How to watch American Netflix on Xbox outside USA

As you already know, Netflix is now available in many regions around the world on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. However, each region has its own library of movies and TV series. The most complete library is that of the American Netflix. It’s known that the Netflix USA’s library could be 10 times bigger than other Netflix libraries. The question is: Can I watch U.S. Netflix on my Xbox from overseas? The simple answer is ‘Yes’. All you need to do is spoof your location so you appear to be coming from the USA. This will allow you to access US Netflix on your favorite gaming console. 

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Watch American Netflix on XBOX with VPN

A virtual private network VPN can unlock blocked content on your Xbox once set up. What a VPN does is provide you with an alternative IP address that belongs to another region, in this case the America. So now you’ll appear to be accessing your Xbox or what ever device you’ve got connected to the internet from another country even though you haven’t even left your house.

Cool, isn’t it. VPN does much more:

  • VPN grants you anonymity online so that you can surf the web worry free.
  • VPN is totally easy to set up. Follow a couple of instructions and you’re good to go.
  • VPN completely encrypts your traffic which means that all your passwords and bank accounts are kept safe. Your internet speed might slow down around 10 to 20% as a result.
  • VPN is resistible to DNS hijacking and Transparent proxies.
  • VPN protects you from DDoS attacks while you’re competing online.
  • VPN allows you to compete against online gamers from the US or UK.

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Unblock American Netflix using Smart DNS proxies

If you want to keep your local IP address but still get access to blocked content, Smart DNS is the answer. Smart DNS doesn’t alter your IP address. Hence, you get to change your DNS and connect your device to a DNS server located in a region where the content you want to watch is not blocked. What this means is that you can unlock online streaming services and channels from various regions at the same time. Smart DNS holds additional advantages

  • You won’t experience any slow down in your internet speed since none of your traffic gets encrypted. Bandwidth is equally unaffected.
  • Smart DNS supports almost any device you can think of: Xbox, Playstation, iphone, iPad, Android devices, or Smart TVs.
  • As we’ve mentioned before, Smart DNS grants you access to blocked channels from multiple countries simultaneously. You can watch American Netflix, BBC Iplayer, Canal Plus, and CBC Canada at the same time.
  • Unlike VPN however, Smart DNS cannot bypass DNS hijacking or Transparent proxies. So make sure your ISP doesn’t implement either of these policies. If it does, then VPN is your answer.

Unlocator have a list of over 214 unblocked channels you can choose from. Unlocator also have extensive documentation with videos and screenshot guides.

VPN and Smart DNS on Xbox One/360: The Answer

VPN and Smart DNS Proxy give you access to American Netflix or any other geo-blocked channel in your country for that matter. If you scroll down a bit further you’ll get an idea of how these two are the key to ultimate online freedom. But first, have a look at other channels available today on your Xbox console. Remember, you can watch all of these today even if they are blocked in your region using the methods below :

  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Animal Planet Live
  • CinemaNow
  • CNet
  • Comedy Central Stand-Up
  • Crackle
  • Crunchyroll
  • Encore Play
  • ESPN
  • Fox Now
  • HBO GO
  • Hulu
  • History Channel
  • MLB.TV
  • Netflix
  • PBS
  • Popcornflix
  • Redbox Instant
  • Showtime Anytime
  • Syfy
  • UFC
  • Vudu
  • WWE Network

American Netflix on Xbox One or Xbox 360 outside USA

This pretty much sums up VPN and Smart DNS Proxies. I will gladly assist you further if you feel that you still need help. Simply leave a comment below.

11 thoughts on “How to watch American Netflix on Xbox outside USA”

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to access the ExpressVPN Site to sign up but it looks like it is blocked? I am based in the middle east. How can I bypass this so I can access ExpressVPN and set up a VPN service.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve got my VPN set up through my router. The Xbox 360 connects to American Netflix like a dream. However, I can’t add the HBO or Showtime apps.
    On my Xbox One, I can load the apps but cannot watch content from Netflix, HBO or Showtime.
    I also have American Amazon Prime and can’t load an app for that.
    Is this an Xbox specific issue?

    1. Hi Sara. That does seem strange given that you have setup VPN on your router. Have you tried connected to a different American VPN server and checked whether that makes a difference? Also, using the Xbox browser, visit and verify that you have an American IP address.

  3. I use Smart DNS Proxy and I get the US content on the laptop and iPad, but get a message on the XBOX One. Any way to work around this?

  4. so yh i have netflix in belgium but i want the us content on my xbox360 how do i do that axectly? i’m not really a technical wizard so i don’t wanne do anything wrong here

  5. I hVe been using Netflix with a service called Unlocater and it is a DNS masking service, worked brilliantly until new netflox geo blocking screwed their customers. They Set uo an alternative dns and it was working perfectly, though they did suggest also, for SOME APPS, setting.a static route on the router. I could not do this with my Virgin Media Superhub as that is not an option, but it did NOT seem to be a problem,

    Until a bit over an hour ago when I reloaded a Netflix video and got the “you seem to be using a proxy” error again, like with the first blocking. Going through EVERY setting made no difference, rebooting router, xbox, etc,

    Then I did an experiment, found the iPad Netflix with the dns service worked FINE, but not on my xbox 360. It makes me think that somehow, xbox live service is doing dns hijacking despite my manual entry of the dns address.

    But as I typed this, I was streaming through the iPad and for giggles tried the xbox Netflix alp again and….viola….it DID load the video and play.

    It makes me wonder what is going on, if there is an intermittent fault or if xbox live is participating in the “screw customer privacy on behalf of Netflix” or what.

    My kids watch in their iPads, but due to my pain condition and injuries (I am a disabled veteran) I stream Netflix through the xbox 360 connected to my main tv and use it as a distraction from pain to help me rest and sleep. It is not practical to balance an iPad on my lap on the couch, and certainly I could never watch with my wife either without the main TV access.

    Any light, actual light, or suggestions to fix would be appreciated. Accessing USA Netflix has been a godsend for me as an American living abroad in terms of having SOME connection to US popular culture and media and if I were not crippled with pain I would barely watch tv, though of necessity for distraction from pain, and said pain confining me to couch almost all day almost every day and night so it is indispensable to me now.

  6. Hi there! I’ got a german Amazon instant subscription and would like to access the US content of amazon prime… any idea if a smart dns will work for me or if a german subscription is limited to german content?

  7. I just bought and installed an ASUS RT-N66U router… flashed it with Merlin build firmware and within the hour I got the VPN set-up. It was pretty cool!

    Now every device I have connected to the router has Netflix working seamslessly (laptop/android). Once the router was configured with VPN, you don’t even have to set-up VPN on all the devices… they all just work fine through the router… EXCEPT for my Xbox 360!

    It was a real bummer, every time the router has VPN turned on, Xbox 360 can’t even connect to the internet. However, when I turn the VPN off, it connects back to Xbox Live easily..

    ….did I miss something? I would really appreciate your advice and expertise in this… Peace!

    1. Hi
      It might be one of many things, but in general it should work without further issues. In this particular scenario it would be best to contact your VPN provider, as the answer might change from provider to provider.

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