How to Change Samsung Smart TV Region to Any Country in 2024

Did you know that the apps you get on your Samsung Smart TV vary from one region to another? That’s right. There are literally thousands of apps you can install on your Smart TV using the instructions we laid out below.

Switch Your Samsung Smart TV Region

Depending on your Samsung Smart TV series, you can switch your Smart Hub region to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, India, and more. As a result, you can access apps not available in your country.

Learn how to easily switch your Samsung Smart TV/Hub region to any country in the world regardless of which Samsung TV series you own. The tutorial also works in case you’re using a Samsung Smart TV One Remote.

Change Samsung Smart TV Region – Quick Steps

Time needed: 5 minutes

Follow these steps to switch your Samsung Tizen OS region to any country on newer models. You should be able to use the following instructions on QLED R-series, RU-series, TU-series, NU-series, or N-series.

  1. First of all, head over to settings.

  2. From there, scroll down to ‘General’ and select ‘Setup’. Depending on your TV model, you might have to choose ‘Reset’ instead.

    This will restore factory settings on your Samsung TV though. Your TV will automatically restart during the process as well. Once the TV restarts, do not use the SmartThings app during the setup process.

  3. Next, enter the PIN code. It usually is ‘0000’ unless you’ve manually changed it before.

  4. Choose your preferred language.

    This has no bearing on the list of apps you will get

  5. Set country to ‘Other’.

  6. Once you reach the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page, enter the following sequence on your remote control:

    », 2, 8, 9, « 

  7. In case you’re using the Samsung One Remote, enter the following sequence instead

    VOL -> VOL Up -> Channel Up -> VOL

  8. You can now change your Samsung TV Tizen OS region to any country you like.

    Alternatively, you can choose ‘Full Apps’ to get all of the Tizen-OS compatible streaming channels and applications.

  9. That’s it. You’ve successfully changed your Samsung TV country.

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Changing Samsung Smart TV’s Region – Legacy Guide

You can use the quick guide above for newer Samsung Smart TV models. In case you own an older version (pre-2018), those instructions might not work for you.

The following walkthroughs are intended for Sammy owners who still operate Orsay OS on their TVs:

How to Determine Samsung Smart TV’s Model Code

To determine whether you own an H-series or F-series Samsung Smart TV, click on ‘Menu’ on your remote control. Then go to Support –> Contact Samsung. Check the Model Code.

If you see an H after the first four characters, you own an H-series Samsung Smart TV. If you see an F after the first four characters, you own an F-series Samsung Smart TV.


For H-Series Samsung Smart TV, follow these steps to change your Smart Hub region to the US, UK, France.

  1. Click on the “Menu” button on your Samsung remote control.
  2. Go to “Smart Hub”.
  3. Select “Reset Smart Hub”. Enter PIN if prompted.
  4. Choose your network.
  5. When the Terms & Conditions screen appears, click the following buttons on your remote control:  », 2, 8, 9, « 
  6. A list of all supported countries on your Samsung Smart TV will show up. Choose the region you wish to change your Samsung Smart TV hub to. (US, UK, France, Brazil, Germany, Australia..)
  7. Agree to Samsung’s Terms.
  8. Continue the setup process. When the Smart Hub finishes loading, all the new apps will appear.

If you own an F Series Samsung Smart TV, the steps needed to change your Smart Hub region differ a little.

  1. Choose TV as the source.
  2. Select Menu on the remote control.
  3. Click on System.
  4. Tap on Setup.
  5. Continue the setup.
  6. When you get to the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions page, press the following buttons on your remote control: Mute, Return, Volume Up, Channel Up, Return.
  7. Pick your new Samsung Smart TV region. (US, UK, France, etc.)
  8. Finalize the Setup with the required steps.


In order to change the K Series Samsung Smart TV region, follow these steps.

  1. Choose TV as a source.
  2. Click Menu on the remote control.
  3. Select System.
  4. Tap on Setup.
  5. Continue the setup.
  6. When you get to the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions page, press the following buttons on your remote control: Mute, Volume Up, Channel Up, Mute, or press forward, 2, 8, 9, rewind
  7. Select your new Samsung Smart TV region.
  8. Follow the required steps and you’re done.
JU/JS Series

For Samsung models JU or JS, use the steps listed for F-Series. When you get to the Smart Hub TOS page, press the following combination: Mute+Return+Volume(+)+Channel(↑)+Mute.

How to Unblock Geo-restricted Channels on Samsung Smart TV

Although you have successfully installed apps from different regions on your TV, most content in these streaming services is blocked due to regional restrictions.

Luckily, there’s an easy workaround you can implement to bypass these limitations. There are two ways to do so – Smart DNS and VPNs.

We’ll focus on Smart DNS proxies as you can directly configure them on your TV console, whereas a VPN needs to be set up on your router in this case.

Messing around with the router’s settings might seem a bit intimidating and there’s no need for it, thanks to Smart DNS. All you have to is sign up with a Smart DNS service such as ExpressVPN, and follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Home or Menu button depending on the Samsung remote you’re using.
  2. Head over to General.
  3. Select Network.
  4. Now, choose Network Status.
  5. From the Network Status Menu, click on IP Settings.
  6. Scroll down to DNS Settings.
  7. Switch your DNS Settings to ‘Enter Manually.’
  8. Scroll down to ‘DNS server’.
  9. Enter the DNS server address provided by your Smart DNS service.
  10. Press ‘OK.’
  11. Wait for the Internet Check to complete.
  12. Restart your device and you’re done.

Best Smart DNS Services for Samsung Smart TV

Despite being one of the best in the industry, ExpressVPN isn’t the only provider worth trying on your Samsung Smart TV.

In fact, there are other top recommendations such as BulletVPN, Unlocator, and NordVPN. All of these providers offer Smart DNS proxies, along with VPN services.

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Still, if you want to unblock and watch geo-blocked apps, these top-recommended Samsung Smart TV VPNs will get the job done seamlessly.

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The FAQ Section

We think we’ve answered all of your questions in the guide above. However, there are also some things we should shed some light on as it still confuses Sammy owners.

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How to Change Samsung Smart TV Region to US/UK

Changing your Samsung Smart TV region is definitely worth the effort. With a few clicks here and there, you’ll unlock your TV’s full potential.

The steps are presented above, along with how you can unblock your newly obtained services in your country. If you have more questions, kindly drop them in the comment section below.


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