How to Watch Spectrum TV outside the USA

You have the power to unlock a wide spectrum of possibilities with a strong VPN connection, which is not hard to get at all. Once you secure that VPN connection, you get to span the spectrum of television variety with the Spectrum TV channel itself! Do you want to be part of that experience where you get to stream Spectrum TV anywhere in or outside the US at the time of your preference? Of course, you do. Learn how you can do just that with a VPN.

How to Watch Spectrum TV outside the USA

How to Watch Spectrum TV outside the USA

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How to Watch Spectrum TV Abroad – Content Index

I’ve had my fair share of blockage encounters, but not anymore. After I discovered that ExpressVPN, as well as other providers, can unblock content for me, I was on cloud nine. This would mean gaining access to any service or channel from another country. After connecting to ExpressVPN, I got lost in Spectrum’s content library. At that moment, I realized that Spectrum is mine for the taking. Here’s a quick overview of all the point we’ve covered in the guide below:

Is Spectrum TV Available Overseas?

Spectrum TV blocked your access, didn’t it? Well, if you’re a non-US resident, you better get in line. There’s a reason why Spectrum’s content providers are terminating international access to their content, and it mainly has to with geo-restrictions. The content on Spectrum TV is for US viewership only according to licensing and distribution agreements. The only way a foreign country would be able to stream Spectrum’s content is if it purchases copyrights for it. Unless that happens, no one outside the US has the eligibility to access this channel’s content. On a more positive note, these geo-restrictions can be bypassed with the help of a VPN service provider.

Spectrum TV knows where you are connecting to the internet from. They scan your “access attempt” and locate your IP address. The IP address assigned to you by your ISP reveals where you are located. If Spectrum comes across a non-US IP address trying to access its content, no access will be allowed. With that being said, you understand why there’s a need to change your IP address. Like we mentioned above, you can easily avoid all of this if you get a VPN service provider.

Unblock Spectrum TV Outside USA with these Steps

Now, we’ve come to the steps. They’re pretty simple and can be easily carried out. We’ll even provide you with screenshots to better serve you.

Step One

Undoubtedly, you will need a valid VPN subscription, and ExpressVPN fits the bill perfectly. We’ll explain later why it’s one of our favorites, however, it’s safe to say that it owns all the necessary features a basic VPN should have. It won’t sound like an expensive spend if you really dig deep into its features.

Step Two

With every VPN comes an app which you have to download, install, and get running. The company’s apps are user-friendly and easy to use. There’s also a VPN client for all popular devices.

Step Three

Once you get a hold of the app, you can look for the server you want and connect to it. Here is where you get to choose the server location you want. You’ll find a list of recommendations in case you don’t know which server you wish to connect to.

VPN locations

Step Four

Go ahead and connect to any server in the US to gain an American IP address. As a result, you’ll appear to be in the US and not where you really are.

US servers

Step Five

Now, you are eligible to access Spectrum TV despite your geo-location. Spectrum will no longer view you as an outsider. Thanks to the VPN connection you made, you are now able to access any American based channel or service.

VPN Provider
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Keep in mind that you require a cable subscription for Spectrum TV. The channel’s a la carte TV service is of good value, which should resonate with cable subscribers. The service charges for TV Select a hefty price of $64.99 per month. Also, after you connect to a VPN server in the US, you must change your Google Play store or Apple store region.

How to Install the Spectrum TV App?

This is a fairly simple process that entails three steps. After you acquire a VPN subscription, you become eligible to access Spectrum from anywhere in the world. Once you install the app, you get the opportunity to view the programming you seek on all your supported devices at the same time.

  1. First, you must create a username offered in the “Sign In to Get Started” section.
  2. Download the app from your device’s store.
  3. Install the app and then launch it on your streaming device.
  4. Go ahead and start streaming Spectrum‘s content.

This is what you get after connecting to a VPN US server and changing your store’s region. Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV unblockers, you are in for some seriously pleasing and satisfying streaming.

Spectrum TV on the go

Best VPN for Spectrum TV

You’re obviously after a VPN that supports the unblocking of Spectrum TV and is designed for consistent streaming. The VPN you seek must have steady performances with reliable connection as a top priority. It would be tragic to subscribe to a VPN that fails to unblock your coveted channel or have you suffer dreaded buffering.

Streaming content from other countries might be somewhat challenging without the right VPN. Some VPNs lack the proper features that qualify them as unblocking tools. What’s the point of subscribing to a VPN for streaming purposes if that said VPN does not support that service’s unblocking? When it comes to streaming content from other countries while abroad, you have to make sure you select the VPN option that actually makes the process possible. Check them out below.


Now is the time we get to explain why ExpressVPN constantly tops our list of best providers. The company boasts a network of 3000 servers spanning across 94 countries, making it an easy option to connect to. Performance wise, this provider never fails to deliver whether it is a speed or service related issue. To achieve security, the company employs a kill switch, tough protocols, and zero logging policy. You would never be at a loss when subscribed to ExpressVPN thanks to its 24/7 customer service.

ExpressVPN’s major drawback is its pricing. However, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee where you get to try out the service before you commit to it. In case you didn’t find that it is worth your money, you can always benefit from the refund policy.


  • Extensive range of server locations
  • Smart DNS feature
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Excellent customer support via live chat
  • Transparent privacy policy and a zero-logs policy
  • P2P Support
  • Military-grade encryptions
  • Protocols used: OpenVPN, L2TP – IPSEC, PPTP, and SSTP
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Maximum amount of devices supported: 3
  • More expensive than other VPNs on the market.

Read the full ExpressVPN review here.

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BulletVPN is this easy-to-use service provider that offers nothing but security and speed for its subscribers. This is an Estonia-based company that owns a relatively small server network with key locations spread across the world. This provider surely impresses with its strong privacy policy and security features, qualifying it as a solid option.

Plus, BulletVPN promises secure and reliable connections with unlimited bandwidth and blazing-fast speeds. The company also offers standard protocols with applications available for almost all devices. You cannot go wrong with a BulletVPN subscription.


  • OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP
  • P2P sharing optimized servers.
  • Zero-log policy.
  • A Kill Switch
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • A free Smart DNS feature
  • 30-day refund policy, no questions asked


  • Limited server network
Read the full BulletVPN review here.


NordVPN implements SmartPlay technology by default, which is designed to enable users to unblock geo-restricted streaming content from all over the world. The provider automatically reroutes your traffic through two VPN providers through user selected servers for enhanced security. Thanks to NordVPN’s wide range of servers and extensive coverage, users get to connect to any part of the world.

Note that, There are over 5200 servers that could be at your disposal despite where you are. NordVPN users can also benefit from a no logs policy where they can ensure that their activity log is not being tracked. Its helpful 24/7 customer support is always available to answer users’ questions. In case they weren’t satisfied with this provider’s services, you can benefit from its 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Excellent speeds
  • Wide server network
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 2048-bit SSL encryptions
  • Support for all major security protocols
  • DNS leak protection
  • Dedicated IP address and Onion over VPN
  • Double VPN
  • A kill switch
  • 30-day refund policy


  • Inconsistent speeds from time to time
Read the full NordVPN review here.


While Surfshark is a new VPN provider on the market, it has already shown good effort in terms of features and policies. No logs are kept with this provider, making it a secure option for the privacy-conscious. As a matter of fact, the company excels in the areas of privacy and security. Speeds are not that impressive, they tend to be a bit inconsistent from time to time.

The company’s live chat support is very helpful and responsive, which means you can make use of it whenever you are in need of assistance. Although Sufshark is performing well with its advanced features, there’s room for a lot of improvement.


  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure and reliability
  • Supports OpenVPN and IKEv2 connection protocols
  • P2P-friendly
  • Zero logs policy
  • Connect unlimited devices


  • No OpenVPN protocol
  • Unfriendly to Mac and IOS users
  • Unsteady speeds sometimes

Read the Surfshark review article to get a better understanding of its services.

Spectrum TV’s content

Get hold of your favorite series, TV shows, sports events, movies, while you’re abroad and on-the-go with the help of a VPN tool. Now, once you secure that connection, you’re going to come looking for what Spectrum has to offer. Check the channels out below:

  • A&E
  • AMC
  • American Heroes Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • AXS TV
  • BBC America
  • BET Jams
  • BET Soul
  • BBC World News
  • BET
  • BET Her
  • Bloomberg
  • Cheddar
  • CMT
  • CMT Music
  • Comedy Central
  • Cooking Channel
  • Destination America
  • Discovery
  • DIY, Food Network
  • FYI
  • Discovery Family
  • Game Show Network
  • Discovery Life
  • Hallmark Channel
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  • HDNet Movies
  • HGTV
  • IFC
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Lifetime
  •  Lifetime Movie Network
  • Logo
  • MotorTrend Network
  • MTV
  • MTV2
  • MTV Classic
  • MTV Live
  • MTVU
  • NewsmaxTV
  • Newsy
  • Nickelodeon,
  • Nick Jr.,
  • Nick Music
  • NickToons
  • Outdoor Channel
  •  OWN
  • Paramount Network
  • Science Channel
  • Sundance TV
  • Teen Nick
  •  TLC
  • Travel Channel
  • TV Land
  • VH1
  • Viceland
  • The Weather Channel and WEtv

Spectrum TV Is all Yours

After I installed ExpressVPN on my phone I was offered 150 live channels and 20,000 On Demand titles on the go. Now, this is convenient for me considering am literally always on the go. I’ve also discovered that if I stay home, I get to access 250 live TV channels as well as 30,000 On Demand TV shows and movies. No wonder this is called Spectrum TV

What I’m trying to say is the right VPN, you get to take enjoy the Spectrum TV experience no matter where you are. There’s no better option for a VPN than ExpressVPN, and we would love to hear all about your subscription process in the comment section.

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