th

  • New Zealand vs. Italy (City of Toyota Stadium, Toyota)

October 13th

  • Namibia vs. Canada (Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, Kamaishi)

Pool C

This is what’s going down in Pool C:


The five teams in “Pool C” are:

  • England
  • France
  • Argentina
  • United States
  • Tonga


Scroll a bit more and find out what matches Pool C has in store for us:

September 21st

  • France vs. Argentina (Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu)

September 22nd

  • England vs. Tonga (Sapporo Dome, Sapporo)

September 26th

  • England vs. United States (Kobe Misaki Stadium, Kobe)

September 28th

  • Argentina vs. Tonga  (Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Higashiōsaka)

October 2nd

  • France vs. United States (Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium, Fukuoka)

October 5th

  • England vs. Argentina (Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu)

October 6th

  • France vs. Tonga (Kumamoto Stadium, Kumamoto)

October 9th

  • Argentina vs. United States (Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, Kumagaya)

October 12th

  • England vs. France (International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama)

October 13th

  • United States vs. Tonga (Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Higashiōsaka)

Pool D

Pool D has some exciting matches from great teams. Here’s what we have:


Pool D includes the following teams:

  • Australia
  • Wales
  • Georgia
  • Fiji
  • Uruguay


The five teams will go head to head as mentioned below:

September 21st

  • Australia vs. Fiji (Sapporo Dome, Sapporo)

September 23rd

  • Wales vs. Georgia (City of Toyota Stadium, Toyota)

September 25th

  • Fiji vs. Uruguay (Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium, Kamaishi)

September 29th

  • Georgia vs. Uruguay (Kumagaya Rugby Stadium, Kumagaya)
  • Australia vs. Wales (Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu)

October 3rd

  • Georgia vs. Fiji (Hanazono Rugby Stadium, Higashiosaka)

October 5th

  • Australia vs. Uruguay (Oita Stadium, Ōita)

October 9th

  • Wales vs. Fiji (Oita Stadium, Ōita)

October 11th

  • Australia vs. Georgia (Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa, Fukuroi)

October 13th

  • Wales vs. Uruguay (Kumamoto Stadium, Kumamoto)

The Knockout Rounds

After the winners of each pool get determined, we enter the knockout rounds. If you don’t want to miss a match, check out the full schedule below:

Quarter Finals

The following matches are part of the quarterfinals. Here’s how they’re distributed:

October 19th

  • Winner of Pool C vs. Runner-up of Pool D (Oita Stadium, Ōita)
  • Winner of Pool B vs. Runner-up of Pool A (Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu)

October 20th

  • Winner of Pool D vs. Runner-Up of Pool C (Oita Stadium, Ōita)
  • Winner of Pool A vs. Runner-Up of Pool B (Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu)


The winners of the quarterfinals will advance to compete in this round.

October 26th

  • Winner of Quarter-Final 1 vs. Winner of Quarter Final 2 (International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama)

October 27th

  • Winner of Quarter-Final 3 vs. Winner of Quarter Final 4 (International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama)

November 1st

  • Bronze Final: Loser of Semi-Final 1 vs. Loser of Semi-Final 2 (Tokyo Stadium, Chōfu)


The match we’re all waiting for. Whoever prevails in the semi-final will earn the opportunity to compete in the final.

November 2nd

  • Winner of Semi-Final 1 vs. Winner of Semi-Final 2 (International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama)

How to Watch the 2019 RWC Live Online – Final Thoughts

The Rugby World Cup is one of the biggest events this sport has ever witnessed. It’s where nations come and compete against each other for bragging rights and of course the winning trophy. You now know everything there is to it, make use of that and watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup live anywhere in the world.


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