How to Watch BBC Three outside UK

What happens in Ibiza? You’ll have to tune into BBC Three to find out. BBC Three is a British television channel operated by the British Broadcasting Corporation. The service was launched to provide “innovative” programming that aims at viewers between 16 and 34 years of age. BBC Three brings you the issues that matter to you. This channel is an eye-opener and a head-scratcher. It deals with the latest stories ranging from love, relationships to investigations and murder.

Now that you have a better idea of what this channel offers you are excited about watching it. If you’re in the UK, you can watch it all through, all day. However, if you’re in a country outside the UK, you won’t be able to access BBC Three due to geo-restrictions. Not to worry though, a VPN has got you covered. With a VPN, you get to access whatever channel you want from any part of the world and on any device.

How to watch BBC Three outside the UK

How to watch BBC Three outside the UK

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How to Watch BBC Three Outside the UK Using a VPN

BBC Three broadcast comedies and dramas; one of its most popular sitcoms was Gavin & Stacey. This channel also airs highly acclaimed documentaries reflecting young people’s experience of the world, including the Bafta-winning Our WarBlood, Sweat, and T-shirts plus subsequent sequels; Life & Death Row and their recent season of films about mental illness. BBC features hourly news updates called 60 Seconds, presented by Sam Naz during the week, which include the top news, sport, and entertainment stories. There’s a lot of good content on BBC Three, which outsiders can only access with a VPN. As you can see, you’ll get the following message: “BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues.”BBC iPlayer GeoBlocked

How to Watch BBC Three Outside the UK Using a VPN

A VPN is a service that allows you to connect to a VPN server of any country over the Internet. Using a VPN allows you to change your IP address thus enabling you to navigate the Internet anonymously but also access the content you normally couldn’t in your own country. So, with a VPN, if you replace your IP address with a British one, you will be able to watch BBC Three without any restrictions. This is what you need to do:

  1. Download and install the VPN application on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS device.
  2. Launch the VPN application and sign in using your VPN account.
  3. Now, connect to a UK VPN server.
  4. Finally, go to the BBC iPlayer website or launch the iPlayer application.
  5. Watch BBC Three from anywhere in the world.

BBC iPlayer Unblocked

Select ExpressVPN as your service provider, and you wouldn’t have to worry about geo-restrictions being bypassed. This service provider has stellar services and delivers strong performances. ExpressVPN covers a lot of geographies and online platforms, enabling you to connect in most of the globe and protect all kinds of devices. In the table below are other service providers capable of successfully unblocking content.

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VPN Benefits

So you can unblock channels with a VPN, well guess what? That’s not the only thing you can do using it. Other than granting you access to restricted content and allowing you to watch international material, a VPN can maintain your privacy and keep you safe online. You really should be using a VPN, take a look at what a VPN does:

  • Helps you get around blocks and other forms of censorship.
  • Allows you to download, share files, and torrent safely.
  • Secures your publicly visible connections through tunneling protocols.
  • Secures your data while using public Wi-Fi spots where you are most susceptible to online attacks.
  • Protects you from identity thefts.
  • Blocks incoming malicious traffic that could possibly reach and damage your devices.
  • Protects your data from surveillance and spying.
  • Enables you to access geo-restricted sites and content.
  • Hides your geographical location.
  • Prevents bandwidth throttling.
  • Saves you money with border-related purchases.

Watch BBC Three Outside the UK

While we are interested in being able to watch content from around the world without any restrictions, we’re not entirely bothered because we have a VPN technology. With a virtual private network, you get to watch whatever you want even if you’re outside the UK no matter where you are located. What do you want to watch on BBC Three? Let us know in the comment section below.

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